SMW TV 8/28/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clintwood, VA

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Robbie Eagle & Dark Secret
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Mike Sampson to retain the title
3.) Chris Candido defeated Jason West
4.) Steve Armstrong defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed following their squash victory. They say they will allow the Bruise Brothers to shave their head on September 11th if they are unable to win the SMW Tag Team Championships. Morton says they never back down from a fight and they have gotten everything they have gotten through their hard work. They are confident they are going to win the titles in Morristown.

2.) A video of Jim Cornette laying in bed all taped up with the Heavenly Bodies is aired. Tom Pritchard and Jimmy Del Ray are taking care of Cornette who has teddy bears all by his side. Cornette is not amused by new toys and Del Ray brings ice over to Cornette, but Jim thinks the ice is too cold and wants warmer ice. Cornette calls Bob Armstrong a maniac and says that Armstrong went back to the Smoky Mountain Wrestling officials asking to become the commissioner of the company again. Cornette doesn’t understand how Armstrong can have that role because he and his guys would be ruined in SMW. Cornette still wants to get back at Armstrong and wants to get his revenge. He has offered Armstrong a deal. He wants Armstrong to wrestle in two matches. Cornette puts over the Heavenly Bodies challenging for the WWF World Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam against the Steiner Brothers. Cornette did wear a neck brace for the pay per view.

Cornette wants Armstrong to wrestle on September 12th and 17th. The match on September 12th will see Armstrong wrestle against someone and if he wins then he can get his job back. However, if Cornette wins then he gets the job. On September 17th, Armstrong will compete against another guy, and will leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling if he loses. Cornette will leave if his guy on the 17th leaves. Cornette declines to reveal who his wrestler will be on the 17th. He will tell us about September 12th. Bob Armstrong will wrestle one of the wildest guys in wrestling history and that will be none other than… TERRY FUNK! It will be Funk against Armstrong in Knoxville on September 12th. Remember, if Funk wins then Cornette will be the commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

3.) Terry Funk shared a pre-tape comments saying he is coming to Knoxville, TN. Funk insults all the fans for not being the jury, but rather Jim Cornette. Funk says we are trying Bob Armstrong for attempted murder for his actions against Cornette. Funk insults Bob’s sons for bastards looking for an easy buck and says they have no talent just like their father. Funk says that Armstrong is not going to be commissioner and isn’t going to beat him in the ring. Terry is going to pull out Bob’s hair and says he is the best at what he does. Funk continues to yell he will be there on the 12th.

4.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed saying he didn’t want to be a wrestler and just wanted to get revenge. Armstrong says that Terry Funk is a mad man. Armstrong doesn’t like the idea of Cornette being the commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Bob likes the idea of beating a mystery man on the 17th to rid Cornette from the SMW, however if he loses he would leave. So, Armstrong goes over how in five days he will wrestle Terry Funk and then could possibly be out of the company.

5.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are on Down & Dirty. White Boy is retiring as an undefeated Beat the Champ Television Champion. We see footage from Fire on the Mountain where White Boy cost Tracy Smothers the SMW Heavyweight Championship following a chair shot to the back. White Boy and Brian Lee attacked Smothers some more. SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are now part of the segment wanting the bounty as well. Both Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy want the money. Ron Wright gives Brian Lee the $20,000 and Dirty White Boy is not happy about this. Brian Lee takes credit for having a match with Smothers and White Boy tells Lee that he wouldn’t be champion if it weren’t for him. Tammy Fytch chimes in and says she had a talk with Ron Wright and convinced Wright to think like them and she kisses Wright’s head. Dirty White Boy is shocked that Wright would give $20,000 to Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch. White Boy thinks that Wright has lost his mind!

6.) Tim Horner is interviewed about his feud with Chris Candido. Horner took Candido as a joke but now the jokes are over with. Horner has been embarrassed by Candidio in front of his family and friends. Horner notes that you can cut a switch or get a belt to take care of a whiny kid. Horner says they will be having a country whipping match. They both will have a belt and they can whip each other. Horner is going to take Candido down.

7.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers are interviewed about their match with the Rock N’ Roll Express. The Bruise Brothers brag about being the champs and they mention they have beaten Morton and Gibson all around the state. They wonder if the fans will get behind them when they are bald, short and ugly. They know that the Armstrong Brothers are next in line and they are going to take care of them as well.

8.) Sullivan and Armstrong kick off the match with Sullivan going after Steve with several strikes in the corner. Steve kicks Sullivan several times on the chest and they go to the floor to brawl. Armstrong rams Sullivan face first into the ring post. Armstrong hits a cross body on Sullivan for a near fall. Kevin dumps Armstrong to the floor again and crotches Steve over the railing and clotheslines Steve into the front row! Armstrong rams Sullivan face first into the guard railing and they continue to brawl on the floor. Sullivan whacks Armstrong over the head with a steel chair before returning to the ring. Sullivan drives Steve to the canvas with a back suplex. Kevin power bombs Armstrong but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Sullivan rakes Steve’s eyes as the fans start to get behind Armstrong. Steve scoop slams Sullivan and heads to the top rope. Armstrong hits a top rope leaping clothesline for a two count. The Bruise Brothers come into the ring and Steve starts to fight them off with dropkicks. The numbers game is overwhelming and Armstrong is worked over by the trio of heels. Bob and Scott Armstrong enter the ring to make the save sending the heels to the floor. (*1/4. The brawling nature would have come across better if there was any actual issue between the two men, but it instead came across as senseless brawling.)

9.) Scott and Steve Armstrong are interviewed to end the show. Scott wishes his father Bob the best of luck against Terry Funk. They would like nothing more than to be the SMW Tag Team Champions, if the Rock N’ Roll Express don’t beat them to it against the Bruise Brothers. They are going to prove that they can beat the Bruise Brothers.

Final Thoughts:
Well, it’s cool that Terry Funk is coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. His promo was kind of odd, but it works for the character he usually portrays. I’m thinking that Dirty White Boy could be having a baby face turn soon and perhaps Ron Wright turns on him soon. White Boy has been getting some positive reactions from the crowds dating back to his matches with Lee in the summer of ’92. A rather uneventful week of television, I’d say, though.

Thanks for reading.

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