SMW TV 10/2/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated Robbie Eagle
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Gator McAllister
3.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Chris Canyon & Jason West
4.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy fought The Dark Secret to a no contest

Angle Developments:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch and Ron Wright are interviewed after Smothers match. Lee will be defending the championship at Parade of Champions against Smothers over the weekend and he says he is going to get the job done. Fytch rips on Sherri Martel calling her a rat and being on street corners. Fytch is happy about jewelry she bought using Wright’s credit card. Wright says that he needs to talk to Dirty White Boy and tell him that Fytch is much nicer than he thinks. Fytch assures Wright that she calls White Boy everyday to tell him that Wright is doing fine with them.

2.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed after meeting with the Board of Directors to come back as commissioner. Armstrong says they aren’t going to overturn the decision because he signed a contract. Bob says he won’t be in SMW any longer and thanks the fans for their support and he loves them all. However, he does have a friend who has been keeping up with things and he goes back into the room to bring his friend out. Oh brother, Bob comes back out and is wearing his Bullet mask saying that they have assured that the Bullet can compete in SMW and he is going to be coming after Jim Cornette.

3.) Jim Cornette comes out to the announcers table and he is freaking out about the Bullet. He knows that it is Bob Armstrong and is livid about what is going on.

4.) Mr. Darryl Van Horn is interviewed and he talks about doing a lot of things that he can’t talk about. He wants to be a professional wrestling manager and he just returned from Egypt where he came across the one man who can change everything. This man can’t be hurt and can’t be stopped. His man will be coming to SMW in just a few weeks.

5.) Down & Dirty this week has the SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express as the guests with Dutch Mantel. Robert Gibson says there was some misunderstanding last week with Scott Armstrong and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Ricky Morton blames Mantel for trying to turn friends against each other. Morton says that they will have a clean, hard fought match with the Armstrong Brothers this weekend. Mantel tells them to not get mad at him because the Armstrong Brothers are coming after the belts. Morton promises to God that they will have a clean match for the tag titles.

6.) Steiner Brothers shared some pre-tape comments saying that next weekend they will paralyze the Heavenly Bodies next weekend.

7.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed following their match. Cornette says they have the reputations in professional wrestling and they have done everything in wrestling. Cornette says that everyone in the Steiner’s family look like dogs. Cornette has some ideas under his sleeve to take care of the Steiner Brothers. Pritchard says this isn’t the WWF and they rule the tag team division in SMW. They are only sorry that the Steiner Brothers are no longer the WWF World Tag Team Champions because they would’ve loved to have those, as well. Cornette brings out the Bruise Brothers to join the interview. They come out and Cornette wants them to watch the monitor. Cornette shows them footage of the Heavenly Bodies attacking the Steiner Brothers and they leave the scene saying they will talk to the Bruise Brothers later.

8.) US Junior Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze is interviewed about Chris Candido putting down his championship. Blaze says the championship means a lot to him and he wants Candido to accept his challenge for the championship. Blaze doesn’t want Candido’s championship. Chris Candido comes over and puts down Blaze for being a nobody from Kentucky. Candido says he is going to kick Bobby’s butt in thirty seconds and then throw the championship into the river. Blaze suggests Candido be more humble and that leads to a brawl between these two as the segment ends.

9.) Sherri Martel shared some pre-tape comments talking about Tracy Smothers getting the SMW Heavyweight Championship next weekend. She is going to put her hands on Tammy Fytch if she chooses to get involved in the match. Martel says the championship belongs around the waist of Tracy Smothers.

10.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding his match with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee at Parade of Champions. Smothers is confident that he will be the next champion. Smothers warns Fytch that Martel is going to be all over her.

11.) Tracy Smothers and Brian Lee brawl during the main event and they enter the ring causing the match to be thrown out. Lee holds Smothers or White Boy to hit him. White Boy waits and then decides to leave the ring. Smothers low blows Lee and hits a backdrop sending Lee to the floor.

12.) Next week, Brian Lee and Tracy Smothers will compete in a coal miners glove match.

Final Thoughts:
While there wasn’t a feature match this week, I enjoyed it because they touched on all the top feuds that are going on in the company. White Boy seems to be teasing a face turn, and I think that’s a good direction for the character. I’m curious to see who the new wrestler will be that will be managed by Mr. Horn. Parade of Champions looks to have a really good lineup scheduled. I believe I have 10/9/93 event that has the major matches recorded, so that should be fun to watch.

Thanks for reading.

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