SMW TV 11/27/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, NC

1.) Killer Kyle defeated Bobby Blaze
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tim Horner defeated Chris Canyon
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express & Tracy Smothers defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee & The Heavenly Bodies by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chris Candido comes out and says that Bobby Blaze nearly killed him last week. He still has a neck injury and says he is going to be in Killer Kyle’s corner in his match against Bobby Blaze.

2.) Kyle attacks Blaze from behind and hammers away on Bobby to keep control of the bout early on. Kyle plants Bobby with a pump handle slam for a two count. Kyle continues his offense with a slingshot back suplex for a near fall. Candido cheap shots Blaze from the floor while the referee is distracted by Kyle. Kyle locks in a bear hug but isn’t able to get a submission. Kyle plants Blaze with a snap power slam but can’t keep Bobby down on the cover. Blaze battles back with a kick to knock Kyle off his feet. Kyle attempts another pump handle slam but Blaze gets out and hits a cross body for a near fall. Blaze follows up with a spinning heel kick and a dropkick. Candido nails Blaze over the back with his championship and Kyle pins Blaze. (*. Yeah, that sucked.)

3.) Kevin Sullivan walks out of the water and into the camera with a spike. Sullivan is coming to the mountains for the Bullet. He says if the bills had been paid he would have had the voices in his head stopped. He says that mistakes always come back to haunt us.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed. Fytch says the Dirty White Girl makes her sick and thinks she has fleas. Lee put Ron Wright in a hospital bed and he is doing the same to Dirty White Boy.

5.) Down and Dirty has Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl as the special guests. White Boy doesn’t care what Lee and Fytch say because it has all been said before. White Boy could come to the ring with a beer bottle, noose or his chain. He hopes that Brian Lee has the guts to enter the ring and grab his chain because he will beat Lee’s brain out. White Girl calls Fytch a tramp and says that Tammy wouldn’t want her to mention Memphis. White Boy will wrestle Tracy Smothers whenever he wants him. White Boy is confident he will win the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

6.) The Bruise Brothers are interviewed about what happened last week with the Heavenly Bodies. Don Harris says that they may be going after different people but they are still going to go out there and break all the rules. Ron chimes in and says the ends justifies their actions.

7.) Gibson and Lee start the main event. Lee knocks Gibson off his feet with a shoulder block and high fives the Bodies. Morton and Gibson knock Lee off his feet with elbows and Del Ray tags in to try his luck with Del Ray. Morton hip tosses and arm drags Del Ray. Smothers tags in and shoulder blocks Del Ray and a hip toss. Gibson tags in and keeps control of Del Ray. Del Ray slams Gibson and tags in Pritchard who doesn’t get any momentum. Morton enters and backdrops Pritchard. Smothers scoop slams Pritchard and maintains control of the match. Morton tags in and keeps control of Tom’s arm. Del Ray knee lifts Morton from the apron and heels get control as Lee tags in and delivers several knee drops to Morton. Lee sends Morton face first into the boots of the Bodies in the corner. Del Ray hits a snap suplex and tags in Pritchard. Morton continues to be double teamed by the heels. Pritchard power slams Morton for a near fall.

Lee tags back into the match and chokes Morton briefly. Smothers enters and distracts the referee so that the heels can cheap shot Morton a few times. Morton hits a jaw breaker on Pritchard but Del Ray quickly enters and elbow drops Morton. Lee comes off the top rope and drops Morton with a double axe handle for a two count. Lee drops Morton throat first across the top rope. Morton tries to fight out of the corner but is unable to fight off three men. Del Ray comes off the top rope and hits a diving head butt for a near fall. Pritchard gets kicked by Morton and is free to make a tag, which he does to Smothers. Smothers cleans house with punches and a leaping elbow strike. The Moondogs come running out and attack the Express to cause the disqualification.

Smothers is being triple teamed in the ring by the Bodies and Lee while the Moondogs and Express are fighting backstage. The Bruise Brothers come out and they brawl with the Heavenly Bodies. Smothers backdrops Lee and puts the figure four on Lee. Tammy Fytch enters with her loaded purse and whacks Smothers over the head with it. Lee is recovered and plants Smothers with a DDT. Lee goes to the top but White Boy comes out and slams Lee off the top followed by a clothesline over the top to the floor. (*1/2. Match wise, it wasn’t good as it was mainly just Ricky Morton taking a beating and it was rather slow. However, the aftermath was effective, which seems to be a normal thing in SMW.)

8.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy stare at each other in the ring but Smothers leaves the ring while the announcers wondered if they would ever become friends considering their history in SMW.

9.) Mike Furnas is interviewed about his SMW training. He is looking forward to making his debut for the company. Jim Cornette comes over and is pissed about the Bruise Brothers. Cornette doesn’t care about Furnas and is sick of hearing about his training. Furnas gets sick of Cornette insulting him and grabs Cornette. Furnas gets attacked by the Heavenly Bodies and Cornette hits Furnas with the tennis racket, which Furnas isn’t selling. Furnas finally goes to the floor. Pritchard uses a chair on Mike’s knee and he has a delayed reaction to selling the shots. This segment was all sorts of awful because of how green Mike is.

Final Thoughts:
This was your standard go-home show for SMW as they touched base on all the major feud leading into Thanksgiving Thunder. I’m not overly excited for it or anything, but maybe it will surprise me.

Thanks for reading.

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