WCW Saturday Night 3/28/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Ozark, AL

1.) Kidman defeated El Dandy
2.) Ultimo Dragon defeated Silver King
3.) WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Psychosis
4.) WCW Television Champion Booker T defeated Yuji Nagata
5.) Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Johnny Swinger
6.) Scott Norton defeated Chase Tatum
7.) Ray Traylor defeated Kendall Windham
8.) Ernest Miller defeated Bobby Blaze
9.) Rick Steiner defeated WCW World Tag Team Champion Kevin Nash by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Psychosis dives over the top and takes Jericho out with a suicide dive! Psychosis sends Jericho shoulder first into the ring steps before getting into the ring. Jericho tries to lave the ring but Psychosis keeps control of the match with a dropkick. Jericho nails Psychosis with a back elbow and stomps away on the challenger to keep the advantage in his favor. Psychosis has Jericho over the middle rope and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Jericho drops Psychosis throat first across the top rope. Jericho drives Psychosis down to the canvas with a vertical suplex and gets a near fall on the cocky cover attempt. Psychosis sunset flips from the apron and nearly pins Jericho on the rollup attempt. Jericho slaps Psychosis numerous times and taunts the fans while keeping control of the match. Jericho scoop slams Psychosis but on the springboard moonsault attempt Psychosis gets his knees up. Psychosis plants Jericho with a double leg slam for a near fall. Psychosis heads to the top rope but Jericho side steps a missile dropkick and locks in the Liontamer for the submission win. (**. If the match was presented in a more even manner, these two would probably put on one hell of a match. Psychosis hit a few good high spots, especially to kick off the contest, but aside from that it was a rather basic match.)

2.) Rick Steiner is interviewed backstage and wants to know who is getting in Scott Steiner’s ear and feeding him the New World Order garbage. Ted DiBiase is with him and trying to calm Rick down. Rick assures us that if Kevin Nash is the one who did this he will pay tonight. DiBiase says that Nash is like the spoiled brat kid and tonight Rick Steiner is going to spank his backside.

3.) Nagata attacks Booker from behind while Sonny Ono was on the apron. Booker nails Nagata with a short arm clothesline and backdrops Nagata. Booker hits a leaping forearm smash and clotheslines Nagata over the top to the floor. Booker chases Sonny Ono on the floor and is promptly met with a clothesline from Nagata. Yuji drops Booker chest first over the guard railing, as well. Nagata stomps away on Booker and locks in a sleeper hold. Nagata hits an exploder suplex and keeps Booker on the mat with a hammerlock. Booker knee lifts Yuji in the corner several times and forearms Nagata in the corner. Nagata takes Booker over with a release belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Nagata drops Booker with a few kicks to the chest for another two count. Booker flapjacks Nagata and hits a leaping side kick. Booker comes off the ropes and hits the scissors kick. Booker plants Yuji with a spine buster and heads to the top rope to hit a missile dropkick to win the match. (**. It was fairly competitive and this is Booker at his very best in singles action, so it was an enjoyable five minute match.)

4.) Raven and Perry Saturn cut a promo backstage somewhere. Saturn says that the pain he inflicted onto DDP is just the tip of the iceberg. Raven says he will feast on DDP and that DDP will hate him more and more. Raven says that he did help DDP but he won’t acknowledge that. Raven says their grievances will be solved when they meet in the ring. There will be no bang when they meet but there will be the Evenflow. Raven says that DDP will think why he was so selfish and Page will make a wiser choice.

5.) Rick Steiner decks Vincent and gets a few shots in on Nash until Scott Norton delivers a cheap shot. Nash begins to work over Rick in the corner with several strikes and knee lifts. Nash drives Rick down to the canvas with a side slam for a near fall. Nash clotheslines Rick in the corner and begins to taunt Rick and the fans. Nash chokes Rick and distracts the referee so that Norton can rake the eyes of Rick. Nash continues to work over Rick in the corner with elbow strikes. Nash wrenches on the neck but doesn’t get a submission. Rick big boots a charging Nash in the corner and hits a leaping clothesline. Rick knocks Vincent off the apron but Nash pokes Rick in the eyes. Rick comes off the top rope and hits the bulldog! Rick has the cover and here comes Norton to cause the disqualification. Rick takes Norton down with a power slam and a clothesline to the floor. Nash drops Rick with a big boot to put an end to Rick’s offense. Nash sets Rick up and plants him with the Jackknife power bomb. After the match, Nash is arrested and escorted out of the arena. (*1/4. A very predictable match, but it was a good to see a rather big main event on Saturday Night. I’m glad that WCW keeps a focus on the program and isn’t just full of filler, like it would eventually turn into next year.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode with a couple of feature matches showcased. As long as there is a feature match it seems like the show goes along pretty well.

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