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SMW TV 11/20/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, NC

1.) SMW US Junior Heavyweight Champion Chris Candido defeated Jason West
2.) Dirty White Boy defeated John Hitchcock by disqualification
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tim Horner defeated Robbie Eagle
4.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Bruise Brothers by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bobby Blaze comes out at the start of the show and has a bag of feathers. Blaze says he is going to embarrass Chris Candido just as he was embarrassed. Blaze leaves the bag of feathers at the commentary table.

2.) Candido goes over to the commentary table to grab the bag of feathers and says he is gong to show what Bobby Blaze is going to look like at Thanksgiving Thunder. Blaze enters the ring to save the jobber and hits Candido with the bag of feathers before Candido ran away from the ring.

3.) Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch came out during the White Boy’s match to hit Dirty White Girl with a purse and run away before White Boy can get to the floor.

4.) Kevin Sullivan says he is getting out soon and will be out for Thanksgiving Thunder. Sullivan is standing behind bars while cutting a promo on Bullet. He knows that Bullet and Bob Armstrong are the same person. Sullivan is still angry about not getting his therapy bills paid for by SMW when Armstrong was in charge.

5.) Bullet is working out in his trophy room. Bullet is going to take care of business at the Thanksgiving Thunder. Bullet believes that he owes Sullivan for trying to take him out of action with the fireball. Bullet is going to beat the devil out of Kevin Sullivan.

6.) Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy can’t believe that Brian Lee wants to jump on a woman. White Boy says he doesn’t go for that from where he came from. White Boy wants White Girl to stay at home. White Girl declines that and says they are a pair and she will get her hands on Tammy Fytch. White Boy doesn’t care what SMW does to him, he is going to make sure that Brian Lee pays for touching his woman.

7.) Jim Cornette and the Moondogs are interviewed. Cornette says that his men have been fined $5,000 for what happened last week. He says his mother paid the bill. Cornette believes that SMW is protecting the people they like. They are going to ignore the ban on the Moondogs. So, they are going to the ring. There are two security guys that enter the ring and they have to be the least intimidating security force I’ve ever seen. Moondogs take them out with one shot. Several enhancement talents slide into the ring and they are taken out as well. Rock N’ Roll Express enter the ring and attack the Moondogs with their weapons! Moondogs get control hitting the champs with a stop sign. The Armstrong’s and Tracy Smothers come out to make the save.

8.) A video highlighting Mike Furnas is aired. We get the history of Mike. It looks like they are going full force with this Mike Furnas push.

9.) Darryl Van Horn has a confrontation with Tim Horner. Van Horn gives Horner the chance to back out of the match at Thanksgiving Thunder against Prince Kharis. Horner says he never backs down from anyone and says Horn’s guy better be ready because he is.

10.) Bruise Brothers run into the ring and they hammer away on the Bodies. Pritchard and Del Ray are met with clotheslines and several strikes. Del Ray is backdropped by Don. Pritchard gets a double backdrop. Del Ray super kicks Don into the corner and the Bodies double team their larger opponent for a brief time. Pritchard doesn’t last long in the ring as Don hits a shoulder breaker. Del Ray nails Ron from behind with a top rope double axe handle and the Bodies double team Ron. Del Ray misses a handspring back elbow in the corner but tags in Pritchard to keep control of the bout. Ron big boots Pritchard and Don gets the tag to clean house. Cornette is grabbed on the floor and Don gets whacked by Pritchard with a steel chair from behind. Cornette uses a rope to tie the leg of Don to the ring post! Ron is getting double teamed on the floor while Don tries to get free from the rope but that’s not working out very well. Don gets free and goes backstage but Ron is left in the ring. Don comes back with a wooden board and breaks the board over Del Ray’s head and the same for Pritchard to end the match. (*1/4. The Bodies tried the best they could with the Bruise Brothers but this just didn’t work under traditional rules. Hopefully the gang fight is better.)

11.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed to end the program. Fytch wonders if Dirty White Girl has a headache from earlier. Fytch says she is a well educated woman while White Girl is a housewife doing dishes. Lee and Fytch are hinting that she is a whore for ten dollars. Lee is confident he will break White Boy if he has to.

Final Thoughts:
The Moondogs/Express stuff doesn’t seem to be connecting with the fans nor is it really connecting with me. I guess they don’t seem like guys that would strike fear into me or anything. The feature match was slow and plodding. It kind of feels like Thanksgiving Thunder this year is a borderline throwaway event because I’m really only interested in the title feud between Lee and White Boy and nothing else.

Thanks for reading.

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