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SMW TV 9/25/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) US Junior Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Robbie Eagle to retain the title
2.) Chris Candido defeated Dark Secret
3.) The Bruise Brothers defeated Jason West & Gator McAllister
4.) Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Robert Gibson to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette picks the name to challenge Robert Gibson for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship, but he doesn’t like the first three choices so he settles on the fourth choice, Dirty White Boy.

2.) Chris Candido is interviewed, who is still wearing the baby bonnet. Candido says that the belt that Bobby Blaze has isn’t a real belt and shouldn’t be recognized. Candido is going to thrown Bobby’s belt into the river where it belongs. Cornette comes over and tells Candido that he is going to be the special referee for his match coming up.

3.) Jim Cornette has some special video to show the fans of Bob Armstrong match with a wrestler on September 17th. Bob Armstrong wrestled the Black Ninja, who is someone dressed in a black ninja outfit. Cornette tried to get involved but the referee stopped him and Armstrong punched Cornette several times. A second ninja attacked Armstrong from behind with the referee distracted and Armstrong was pinned causing him to have to leave SMW. Cornette is happy that Bob Armstrong is gone forever and is going to be stuck at a garage changing tires or whatever he does. He brags about having SMW all to himself.

4.) Footage from SummerSlam is shown where the Heavenly Bodies challenged the Steiner Brothers for the WWF World Tag Team Championships. They actually show the whole match, which the Steiner Brothers won.

5.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed regarding their upcoming matches with the Steiner Brothers. Cornette says they were cheated out of their match at SummerSlam because the match happened in Detroit and the referee was from Detroit as well. Jim says that both Rick and Scott pinned Del Ray, which is against the rules. They want the Steiner Brothers to try their best to come and get their revenge at Parade of Champions for attacking them at a recent WWF taping. They are going to take care of the pit bull that Rick Steiner has said they will bring to the ring with them.

6.) Candido’s match is a major setup for Candido to get the baby bonnet off. Tim Horner comes out and says this is ridiculous. This segment exposes the business a little bit, too. Candido won following a slow motion clothesline.

7.) Tim Horner confronts Jim Cornette and Chris Candido over what just happened. Cornette says there was nothing wrong with the match. Les Thatcher comes over and says he is here on behalf of the board of directors. Cornette reads a letter and he has been impeached already!

8.) Down & Dirty this week is with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch and Ron Wright. Tammy says that Sherri Martel is not a lady and is more of a man than Tracy Smothers. Brian Lee chimes in and says Tracy Smothers is going to have the biggest accident of his career. Fytch prevents Ron Wright from speaking and says he is doing fine. Wright does show concern for Dirty White Boy, but Tammy says he is doing fine.

9.) Les Thatcher interviews Tracy Smothers regarding his match with Brian Lee coming up in a couple of weeks. Smothers says they are worried because he has Sherri Martel in his corner. Smothers says the ladies in the South have more class in their pinky finger than Tammy does in her whole body. All Tracy cares about is getting the SMW Heavyweight Championship back. Les seems to send it back to the ring too early as Smothers didn’t appear to be done, but oh well.

10.) The Bruise Brothers are interviewed where they say they are the best tag team going and they think they should be getting the title shots against the Rock N’ Roll Express. They have a point to prove because nobody can do it like they do in the ring. They are going to beat people up worse than anyone has before.

11.) Gibson starts the main event taking White Boy over with a hip toss. White Boy works over Gibson in the corner but misses a splash in the corner and Gibson takes White Boy over with an arm drag, but has to let go of the hold. Gibson ducks a clothesline and drops White Boy with a right hands for a two count. White Boy regains control with a back elbow strike and keeps Gibson on the canvas. White Boy hits a big boot and drops several elbows onto Gibson for a near fall. Gibson avoids a big splash and hits a back elbow on White Boy followed by a scoop slam. The Heavenly Bodies pull the top rope down and Gibson crashes to the floor. Gibson is rolled back into the ring and White Boy gets the three count. After the match, Ricky Morton comes out but is attacked by the Heavenly Bodies on the floor. Scott Armstrong comes over with a steel chair to chase the Heavenly Bodies off. Robert Gibson comes over and thinks that Armstrong used the chair on Morton. (*. There was no reason to care and this was basic as basic gets.)

Final Thoughts:
Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch continue to be the bright spots of the television lately. Jim Cornette getting impeached already is hilarious to me. Not a total waste of an episode, but the show has been struggling recently.

Thanks for reading.

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