WCW Saturday Night 3/1/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Ft. Pierce, FL

1.) The Barbarian & Meng defeated High Voltage
2.) La Parka defeated Mark Starr
3.) Chris Jericho defeated Bunkhouse Buck
4.) Jim Powers & Bobby Walker defeated Doc Dean & Robbie Brookside
5.) Hugh Morrus defeated Top Gun
6.) Juventud Guerrera defeated Rey Mendoza Jr.
7.) Scotty Riggs defeated Super Calo
8.) WCW United States Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Lazertron
9.) Public Enemy defeated The Amazing French Canadians by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Lee Marshall interviewed Dean Malenko backstage following Eddie Guerrero’s match. Malenko will be wrestling Guerrero at WCW Uncensored in a no disqualification match. Dean says for the last several weeks people have showed lack of respect for him and he is mainly talking about Syxx. He wants that WCW Cruiserweight Championship, too. Malenko doesn’t know where Guerrero is coming from and he knows that a match with Eddie will need 110% effort. He is going to teach Eddie a lesson at Uncensored that you stay out of his business.

2.) Carl and Grunge kick off the main event with Carl taking Grunge down to the canvas with an arm drag. Carl taunts the fans after taking Grunge down with a scoop slam. Carl works over Grunge in the corner with several strikes but gets dropped groin first across the top rope. Grunge hits a few wrestling moves hitting a couple of arm drags, scoop slam and clotheslines Carl over the top to the floor. Grunge is double teamed in the corner while the referee was distracted by Rock in the corner. Grunge is sent to the floor where Col. Robert Parker gets a few cheap shots in. Grunge is dropped throat first across the top rope and Jacques talks smack to the camera about USA. Jacques scoop slams Carl onto Grunge but they only get a near fall on the cover attempt. Jacques nails Grunge with a kick to the chest and taunts Grunge to make the tag to Rock.

Jacques accidentally clotheslines Carl and Grunge nails Jacques with a clothesline to get some momentum. Grunge struggles but makes the tag to Rock. Rocco cleans house with strikes on the Canadians. All four men are going at it with Enemy getting the better of the exchange. Carl is clotheslined over the top to the floor and Enemy goes to hit the Drive By on Jacques, but Col. Parker hits them with a flag and Rock falls off the top crashing through a table at ringside to cause the disqualification. (*1/2. As usual with Enemy, they don’t work very well in a regular tag match situation. Jacques and Carl did the best they could, but it was a rather uneventful main event.)

Final Thoughts:
Not a good episode this week, though there was plenty of wrestling and only one interview, which is nice. However, the wrestling was uneventful and largely uninteresting. The only entertaining part is the highlights from Nitro, which isn’t a good sign for a program with original content.

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