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JAPW Caged Fury 3/26/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents Caged Fury
From: Philadelphia, PA

The show opens with JAPW management going to give the JAPW Heavyweight Championship to Jay Lethal due to recent controversy but Lethal declined and we eventually get a singles match made for right now to determine the new champion.

Opening Contest: Homicide vs. Jay Lethal for the vacant JAPW Heavyweight Championship: Lethal takes Homicide down with a few arm drags and hits a suicide dive to the floor. Lethal stops Homicide on the top rope and hits a superplex for a near fall. Lethal comes out of the corner to hit a bulldog. Lethal gets another near fall after a leaping neck breaker. Homicide crotches Lethal on the top and drops Jay throat first across the top sending Lethal to the floor. Homicide hits a somersault suicide dive to take Jay out on the floor. Homicide hits a running big boot in the corner to drop Lethal to the canvas. Homicide hits an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Homicide hits a double under hook sit down power bomb for a near fall. Lethal runs into an elbow and Homicide hits a middle rope knee drop to the back of Lethal’s head while Lethal was hunched over. Homicide spikes Lethal with a piledriver for a two count.

Lethal takes Homicide over with a dragon suplex. Lethal hammers away on Homicide to make a comeback. Jay backdrops Homicide but Homicide comes back with a forearm only to run into a clothesline from Lethal. Lethal heads to the top rope after a scoop slam and hits a diving head butt for a two count. Homicide plants Lethal with an elevated DDT but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Homicide nearly wins after a t-bone suplex. Lethal hits a back suplex and locks in a modified surfboard but can’t get a submission out of Homicide. Jay is placed on the top turnbuckle but leaps off to hit a leaping DDT for a two count as Homicide got his boot on the bottom rope. Homicide goes for the Cop Killa but Lethal gets out and hits a running brain buster. Lethal heads to the top rope but misses the diving head butt. Lethal recovers to dropkick Homicide to avoid a lariat.

B-Boy and Low Ki come out to distract Lethal. Homicide hits a sit down scoop slam but Lethal kicks out at two. Lethal shoves Homicide off the middle rope but B-Boy holds Lethal’s foot. Homicide hits a middle rope ace crusher and the lariat puts Lethal away to give Homicide the JAPW Heavyweight Championship. (***1/2. That was a great start to the show. The fans were 100% into the match and the action was really good. Sure, the interference wasn’t needed, but it protects Lethal, I suppose. That was a lot of fun to watch and they did a lot in ten minutes.)

Second Contest: Christopher Street Connection vs. Carnage Crew: Two completely different teams with the Carnage Crew being trailer park tough guys and the Christopher Street Connection being homosexual characters. Buff-E flirts with Loc and tags in Mace who slides onto Loc and drop toe holds DeVito. DeVito gets kissed on the top of his head. Mace humps DeVito while he was on all fours. This is mostly a comedy match it appears. DeVito clotheslines both Mace and Buff-E to get control of the match. Carnage Crew hit a spinning elevated neck breaker but only get a two count. Loc hits a middle rope elbow drop but Mace breaks up the cover attempt. Loc gets out of a sunset flip attempt by Buff-E and delivers a clothesline to maintain control.

Buff-E slams Loc off the top by his balls and tags in Mace. DeVito enters as well but Mace delivers a few clotheslines and a backdrop. DeVito gets dropped in the corner to allow Buff-E to rub his nuts in his face. Loc hits a side suplex on Mace. Mace is left in the ring as DeVito hits a moonsault and gets the win. (*. It was kind of funny but nothing memorable. The action wasn’t all that great. They probably could have cut this in half and had it be more entertaining and effective.)

Third Contest: EC Negro vs. Chris Candido: Negro takes Candido down with a quick arm drag and taunts the fans and Candido. Candido responds with a slap and several chops to drop Negro. Candido holds Negro up with a delayed vertical suplex causing Negro to bail to the floor. Candido leaps off the top to hit a cross body onto Negro on the floor. Candido sends Negro into the guard railing a few times before tossing several chairs into the ring. Candido rings the ring bell on Negro’s head. Candido rams Negro onto a table a few times. Negro backdrops Candido on the floor to get the upper hand. Candido stops Negro with a low blow back in the ring and wants to use the table. Candido places Negro on the table but misses a top rope leg drop going through the table instead.

They go back to the floor trading blows. Candido is sent back into the ring where Negro works over Candido with a few forearm shots. Negro hits a somersault kick in the corner but can’t get a three count. Negro gets another near fall following a leaping clothesline. Negro hits a cobra clutch slam but Candido kicks out at two. Negro leaps off the top rope but misses an elbow drop. Negro crotches Candido on the top rope but Candido recovers and hits an incredibly dangerous top rope power bomb to get the win. (**1/2. Okay, that was FAR better than I would have ever expected it to be. That finish was so damn dangerous, though. Sure, Candido could hit it no problem like seven years ago. However, he was clearly off the juice at this point and obviously older. That could have been a disaster for Negro. Anyway, this was a fun match, too.)

This is the final independent appearance for Kazarian as he was signed by WWE, but that wouldn’t last all that long anyway. Kazarian shoves Johnny Kashmere in the front row for some reason before the match starts and Acid insults Frankie for a few minutes.

Fourth Contest: Trent Acid vs. Frankie Kazarian: Frankie hammers away on Acid hitting a leaping heel kick. Acid super kicks Kazarian on the floor and hits a springboard moonsault on the floor hitting his legs on the railing. Acid backdrops Kazarian to the apron but Kazarian hits a slingshot DDT for a two count. Kazarian hits a running clothesline in the corner to drop Acid. Frankie follows up with a dropkick to a seated Acid. Acid fakes a knee injury on a leapfrog and soon hits a springboard DDT after missing a yakuza kick. Kazarian avoids a drop toe hold and leg drops the legs of Acid. Kazarian attempts a dangerous springboard hurricanrana on the apron and they both crash to the concrete floor.

Back in the ring, Kazarian hits a yakuza kick but only gets a two count on the cover. Kazarian has Acid on his shoulders and nearly holds him down on a pin attempt after an electric chair slam. Acid hits the yakuza kick but Kazarian hits a reverse hurricanrana for a near fall. Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future but the referee is pulled out of the ring by Johnny D, the manager of Trent Acid. Kazarian chases after Johnny and is met with the yakuza kick by Acid for the three count. (**. A couple of good spots, but for the most part it was average at best.)

Fifth Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Azrieal vs. Grim Reefer: Azrieal takes Reefer down to the canvas early on and nearly wins with a rollup. Reefer goes to the floor and avoids a baseball slide to chop Azrieal a few times. Azrieal tosses Reefer into the railing. Azrieal rolls Reefer back into the ring to hit a scoop slam and hits a senton splash for a near fall from the apron. Azrieal dropkicks Reefer in the corner and delivers a few chops followed by a knee strike. Reefer holds onto the ropes to avoid a blockbuster and plants Azrieal with a DDT. Reefer scoop slams Azrieal for a near fall. Reefer hits a couple of neck breakers and hits a vertical suplex over the top rope sending the champ to the floor. Reefer heads to the top and hits a somersault dive, but appeared to miss Azrieal on that one. Reefer still gets a two count in the ring, though.

Azrieal shoves Reefer off the middle rope and Azrieal hits the top rope blockbuster. They both get up and trade chops until Reefer hits a German suplex dropping Azrieal on his head. Reefer hits a top rope frog splash for only a two count. Reefer attempts a top rope hurricanrana but Azrieal blocks it and hits a Cradle Shock for the win. (**1/4. The finish was anti-climatic but there was some decent moves in this one. This might be one of the better Reefer matches I’ve seen in JAPW.)

Sixth Contest: Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe: Ki manages to take Joe down to the canvas in the opening moment of the match but Joe rolls over and gets control quickly. Ki is able to break away from Joe following a kick to the chest. Ki chops Joe a few times but Joe comes back with a flurry of strikes. Ki trips Joe to the mat and delivers several kicks to his chest. Joe blocks another kick but stumbles to the mat and begins to kick Ki. Joe controls Ki with an abdominal stretch before delivering a back breaker. Ki chops Joe several times but Joe still gets a Boston Crab locked in until Ki reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Ki puts the referee in the way so that he can drop Joe with a leaping clothesline. Joe misses a splash in the corner and Ki hits a dropkick to get a one count.

Ki works over Joe in the corner with several strikes. Joe knocks Ki off the top rope but Ki hits a somersault kick to knock Joe off the top as he was hit in the groin. Joe is stopped by a knee lift to the midsection as Ki continues to have control of the match. Ki drop toe holds Joe across the middle rope and hits a crazy double stomp for a two count! Ki and Joe trade some chops and strikes until Ki drives Joe down to the canvas gut first for a two count. Joe plants Ki with an STO but only gets a near fall on the cover. Joe kicks Ki in the chest and delivers a few boot scrapes in the corner before delivering a running boot in the corner. Joe hits a suicide drive to take Ki out on the floor. Joe attempts a power bomb but Ki fights out with elbows and hits a springboard kick to knock Joe off his feet. Ki continues with several kicks for a two count.

Joe gets out of the Ki Krusher attempt but is knocked down by a knee strike again. Joe hits a snap power slam but misses a senton. Ki hits a double stomp but Joe kicks out before three. Joe catches Ki on a springboard attempt with a Death Valley Driver but only manages a two count on the pin attempt. Joe power bombs Ki and switches to the STF but Ki is trying to avoid it by crawling to the ropes but isn’t able to reach the ropes. Joe has the hold locked in but Ki elbows out of the hold. Ki counters a slam attempt by locking in a dragon sleeper but Joe rams Ki into the corner. Joe runs into a big boot and Ki delivers a running forearm shot. Ki hits a cartwheel kick in the corner but Joe kicks out at two. Ki heads to the top but Jay Lethal is out and distracts Ki. Joe slaps Ki and hits the Muscle Buster right in the middle of the ring for the win. (***1/4. They went nearly twenty minutes and enjoyed their encounter. Sometimes I can get bored with Ki matches, but this was different as it was hard hitting and they kept a fast pace tempo. Apparently, this is the first time Joe pinned Ki in four tries. The distraction by Lethal kind of makes it a tainted victory, but whatever.)

Seventh Contest: Archadia vs. Chapuline Negro vs. Envy vs. Mike Donovan vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Neeno Capone: Aside from a couple of guys I have no idea who is in this match and I’m not going to write about a twenty minute match for the students. Capone pinned Archadia following a front flipping DDT. Lets just get to the main event.

Main Event: JAPW Tag Team Champions B-Boy & Homicide vs. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart in a steel cage match: Boy and Homicide go right after Teddy and Evans but all four men are quickly trading blows in the opening minute of the match. Hart works on the leg on Homicide while Boy pressed Evans face against the cage. Hart puts a figure four on Homicide while Boy continues to work over Evans in the corner. Evans hits a swinging DDT with the help of Hart on Boy. Teddy holds Boy over his shoulders to allow Evans to hit a blockbuster from the top of the cage for a two count!

Teddy slams the cage door against the leg of Homicide while Boy power bombs Evans into the cage! Hart and Homicide are brawling on the floor. Hart climbs the cage trades blows with Boy knocking him down. Hart hits a moonsault off the top of the cage to the floor! Evans hits a shooting star DDT to plant Boy! Homicide hits Hart with a cooking sheet before entering the ring to whack Evans over the head as well. Homicide backdrops Hart into the cage and Boy hits Hart with a garbage can lid. Boy hits Evans with a traffic sign to avoid a sunset flip attempt. Teddy has been busted wide open thanks to Homicide. Homicide has a fork and hits Teddy with it. Homicide is digging the fork into the forehead of Teddy Hart and this is getting gruesome.

Homicide uses a broken vinyl record to bust Teddy open even more. Evans is sent face first into the cage by Homicide and Boy. Homicide slams the cage door into Teddy’s head! Homicide uses the fork again on Teddy while Evans sends Boy into the cage and delivers a dropkick. Homicide has Evans on the top of the cage. Evans is hanging upside from the cage. Boy hits a dropkick with the trash can lid on Evans. Homicide is pressing Teddy’s head into the cage several times. Homicide continues to use the fork but Teddy low blows Homicide to end that. Evans and Teddy battle back with trash can lid shots and strikes. Teddy has the fork and looks to use it on Homicide, but is stopped with a boot. Homicide has the fork and digs into Teddy before being sent into the cage face first.

Evans goes to the top of the cage and hits a corkscrew dive to take Boy and Homicide out! Teddy is climbing the cage and springboards off the top of the cage to hit a moonsault as well! Evans has Boy over his knee as Hart hits a shooting star press on Boy! Homicide attempts the Cop Killa on Evans but Evans gets out and slams Homicide. Hart attempts the shooting star press but Boy hits an ace crusher in midair. Homicide hits the Cop Killa on Evans but Teddy breaks up the pin attempt. Homicide hits a top rope power bomb on Teddy for a near fall. Boy plants Teddy with a brain buster but again only gets a two count on Hart. Homicide hits a double under hook suplex off the top rope to the canvas.

Jay Lethal prevents Low Ki from entering the cage and they brawl on the floor. Homicide continues to work over Hart in the corner with strikes. Hart is flipping Homicide off and continues to take a beating. Homicide has Hart on his shoulders to allow Boy to hit a bulldog off the top for a two count. The lights go out…. Jim Neidhart appears and he cleans house on Homicide and Evans. Teddy hits the Hart Attack with Neidhart! Hart hits the twisting Hart Attack off the top and pins Homicide to win the titles! (*****. Okay, call me crazy but from a pure entertainment aspect, which these ratings are based off, this was an incredible match and I was hooked. This is one of the best cage matches I’ve ever watched. Teddy and Evans are fucking insane with some of these spots but damn was that amazing. What a fantastic way to end the show with a spectacular match. Check it out.)

Final Thoughts:
I was entertained by a lot of the show with Homicide/Lethal, Candido/Negro, Ki/Joe and the main event cage match delivering some quality action. The top three matches all delivered and the main event was a home run. I give this show recommendation to check out.

Thanks for reading.

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