SMW TV 9/4/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clintwood, VA

1.) Robbie Eagle & Jason West defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers by disqualification
2.) Tim Horner defeated Mike Sampson
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Bobby Blaze to retain the title
4.) Jimmy Del Ray defeated Ricky Morton to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ Television Championship

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Kevin Sullivan and the Bruise Brothers are interviewed after the opening match. It appears that the Bruise Brothers are associating themselves with Sullivan now. Kevin apologizes to Cornette for taking the Bruise Brothers and giving them guidance. Sullivan says you need a body in order to be convicted. Sullivan is excited about shaving the hair of the Express. Sullivan suggests they might slit the throats of Gibson and Morton. Sullivan takes the champs to the backstage area as they are yelling.

2.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed. Wright is happy that Tracy Smothers is out of action forever. Bob Caudle says that Smothers only has a partial tear in his knee and he will be back in six weeks. Tracy Smothers shared some thoughts via video and says that Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy didn’t get the job done. Smothers says he will only be out for three weeks! Smothers is going to be there on September 12th. Smothers is excited about a SMW Heavyweight Championship match against Brian Lee. Tracy reveals that Dirty White Boy will be locked in a cage so he can’t interfere. Smothers shows off his knee brace as the reason he will return to action in three weeks on September 12th. Tracy believes it will be a September to Remember. Smothers can spit on White Boy while he is in the cage and he is going to beat Lee’s brains out. White Boy and Ron Wright are not thrilled about this and Wright wants his $20,000 back from Brian Lee. White Boy is pissed at Wright and Wright just keeps saying he wants his money back as his wheels his way out of the segment.

3.) Dennis Coraluzzo, the President of the WWA, sends a video in and says he is ashamed of how SMW has treated Chris Candido. Dennis puts over the WWA as a premiere wrestling company in all of the United States. Coraluzzo is not happy about Candido being forced to be in a country whipping match. Dennis rips on the fans and suggests they be more like them from Jersey and settle their issues in a professional manner. Dennis tries to act like a mob guy and doesn’t realize the video isn’t over as he picks his nose, which was done on purpose.

4.) Jim Cornette is still laying in bed with Tom Pritchard by his side and he wants his mother on the phone, but isn’t able to get in touch with her. Jimmy Del Ray asks if he can have a toy that is a tiger that makes a noise and is acting like a kid. Cornette says he got himself out of bed to attend SummerSlam and witnessed his team get screwed over. Cornette says that the Steiner Brothers will be coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to defend the tag titles. Cornette recalls that Bob Armstrong banned the piledriver. Cornette was hit with two of them by Armstrong in a anything goes match and says that Bob doesn’t practice what he preaches. Cornette says if Bob beats his secret weapon on September 17th then he is gone, but, if Armstrong loses than he is gone from SMW. Cornette continues to promote the matches on the 12th and 17, similar to last week. Jim puts over Terry Funk hitting a piledriver on Ric Flair, which sent Flair to the sidelines for four months.

5.) Bob Armstrong is the special guest on Down & Dirty. Armstrong says that Cornette is trying to take away his right to make a living. Armstrong ponders what SMW would be like if Cornette were to become the commissioner of SMW. Armstrong says the only way to get back at Cornette was to become a wrestler, something he didn’t want to do. Armstrong says if he loses he doesn’t have any other way to make a living. So, he is going to fight for his right to make a living and he is going to be here for a long time to come.

6.) Lee works over Blaze with a few strikes but Blaze quickly sends the champ to the floor following an arm drag and hip toss. Blaze dives over the top rope and takes Lee out with a cross body on the floor! Blaze hammers away on Lee on the floor but is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Lee big boots Blaze, who sells it ridiculously by spinning around. Lee works over Blaze with several more strikes. Lee cuts Blaze off with a knee lift to the midsection and drops Bobby throat first across the top rope. Blaze ducks a clothesline and drops Lee with a spinning heel kick. Blaze heads to the top rope and attempts a somersault but Lee catches him to hit a power slam to win the match. (*1/2. It was a quick three minute match, but I liked that finish. Blaze doesn’t come across like a threat whatsoever.)

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed about Tracy Smothers. Fytch says that Smothers is coming back because he can’t stay away from her and thinks that Tracy is in love with her. She thinks that Smothers is going to try and touch her again. Brian Lee chimes in and says that Tammy is hers and tells Dirty White Boy that he isn’t going to get any money back for the bounty. Lee is in denial saying that Smothers isn’t coming back because he broke his leg. Dirty White Boy comes over and wants the money back for Ron Wright. Tammy Fytch comes over and says the money is spent because the money is in the bank. Tammy says if Tracy comes back they will take Smothers out and make good for the money. Tammy wheels Ron out of the segment to talk about the money. Lee and White Boy are just looking at each other and they head to the backstage area. That last moment was comical.

8.) Tom Pritchard and Robert Gibson are at ringside for the main event. Morton shoulder blocks Del Ray several times and hits a hip toss. Morton backdrops Del Ray followed by a dropkick to send Jimmy to the floor. Morton has a head scissors on Del Ray but has to let go due to yanking Jimmy down by his hair, apparently. Del Ray knocks Morton down with a few shoulder blocks but Morton takes Jimmy over with arm drags. Del Ray nails Morton with a standing spin kick to drop Morton and gets control of the bout. Del Ray hits a suplex on Morton but only gets a near fall. Del Ray clotheslines Morton quickly to keep control in his favor. They trade a couple of pin attempts but Jimmy hammers away on Ricky. Del Ray plants Morton with a sit down power bomb. Morton counters a power bomb with a hurricanrana. Morton knee lifts Del Ray and delivers a few right hands. Morton backdrops Del Ray but has a rollup only for Pritchard to get on the apron. Del Ray gets a chain of some kind while Gibson brawls with Pritchard and Del Ray nails Morton with it to win the title. (*1/2. This wasn’t all that entertaining and it seemed like they weren’t trying to go all out with this match. I’m not sure what the point of Del Ray as champion would be, anyway.)

9.) The Heavenly Bodies cut a promo to end the program saying they will go anywhere and get all the titles. Pritchard says they are issuing a challenge to the Steiner Brothers to come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and guarantees that they won’t leave SMW as the WWF World Tag Team Championships. They think the Rock N’ Roll Express are washed up and can beat them any time. Of course, that brings Morton and Gibson over to punch them and they take over the segment. Morton says the SMW Tag Team Championships are on their minds. They say they will win the WWF World Tag Team Championships if the Bodies were to beat the Steiner Brothers.

Final Thoughts:
Another week of not so great television as there isn’t much going on right now that has me heavily interested in the content. The Bruise Brothers being associated with Kevin Sullivan is probably a better fit. The main event scene is starting to feel a little stale as it has been mostly just White/Smothers/Lee since the beginning of the company. Hopefully the television picks up as we get closer to Thanksgiving Thunder.

Thanks for reading.

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