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SMW TV 11/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, NC

1.) Bobby Blaze defeated Jason West
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express defeated John Hitchcock & Robbie Eagle
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tim Horner defeated Killer Kyle to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dirty White Boy comes over and says that he harassed the promoters to allow him to wrestle SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee tonight on television.

2.) SMW US Junior Heavyweight Champion Chris Candido comes out and is interviewed about Bobby Blaze. Candido finds the turkey match to be silly. Candido tells Blaze to get ready to be tarred and feathered.

3.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed and says the main event between White Boy and Lee would sellout anywhere in the world. Smothers can’t make excuses for what has happened over the past few months. Smothers makes it known he wants the winner of the main event and have the SMW Heavyweight Championship back around his waist. Smothers agrees to stay at ringside to commentate on the action. Smothers has a hard time finding White Boy to be a friend because he has no reason to trust him.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch came out for the title match but Lee comes out with his arm in a sling. Tammy says that Lee had an accident the other day and Lee shattered his wrist into a million pieces thus not being able to defend the championship for six to eight months. White Boy attacks the cripple anyway.

5.) A pair of brass knuckles come out of the sling and White Boy punches Lee with the knuckles. Tammy accidentally blinds the referee with the spray. White Boy spanks Tammy for a few moments until Lee chokes White Boy with the sling only for White Boy to get control with the sling. Tammy hits White Boy with her purse and Lee goes on the attack to beat White Boy down to the canvas. Dirty White Girl runs into the ring to get her hands on Tammy briefly. Lee and Tammy run backstage to get away from them.

6.) Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy says that one person has always stood by his side no matter what he did good or bad. White Girl chimes in and says that no bimbo will put their hands on White Boy with her around. White Boy is coming for the SMW Heavyweight Championship at Thanksgiving Thunder with Dirty White Girl by his side.

7.) Down & Dirty returns this week with the Bruise Brothers cutting a promo on the Heavenly Bodies. Ron Harris hypes up the gang fight match at Thanksgiving Thunder. They fight everyday of their life and Jim Cornette has the guts to come and get them to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He says they were treated like garbage. They are finally going to get their hands on Jim Cornette and they will kick Cornette’s ass.

8.) Jim Cornette has the Moondogs with him as they are pacing back and forth with weapons in hand. Cornette says that SMW is trying to protect Ricky and Robert. Cornette is having his dogs take out the Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette gives the Moondogs the cue and they run into the ring to attack two jobbers. The Moondogs simply destroy the jobbers. They use a vacuum cleaner several times on one of the jobbers.

9.) The Bullet sent in a tape talking about getting burned and has a patch over his right eye. Bullet says that Sullivan will curse the day the caveman invented fire. Kevin Sullivan also sent another tape in to share his thoughts on the match. Sullivan continues to say that Bullet made mistakes with his sons and for not paying for his therapy. Sullivan has a problem in his mind because his mind keeps telling him to remove body parts on Bullet.

10.) We see footage of Mike Furnas training in the ring with Tim Horner. You’d think these kind of things wouldn’t be broadcasted on television since it exposes the business and the art behind it.

11.) Kyle uses his size advantage to shoulder block Horner several times in the opening moment of the match. Horner comes back with a shoulder block and clotheslines to knock Kyle off his feet. Kyle wrenches on Tim’s arm and bites his fingers before delivering a clothesline. Horner counters a side slam with a head scissors takedown. Kyle plants Horner with a side slam for a two count. Horner runs into a back elbow and Kyle clotheslines Horner from behind to keep control in his favor. Kyle presses Horner into the air but Horner gets free and rolls Kyle up for the win. (1/2*. That was basic and very boring.)

12.) Tim Horner is interviewed following his victory. Horner says that Darryl Van Horn is a leech looking to ride someone to the top. Horner hopes that Van Horn’s man is up to the take because he is.

13.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed to end the program. Tammy isn’t happy about that tramp Dirty White Girl. She is going to get a rash. Tammy calls Dirty White Girl a slut. Dirty White Girl comes running over but Lee saves Tammy. Dirty White Boy comes over as well and they chase the heels to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
They are really trying to make Tracy Smothers seem important in the title feud but he is secondary and out of place. I guess their main problem is that Smothers needs to be doing something and he is a top act so why not try and make him useful there. Anyway, this week was rather uneventful. The debut of Dirty White Girl is logical to combat Tammy, but I’d rather see Dirty White Boy be alone and overcome the odds of Lee and Tammy. I’m not overly excited for Thanksgiving Thunder aside from the White Boy/Lee showdown.

Thanks for reading.

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