WCW Saturday Night 6/27/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion Steve Austin defeated Joey Maggs
2.) Larry Zbyszko defeated The Avenger
3.) Ron Simmons defeated Bob Cook
4.) Super Invader defeated Chris Sullivan
5.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Terrance Taylor by disqualification
6.) Greg Valentine defeated Mike Graham
7.) Barry Windham defeated John Peterson
8.) Nikita Koloff defeated Ruben Thomas
9.) Tracy Smothers, Richard Morton & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker defeated Brian Pillman, Tom Zenk & Johnny B. Badd by disqualification
10.) Arn Anderson defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) At Beach Blast 1992 Paul E. Dangerously tells Ricky Steamboat that he has received his last WCW United States Championship shot against Rick Rude. Cactus Jack came out and attacked Ricky Steamboat.

2.) Michael PS Hayes is the special co-host with Jim Ross this week.

3.) Larry Zbyszko is interviewed by Jim Ross following his match. Zbyszko talks about how Paul Dangerously wanted him to prove himself to the Dangerous Alliance. He wants to know if he proved something when he had Steve Austin beaten in the ring and he slapped Dangerously. He says it is going to start with Bobby Eaton and he is going to make Bobby Eaton incredibly ugly. It will end with Paul E. Dangerously and suggests they all use their time wisely.

4.) Harley Race is interviewed by Jim Ross with Super Invader by his side. Race is angry with Ron Simmons for sticking his nose in their business. Race puts Invader over as the real deal and thinks Simmons is nuts for wanting to get in the ring with Invader.

5.) Ron Simmons comes out and is interviewed by Jim Ross. Simmons says if you want him all you need to do is come out now and show what kind of man you are tonight. Simmons isn’t afraid of Invader or Vader. He fears no man and is coming for the WCW World Championship.

6.) Greg Valentine and Terrance Taylor double team Dustin Rhodes following the match. Valentine put the figure four on Rhodes but Ron Simmons came out again and slammed Taylor off the top rope and sent Valentine from the ring to save Rhodes from further attack.

7.) Nikita Koloff is interviewed by Jim Ross regarding WCW United States Champion Rick Rude. Koloff says that Dusty Rhodes taught him to know who is on your side and draw a battle line. He doesn’t want anything to do with the Dangerous Alliance and the battle line has been drawn. Koloff wants to get Rude in the ring for a one on one match. He wants to become the People’s Champion.

8.) Tracy Smothers has a confrontation with Brian Pillman following the six man tag telling Pillman that he can’t come off the top rope and he shouldn’t cry about it. Ole Anderson keeps them apart to prevent a brawl.

9.) Bagwell starts the match hammering away on Anderson but is met with a forearm to give Arn the advantage. Anderson stomps on Bagwell to keep control of the match. Anderson drives Bagwell down with a gut buster. Anderson locks in a bear hug to weaken Bagwell in the middle of the ring. Bagwell fights back with right hands but a knee lift ends his momentum. Anderson has Bagwell over his knee but isn’t able to get a submission. Bagwell fights back with right hands and avoids an atomic drop but runs into the spine buster and Anderson gets the win. (*1/4. This is just a squash match for Anderson.)

10.) Arn Anderson is interviewed to end the program. Anderson has a non-title match on July 5th against WCW World Champion Sting. Anderson says that people have said that he isn’t big enough or flashy enough. Anderson is thinking that they gave Sting the match for a warmup. Anderson will beat Sting once to get a title shot and Sting is just a man like he is. If you can bleed, then you can be beaten.

Final Thoughts:
So it looks like we’ll be getting a Cactus/Steamboat and Rude/Koloff feud for the next few months. Rude/Koloff seems to have some promise to it while Cactus/Steamboat is interesting to see how that plays out in the ring. This week didn’t feature much of anything, though.

Thanks for reading.

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