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PWS Dream On 6/8/2013

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents Dream On
From: Monroe, NJ

This was an internet pay per view event provided by Highspots. There is a special guest commissioner for the event with New Jack taking that position for the show. They go over the matches for the event. The commentator for the IPPV is also the ring announcer. I guess you have to cut costs somewhere.

Opening Contest: “The Lifeguard” Mike Del vs. Chris Payne: Del did the slow run just like you’d see on Baywatch. Payne had a child with him, who was crying during his entrance. Payne controls the early portion of the match with arm drags. Del takes Payne down to the canvas and surfs on his back. Del blows his whistle every time he rams Payne head first onto the top turnbuckle. Payne plants Del with a swinging neck breaker but only manages a near fall on the cover attempt. Del plants Payne with a standing dropkick for a two count. Del gets out of a sleeper hold by driving Payne face first onto the canvas. Payne drops Del with a series of strikes and gets a two count. Payne hits a springboard body strike but Del gets his boot on the bottom rope.

Del plants Payne with an ace crusher from out of nowhere for a two count. Payne drives Del down with a full nelson slam but Del kicks out at two. Payne misses a top rope leg drop and Del rolls to the floor. Del goes to the top rope but is stopped by Payne who hits an overhead belly to belly suplex but Del somehow rolls his shoulder off the canvas. Del might have been knocked out on that move. Del gets his flotation from the floor but the referee prevents the usage. They completely botch a sunset flip spot. Payne again only gets a two count with a full nelson slam. They re-do the sunset flip spot with the referee kicking the flotation off the top rope and Payne gets the win. (DUD. When you have to redo the finish like that, it just makes wrestling look so awful. You have to readjust and change the finish after that. There is no excuse for exposing the show with the first match like that. Del is incredibly green and not very good while Payne has some ability. The match just took a nosedive after a few minutes and that finish was horrendous.)

Second Contest: PWS Tag Team Champions Black Hollywood vs. The Heavenly Bodies: The Bodies go on the attack before the bell and work over the champions with strikes. Bodies plant Ray Smith with a vertical suplex but Shawn Edwards enters the ring to help his partner. Justin is sent butt first into Dustin and monkey flipped out of the corner. Dustin gets hip tossed out of the corner and the Bodies continue to get worked over by the champs until Dustin gets sent over the top to the floor along with Justin. Edwards hits a top rope moonsault to take everyone out on the outside! Justin is getting worked over by the champs with several strikes. Justin sends Smith shoulder first into the ring post and Dustin tags into the bout. Bodies hit an assisted standing moonsault for a two count on Smith. Dustin clotheslines Smith in the corner and taunts the crowd.

Dustin continues to work over Smith with a gut wrench suplex before tagging Justin back into the bout. Justin misses a spear and hits the ring post shoulder first. Dustin and Edwards get the tags with Edwards cleaning house with strikes. Smith dropkicks Dustin off the apron and takes him out with a dive on the floor. Dustin sends Smith into the guard railing and GNC gets knocked off the apron. GNC distracts the referee on the apron to allow a title shot to the head on Edwards and Dustin gets the win with a rollup. (*. Aside from the moonsault to the floor, this match lacked anything of entertainment value. I do like the Heavenly Bodies tandem, but the knockoff of a previous team never works in the long run. The local talents aren’t delivering much of anything at this point in the show.)

Third Contest: Disco Inferno vs. Colt Cabana: Inferno attacks Cabana prior to the bell hitting a back elbow strike and dances to taunt the fans. Cabana stops Inferno in the corner and delivers a kick followed by a rollup for a two count. Colt wrenches on the arm to flip Inferno over to the canvas. Colt messes up Disco’s hair while in a headlock. Cabana yanks Inferno down to the mat by his hair again. Cabana chases Inferno to the outside and is met with a knee to the gut back in the ring to give Inferno the advantage. Inferno focuses his offense on the leg of Cabana for a few moments. Inferno works on the leg in the corner as well to weaken the left leg of Colt. Inferno decides to taunt the fans by dancing but hits a swinging neck breaker for a two count.

Cabana kicks Inferno to the floor to avoid a figure four. Colt hammers away on Disco on the apron and sends Disco shoulder first into the ring post. Cabana jabs Inferno a few times and delivers an elbow strike for a near fall. Colt plants Inferno with a front Russian leg sweep for a two count. Inferno counters a backdrop attempt with a side Russian leg sweep. Inferno attempts the Village People’s elbow but Cabana moves out of the way. Colt hits the flying asshole and pins Inferno. (*1/2. The crowd didn’t seem to be connected to what Inferno was offering, which is understandable since he hadn’t been noteworthy in over ten years at this point. It was a basic match that didn’t go far away from anything Disco offered in the late 90s.)

Prior to the next match, PWS Heavyweight Champion Kevin Matthews puts over every member of Reality Check, which the fans cheer. Alex Reynolds starts to cause tension by noting that Kevin Matthews promised them championships and haven’t gotten them. Alex is sick and tired of protecting the championship held by Kevin. Kevin wants to know what Alex is going to do about it, but instead here comes New Jack with a machete. Jack says he makes the rules until the end of the show. New Jack doesn’t remember Dan Maff’s name, but says that if Alex Reynolds wins against Dan Maff he gets a title shot. The match will be no disqualification between Matthews and Reynolds. Apparently, the main event tonight is no disqualification now. Jack just confused this segment beyond belief.

Fourth Contest: Reality Check vs. Fallah, Starman, Blue Meanie & Drunken Swashbuckler in an elimination match: My understanding is that Reality Check is the top heel faction in the company led by the PWS Heavyweight Champion Kevin Matthews. For the most part, this is local talents and the Blue Meanie, so I’m not going to spend much time with this one. Apparently it was a quick match. Starman pinned Devon Moore with an inside cradle to be the sole survivor and wins the match. After the match, Ron Simmons comes out to confront the winners and considering they are a weird cast of characters…. Simmons just says DAMN to end the segment.

Fifth Contest: RJ Brewer vs. Bonesaw vs. Pat Buck: Bonesaw has been undefeated since debuting in January. He is becoming one of the more popular wrestlers for PWS, at least at this point. Buck is a co-owner of the company and Brewer is better known as John Walters. Brewer is met with a backdrop from Bonesaw and Buck nearly pins Bonesaw with rollup attempts. Brewer clotheslines Bonesaw and dumps Buck over the top and knees Buck off the apron to the floor. Brewer hits a dropkick on Bonesaw for a two count. Bonesaw comes back with one of his own for a two count. Bonesaw is sent to the floor while Brewer works over Buck until Pat nails Brewer with a kick to the face. Buck knocks Brewer off the apron and onto Bonesaw on the floor. Buck takes both men out with a suicide dive to take both opponents out on the floor.

Buck heads to the top rope but misses a leg drop allowing Bonesaw to hit the TKO only for Brewer to breakup the cover. Brewer works over Buck in the corner and dropkicks the left leg of Buck over the middle rope. Brewer has a death lock on Buck and plants Bonesaw with a DDT! Brewer puts both men in a death lock but can’t get a submission on either man. Buck stops RJ with a jaw breaker and hits a neck breaker on Bonesaw while he had RJ in a DDT. A tower of doom spot in the corner with Brewer nearly pinning both men afterward. Buck plants Brewer with the Diamond Dust and hits a stunner/reverse DDT on both men for a two count. Bonesaw leaps off the top to hit a missile dropkick on both opponents and cleans house. Brewer attempts the Sharpshooter and locks it in until Buck super kicks Brewer for a two count. Bonesaw suplexs Buck onto the apron from the ring and hits a top rope elbow drop to pin Brewer. (**. There was some decent spots but the match wasn’t over with the crowd and I didn’t care about the outcome. There were your usual triple threat spots and nothing all that new or exciting taking place.)

Fifth Contest: PWS Bombshell Champion La Rosa Negra vs. Angelina Love: Negra wraps her legs around the head of Love and managed to get the submission to retain the title. I, just like everyone else, simply didn’t care. After the match, Missy Sampson comes out and scares Negra from the ring.

Sixth Contest: Necro Butcher vs. The Revolting Blob vs. Lance Anoai vs. Craven Varro vs. Bobby Wayward vs. Anthony Vigilante vs. Mo Sexton in a scramble match: Once again this match is mainly involving students from the PWS school. Aside from Butcher that is. Yes, the Blob is the character from the Billy Madison movie. Everyone hits their finishers until Sexton hits a top rope elbow drop to pin Varro. Seriously, I don’t think anyone has cared about these local matches.

Seventh Contest: The Headbangers vs. The South Side Playaz Club: The following three matches are happening after intermission and it is rather noticeable that either people have left the show or they haven’t returned to their seats for whatever reason. It’s a rather quick match, which seems to be a trend for the show. The Headbangers win the match following a power bomb/leg drop combo.

Eighth Contest: Dan Maff vs. Alex Reynolds in a number one contenders match: Maff shoulder blocks Reynolds to the outside to showcase his power advantage. Reynolds avoids a few strikes but not a series of chops from Maff. Maff sends Reynolds hard into the corner and continues to work over Alex sending Reynolds over the top to the floor hitting the guard railing. Maff goes for a dive but stops when Alex moved out of the way. Kyle Reynolds distracts Maff on the floor to allow a baseball slide from Alex. Alex sends Maff face first into the ring post. Reynolds hits an elbow drop from the apron back into the ring. Maff gets out of a pump handle but Alex delivers a dropkick. Maff kicks the back of Alex’s leg and hits a neck breaker off the middle rope to get advantage.

Maff hits a cannonball splash in the corner to the back of Reynolds in the corner. Kyle Reynolds gets knocked off the apron and Maff hits another cannonball splash to knock Alex off the apron. Maff hits a suicide dive to take Alex out on the floor. Alex lands on his feet to counter the Burning Hammer. Alex is faking a knee injury to allow Kyle Reynolds to deliver a low blow and Alex leaps off the middle rope to hit a leaping Codebreaker to win the match. (**. These finishes are really not doing this show any favors and the crowd is insanely dead for the action at this point. Considering the angle earlier in the show, the outcome here was predictable, anyway.)

I thought Reality Check was a heel stable, but I must be wrong. Nese cut a heel promo and was attacked on the aisle way to start the match.

Main Event: PWS Heavyweight Champion Kevin Matthews vs. Anthony Nese in a no disqualification match: Matthews tosses Nese into the ring and plays to the crowd but is met with a dropkick. Nese nails Matthews with a super kick to send the champ to the floor. Nese takes Matthews out with a twisting dive over the top onto Matthews. Nese continues to strike Matthews on the floor before sending the champ into the ring. Matthews tries to fight back but is stopped by a forearm shot. Matthews comes off the ropes to hit a vicious clothesline to stop Nese. Matthews and Nese trade strikes while on their knees with Nese getting the better of the exchange. Matthews misses a splash in the corner and is kicked by Nese on the apron. Matthews plants Nese with the LTG but only gets a two count. Nese hits a backward tombstone piledriver but only manages a two count on the cover attempt.

Nese goes to the floor and brings a couple of chairs into the ring and one of the chairs hits the referee. There are probably six chairs in the ring when Nese is done throwing them in. Nese attempts a suplex onto the chairs but Matthews counters and soon hits a twisting slam to drop Nese onto the chairs gut first but only gets a two count on the cover. The referee is apparently bleeding from the back of his head due to the chair shot. Matthews sets up several chairs in the corner. Matthews goes to the top rope and has Nese on the middle rope. Nese counters a power bomb attempt and Nese hits a top rope German suplex through six chairs! Nese goes for the cover but Reality Check enter the ring and attack Nese.

Nese fights off the Realty Check members. Nese tosses Devon Moore over the top onto everyone on the floor. Matthews hits his finisher driving his knees into the back of Nese but still can’t win the match. Nese knocks Matthews off the top and hits the 450 splash but Matthews kicks out at two. Alex Reynolds enters the ring with a steel chair. Reynolds looks to hit Matthews with the chair but Nese grabs the chair and is met with a super kick sending the chair into his face and Matthews wins the match. After the match, Alex Reynolds and the other members stand in the ring but Alex Reynolds nails Matthews with a super kick to leave the other members stunned. Reynolds takes off his t-shirt and leaves the ring effectively leaving the group. (**1/2. It’s a decent match but some of the stuff was odd. I can’t buy a small guy like Nese blocking suplex attempts from a far bigger opponent, it just doesn’t work. The German suplex spot was insane and incredibly dangerous, even with plastic chairs. However, it’s not a great match and not main event level whatsoever.)

Final Thoughts:
A bad show overall by PWS. There isn’t a lot of top names on the event as PWS usually has. The biggest names were Colt Cabana and Disco Inferno, really. There are far better PWS events and this one just doesn’t do the company justice.

Thanks for reading.


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