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WCW Saturday Night 3/21/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Ozark, AL

1.) Marty Jannetty defeated Lenny Lane
2.) Silver King defeated Evan Karagias
3.) Horshu defeated Mike Tolbert
4.) High Voltage defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong
5.) Chris Adams defeated Glacier
6.) The Barbarian defeated Jim Powers
7.) Fit Finlay defeated Lorezno
8.) Prince Iaukea defeated Jerry Flynn
9.) Disco Inferno defeated Hardbody Harrison
10.) WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Benoit defeated Perry Saturn & Van Hammer by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) High Voltage is interviewed by Lee Marshall backstage. Kenny Kaos says they have become tag team specialist. He says that they are determined two young men who were kicking butt in Japan for the past six months. Kaos wants a chance at the WCW World Tag Team Championship. Rage says it is time to prove themselves in WCW after proving themselves in Japan.

2.) Adams hammers away on Glacier to start the match. Glacier bails to the floor to avoid a super kick and stalls for a few seconds. Adams takes Glacier down to the mat with an arm bar but doesn’t get a submission. Adams also locks in a leg lock but Glacier breaks the hold following an eye rake. Adams clotheslines Glacier in the corner and stomps away on his rival in the corner. Adams heads to the top rope but knocked off and crotched over the top rope before falling to the floor. Glacier slams Adams face first onto the apron. Glacier sends Adams back first into the guard railing but misses a kick and is decked by Adams a few times. Glacier sends Adams face first into the ring post. Glacier delivers a shoulder ram in the corner and hits a swinging neck breaker. Glacier attempts a super kick but misses and Adams nails Glacier with a super kick of his own and gets the victory. (*1/2. Well, that was a rather quick match, but I liked they worked a brawling style. They’ve really executed well in making the feud feel like they hate each other. It’s really strange I’ve enjoyed this feud as much as I have, but what can you do.)

3.) Raven cuts a promo from somewhere backstage. He continues to talk about fate and how he reigns supreme as WCW United States Champion. Raven talks about attacking DDP on MTV, which we see footage of. Raven hit a DDT on DDP through a table. Raven calls DDP a shameless self promoter. Tonight, DDP faces members of his Flock and he knows the outcome that will happen so he doesn’t need to be there for it.

4.) DDP and Hammer kick off the main event with Hammer showcasing his strength shoving Page into a corner. Page takes Hammer over with a quick arm drag. Hammer wrenches on the arm of Page and delivers a few head butts to the shoulder. Page knee lifts Hammer and hits a swinging neck breaker. Benoit enters the ring and sends Saturn to the floor while Page decks Hammer to the floor. Benoit gets tagged into the match and he wants a piece of Saturn it looks like. Saturn tags into the match and Benoit drops him with a shoulder block quickly. Benoit works over Saturn hitting a snap suplex several times. Hammer enters the match and is chopped several times by Benoit followed by a short arm clothesline. Hammer pulls the top rope and Benoit crashes over the top to the floor. Hammer sends Benoit into the guard railing back first.

Saturn works over Benoit with several kicks in the corner and strikes. Hammer tags into the match and plants Benoit with a spine buster for a two count. Page gets the tag but the referee was out of position and doesn’t allow the tag. Benoit is double teamed and Saturn has a cover but only gets a near fall on a cover attempt. Benoit sunset flips Saturn for a near fall but Saturn quickly gets out and hammers away on Benoit. Saturn runs into boots from Benoit but drops Benoit with a back elbow. Benoit ducks a clothesline and they both go down following a double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Hammer and Page get tags into the match with Page hammering away on Hammer. Page cleans house with strikes and a discus clothesline on Hammer. Hammer stops Page with a jaw breaker while Benoit and Saturn brawl backstage. Page crotches Hammer on the top rope and hits a middle rope Diamond Cutter! Page goes for the cover but Raven enters the ring with the Flock to attack Page! After the match, Reese drops Page with a side slam and Raven stands over DDP with the WCW United States Championship, which isn’t his. Raven decks Page right in the face with the championship to end the show. (**. The match was okay, but Hammer felt really out of place in terms of ability compared to everyone else in the match. The finish was entertaining and the beat down was effective to put heat on the Flock.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode this week as the main event was a quality match for the program, I thought. I’m assuming the Adams/Glacier feud is coming to an end. I hope there are more Saturday Night exclusive feuds because that helps the show a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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