SMW TV 9/11/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clintwood, VA

1.) The Armstrong Brothers defeated Mike Sampson & Dark Secret
2.) Robbie Eagle defeated Chris Candido by disqualification
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Jimmy Del Ray defeated Jason West to retain the title
4.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Scott and Steve Armstrong are interviewed following their victory. They having been training for their match with the Bruise Brothers coming up soon. They are ready to take on the challenge of the bigger Bruise Brothers.

2.) Tim Horner is interviewed regarding his feud with Chris Candido. Horner asks who Candido has beaten since coming to SMW and he can’t think of anyone of note. Horner has a baby bonnet and says if Robbie Eagle beats Chris Candido then Candido wears the bonnet . Horner says that Candido would have to wear it until he wins a match on television. I don’t know how that can be official if Candido isn’t even part of the talks! Candido accepts the challenge upon hearing that Eagle has not won a match in SMW as of yet.

3.) Eagle actually gets the chance to showcase what he has to offer hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex on Candido at one point. Candido fights back with a superplex. Horner enters the ring and elbow drops Eagle which gives Eagle the win by disqualification. So, Candido has lost and will be wearing the baby bonnet.

4.) Down & Dirty this week has SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch, Ron Wright and Dirty White Boy for the first ever wrestlers court on the show. White Boy says he and Wright want their money back. Lee says the money is spent but Tammy slaps him on the arm and says it is “good as spent” instead. Tammy tries to suck up to Wright and in an attempt to keep the money. Wright gets smitten and says that they can wait one more week for the match between Lee and Smothers to take place.

5.) The Heavenly Bodies are interviewed following Del Ray’s match. Tom is proud of his cousin Jimmy Del Ray and goes on to talk about the Steiner Brothers some more. Tom wants the Steiner Brothers to come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling for a fair tag team title match. They are going to take out the Rock N’ Roll Express and Jim Cornette will be back to takeover SMW.

6.) Jim Cornette is still laying in bed with his neck brace with the Heavenly Bodies taking care of him. Pritchard gets annoyed with Cornette for being the most annoying patient he has ever had. Jimmy Del Ray has been coloring the coloring books that Cornette had by his bed. Cornette promotes the matches on the 12th and 17th where Cornette is going to be the commissioner and promises to fire Bob’s kids. Jim is going to run the Armstrong’s out of the company. Jim is confident he will be the boss. Cornette says that September 17th will the last time we ever see Bob Armstrong in SMW.

7.) Terry Funk cuts another promo with a pre-tape video sent in. Funk not only wants to beat Bob Armstrong but he also wants to inspire Bob. Funk calls his kids bastards and Bob’s sister is a whore. This is getting a censored. Funk also calls Bob’s mother a whore. Funk says that Bob’s wife is a whore, too. Funk says that Bob’s mistress is a whore because everyone in Tennessee has a mistress. Funk is going to tear Bob apart piece by piece.

8.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding his match with Terry Funk. Armstrong says he will punch Funk and knows how to fight back from a beating. Bob is going to chew Funk up and spit him out. Bob says on the 12th and 17th we are going to see nothing but fights and not wrestling.

9.) The main event appeared to be the Rock N’ Roll Express against Dirty White Boy and Kevin Sullivan. Instead, SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers come out throwing chairs wanting a piece of the Express.

10.) Gibson nearly gets a pin on Don with a rollup a couple of times but gets backed into a corner. Gibson comes out of the corner with a rollup for a near fall. Morton enters and gets a near fall but is sent to the floor where Ron holds Morton to allow Sullivan to get a cheap shot on Morton. Morton gets choked over the top rope and Sullivan is taunting Morton on the floor. Ricky comes out of the corner and is met with a power slam. Morton avoids a splash in the corner and tags in Gibson. Gibson cleans house with right hands. Express hit a double snap suplex on Don Harris. A double dropkick on Don but Kevin Sullivan enters and hits Gibson with his spike to end the match. Scott and Steve Armstrong enter the ring to attack the Bruise Brothers for the save. (*. This was just a main event to get some last minute hype for the Express/Bruise Brothers.)

Final Thoughts:
The television product hasn’t been all that good for about a month now. There isn’t a major angle to keep me interested at the moment. The fans seemed to be rather disinterested in a lot of stuff on this show, as well. Perhaps after the major events taking place on the 12th we’ll have more interesting events taking place on TV.

Thanks for reading.

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