SMW TV 9/18/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) Robbie Eagle defeated Chris Candido by count-out
2.) Tracy Smothers defeated Gator McAllister
3.) Robert Gibson defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Jimmy Del Ray to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel is happy to introduce the new SMW commissioner and it is none other than Jim Cornette! Cornette says we are going to see highlights from the weekend. Dutch will have the new SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express on Down & Dirty. Robert Gibson gets his name picked to challenge Jimmy Del Ray for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship.

2.) We see footage from the September 12th show where Bob Armstrong competed against Terry Funk. Bob had to let go of a sleeper hold to knock Tom Pritchard off the apron. The Bruise Brothers and Rock N’ Roll Express also came down to ringside to brawl. Jim Cornette tried to get involved in the match but gets choked by Bob Armstrong. Terry Funk nails Armstrong with a branding iron as Funk went for a piledriver on Cornette. Funk pinned Bob Armstrong and that gives Cornette the power he wanted.

3.) Jim Cornette talked to Terry Funk backstage after the match. Funk is happy he got out of the arena with a victory. Funk says he did everyone a favor by beating Bob Armstrong. Cornette says that SMW is going to be a little different now with him in power. Funk tells Cornette he would come back to SMW if Cornette has any more issues with anyone in the future.

4.) We footage from the WWF where the Heavenly Bodies attacked the Steiner Brothers after a victory. Cornette tossed powder into Scott Steiner’s face and used the tennis racket and both men. The Heavenly Bodies take the tag titles and leave the ring wit the champions hurting.

5.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies cut a promo on the Steiner Brothers. Cornette calls Rick and Scott Steiner pieces of dirt, and the WWF is too! They enjoyed attacking the champions and Pritchard believes they showed they are the real tag champions. Cornette takes credit for the Steiner Brothers losing the WWF World Tag Team Championships. The Steiner Brothers share some pre-tape comments about the Heavenly Bodies. They are coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to beat people up. Rick Steiner says they are going to bring Otto with them. Cornette says the Heavenly Bodies have the number of the Steiner Brothers. Cornette believes the Steiner Brothers aren’t going to be able to beat them. Jimmy Del Ray says they have a dog catcher to take the Steiner’s dog away. Dirty White Boy comes over and asks Cornette is he has seen Ron Wright but he hasn’t seen him for three days.

6.) More footage from the weekend is shown this time highlighting the tag team title match between the Bruise Brothers and Rock N’ Roll Express. The Express regained the titles by pinning Don Harris.

7.) The Bruise Brothers and Jim Cornette are interviewed with the Bruiser Brothers have shaved their beards. Cornette says they listened to Kevin Sullivan too much and they need to listen to him. Cornette says the Heavenly Bodies are going for the titles and the Bruise Brothers are on probation.

8.) Candido chases after Tim Horner after he came to ringside and Horner keeps Candido on the floor long enough to cause the count-out and Candido has a tantrum.

9.) Chris Candido comes over and is interviewed while crying about losing. Candido wants Cornette to help him and he cries on Cornette’s shoulder saying he wants help to get the bonnet off and leaves after Cornette says he will try to help.

10.) Down & Dirty this week is with the new SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express. Morton suggests that Dutch Mantel has been kissing ass to Cornette. Morton says they proved they are the better tag team by winning the titles. Morton calls out Scott Armstrong and says the Armstrong Brothers had a title shot with the Bruise Brothers. Morton tells Scott that they will get the first tag title shot. Scott is happy for the Express and they accept the title shot. Morton hopes they can leave the ring friends after the title match.

11.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed following his match. Smothers says his knee is holding up real well and is glad to be back in the South. Smothers says that Sensational Sherri Martel is going to be in his corner to combat Tammy Sytch! We see a video of Sensational Sherri, who will be at Parade of Champions. Sherri is excited about helping Smothers with Brian Lee and Tammy Sytch. Sherri says there isn’t anything she won’t do to help her friend. Smothers hasn’t forgotten about Dirty White Boy, but he is coming after Brian Lee to get his championship back. Tracy says that Tammy deserves the beating she is going to get from Sensational Sherri. Smothers is going to be the SMW Heavyweight Champion for the third time.

12.) Bobby Blaze is with the US Junior Heavyweight Championship, which he apparently won. Blaze says he was invited to a tournament in Ohio but was able to win the championship. Chris Candido comes over and is mad that SMW is going to recognize that championship but not his WWA World Championship. Candido asks Blaze if he wants a shot at his title, but Blaze declines. Blaze calls the championship a cheap belt and tells Candido to not cry about it. Blaze says he will defend his belt against Candido. Candido says he will sign the contract so he can toss it in the river.

13.) Morton and Pritchard are at ringside for the main event. Gibson nails Del Ray with a right hand and the champ stumbles to a corner to recover. Gibson has a head scissors on Del Ray on the canvas to have control of the bout. Gibson takes Jimmy over with a hip toss and arm drag before wrenching on the left arm. Del Ray scoop slams Gibson but misses a moonsault. Gibson is decked by Pritchard from the floor but Del Ray can’t get a three count. Gibson and Morton dropkick Del Ray with the referee distracted and Gibson pins Del Ray. (1/2*. There wasn’t anything really going on here.)

14.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed to end the program. White Boy says he can’t find Ron Wright and hasn’t seen him in three days. White Boy asks Dutch if he has seen Wright, but he hasn’t seen him. White Boy is worried about Ron Wright. Here comes Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee with Ron Wright. Tammy says that Ron Wright is moving in with them and they will make sure he gets his pills on time. Lee tells White Boy to not worry about Wright and he is going to take out Smothers once and for all. Tammy doesn’t want Sherri to touch her because she doesn’t want to catch a disease. Dirty White Boy says he doesn’t like this one bit.

Final Thoughts:
Alright, I can get behind the Dirty White Boy/Brian Lee feud especially with Ron Wright being taken away from White Boy. White Boy needs to be a babyface character at this point, anyway. Brian Lee is excelling very well in his heel persona with Tammy Sytch providing great work in her heel role, as well. Chris Candido needs some credit for his whiny heel role, too. Action wise, the show isn’t good, but the angle advancement is far better.

Thanks for reading.

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