PWS Live In Brooklyn 9/12/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents Live In Brooklyn
From: Brooklyn, NY

Taz opens the show to address the crowd and is met with ECW chants. Taz hasn’t walked out to the ring using is ECW music in for many years. He appreciated the usage of that music. Taz puts over the guys in the back who are going to bust their asses to put on a good show.

Opening Contest: Davey Richards vs. Mario Bokara: A slow start to the match Davey works on the arm of Bokara with wrist locks. They shove each other in the corner and they trade forearm strikes. Richards hits a dropkick and plays to the crowd as Bokara goes to the floor. Richards is on the apron and nails Bokara with a kick to drop the former champ on the outside. Davey continues to work over Bokara in the ring with several kicks. Richards has Bokara setup on the top turnbuckle but Bokara knocks Richards off only to get tripped and falls gut first across the top turnbuckle. Richards charges and knocks Bokara off the top turnbuckle to the floor! Mario returns to the ring before the count of ten and Richards quickly puts an abdominal stretch on.

Bokara breaks the hold with a hip toss but can’t followup on the advantage. Richards attempts a double stomp but Bokara moves out of the way. Bokara dropkicks Richards and sends Davey into the corner. Bokara continues with a spine buster but only manages a two count on the cover. Davey and Mario begin to trade forearm shots again until Richards delivers a few kicks. Bokara avoids a handspring elbow and hits a snap suplex, German suplex and locks in an arm lock. Richards gets out and puts the Texas Cloverleaf on Bokara but Mario reaches the bottom rope. Richards drops Bokara with a kick after lifting Mario into the air. Richards hits an exploder suplex out of the corner and heads to the top rope. Richards hits the double stomp but Mario kicks out at two. Davey locks in the Texas Cloverleaf but Bokara doesn’t give in. Mario nearly wins with an inside cradle. Richards misses a spear hitting the ring post and Bokara hits an arm breaker. Bokara locks in an arm bar and manages to make Richards submit. (***. I wasn’t expecting the submission, but that was cool. Bokara is a good wrestler and these two worked a good match. A clean victory for Bokara is great for a local talent and his apparent baby face persona after being a heel. A good start to the event.) After the match, Davey Richards says that he is not a TNA wrestler but rather an independent wrestler. Richards gets the fans to sing happy birthday to his wife, Angelina Love, who’s birthday was the next day.

Prior to the next match, Ethan Carter III says that if Colt Cabana can beat him tonight he will confess all his sins tonight. That’s a random stipulation but okay.

Second Contest: TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III vs. Colt Cabana: Carter goes on the attack working over Cabana in the corner. Carter grabs Cabana’s boot in the corner but Colt rolls through and works over Carter in the corner with chops. Colt leaps off the middle rope and hits a big splash after landing on his feet since Carter originally moved. Carter throws a towel into Colt’s face who holds the towel only to be met with a right hand. This is indeed a comedy match thus far. Carter leaps off the middle rope but is met with a double boot to the face. Cabana jabs Carter several times followed by an elbow strike that takes forever and Carter is just standing there waiting for it. Cabana hits a butt splash in the corner and another one when Carter comes off the ropes. Colt heads to the top rope but Ethan knocks him off sending Cabana to the floor. They begin to brawl into the crowd with Carter sending Cabana into the wall. Carter is playing to the crowd and gets knocked off the apron by his bodyguard allowing Cabana to win the match by count-out. (*. Well, that was dumb. The comedy stuff completely takes you out of the moment and exposes the business. I’m sounding like Jim Cornette, but this was poorly done comedy.)

As a result, Carter has to get on his knees and confess his sins. Cabana drops Carter to his knees and holds the microphone by his groin. Carter says that he lies, cheats and stole a Joey Fatone poster in his room. He admits having bad thoughts about his aunty, Dixie Carter. Cabana lets Carter out of the ring after that admission.

A Comedy Central comedy match to be aired on the Nightly Show is next. The match is between a comedian going by Border Jumper and Virgil.

Third Contest: Devon Moore vs. Craven Varro in a chairs match: Moore comes in from behind and whacks Varro over the back with a chair to get the cheap advantage. Moore tosses in a few more chairs as Varro tries to recover from the attack. Varro sends Moore back first into a chair in the corner and head first into the same chair. Varro delivers a few forearms to drop Devon and a high knee but falls over the top to the floor. Varro hits a double under hook sit out slam for a near fall. Varro plants Moore with a DDT onto a chair. The fans are chanting they want real chairs instead of the plastic ones. Devon big boots the chair into Varro’s head. Moore hits a clothesline in the corner and kicks another chair into Varro’s head. Moore sets five chairs up in the ring and lays Varro onto them.

Varro stops Moore on the top and press slams Moore onto the plastic chairs. Varro hits a running Razors Edge but only gets a near fall on the cover. Varro hits a dangerous running tombstone piledriver onto the chair but Moore’s manager is on the apron to prevent the count. Moore saves his manager with a low blow and hits a running brain buster onto the chair for the win. (*1/2. The usage of the plastic chairs is to protect the wrestlers, I’d imagine. It’s not a great match but there were a couple of entertaining spots that would have not happened if they used steel chairs, that’s for sure.)

Fourth Contest: Matt Macintosh vs. Habib From The Car Wash in an I Quit Match: Habib controls Macintosh early on with a side headlock. Macintosh catches Habib but Habib still plants Matt with a tornado DDT. Habib spins around the ring post to kick Matt on the floor. Habib has his soap but that gets sprayed in his eyes by Macintosh. Matt sends Habib shoulder first into the ring post and locks in a cross arm bar. Macintosh switches to a regular arm bar but Habib isn’t saying anything in English. Habib fights back with a scoop slam but misses a leg drop. Macintosh rolls through a rollup and has a camel clutch on Habib. Macintosh doesn’t want Habib to pass out because he wants to make him say the words. Matt uses water to wake up Habib but gets the water spit back into his face.

Habib hits a spine buster but Macintosh has a choke hold locked in but Habib doesn’t give in. Habib breaks free with a jaw breaker and has a second wind hitting a spinning heel kick in the corner. Macintosh hits a Canadian Destroyer. Habib continues to refuse to give in and just says, “thank you come again.” Macintosh has a surfboard on Habib but can’t get submission. Macintosh is frustrated and demands Habib to say “I Quit.” The referee hears Macintosh say it and awards the match to Habib. (*. What a moronic finish to this match. The least violent I Quit match in the history of professional wrestling. Macintosh seems to be a good talent and a pretty good heel, but that match was ruined with the finish.)

Fifth Contest: PWS Television Champion Brian Myers vs. Bonesaw vs. Chris Payne: Myers and Payne briefly team to work over Bonesaw until Myers is sent out. Bonesaw hit a suplex on Payne but Myers entered and got a few shots in. Payne and Myers toss each other out of the ring after getting some offense in. Payne nearly pins Bonesaw with a power slam. Bonesaw hits a missile dropkick to take Myers and Payne out. Bonesaw hits a springboard axe handle on Myers. Myers and Bonesaw hit a Samoan Drop/flipping neck breaker off the middle rope on Payne. Bonesaw and Myers both go to the top rope and they argue over who hits the elbow. Payne knocks them both off the turnbuckle. Payne takes them both out with a twisting dive over the top to the outside. Payne isn’t able to get a three count on either man back in the ring.

Bonesaw comes off the ropes but Payne hits an ace crusher. Myers hits a running big boot to drop Payne. Bonesaw hits a TKO on Myers and heads to the top rope. Payne stops Bonesaw on top but Myers comes running over to German suplex Payne who takes Bonesaw over with a superplex! They begin to punch each other and switch to chops. Myers hits a double leaping Flatliner. Myers runs into two super kicks and Bonesaw nearly pins Payne with a rollup. Payne tosses Bonesaw onto his head and wins the match and title. (**. They tried and it was a decent match. Considering Myers wasn’t pinned this would probably set a feud up between Payne and Myers moving forward. A few entertaining spots, but nothing earth shattering for a triple threat.)

Sixth Contest: Mantaur vs. CPA: Thankfully, the match is quickly cutoff by the Heavenly Bodies Dustin and Justin because within five-seconds this was going to be one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. We get the tag title match instead.

Seventh Contest: PWS Tag Team Champions Handicapped Heroes vs. The Heavenly Bodies: Gowens is pulled to the floor where Dustin gets a few shots in but Justin misses Gowens and decks Dustin on accident. Gowens hits a suicide dive on the challengers and Gowens hits a somersault dive off the top rope. Irons goes to the top and hits a cross body on Justin in the ring. Dustin is met with a Flatliner by Irons as Gowens goes to the top but is stopped by the manager of the Bodies. Gowens misses a corkscrew swanton. Irons hammers away on Dustin but is met with a clothesline for a two count. Dustin sends Gowens to the floor and tags in Justin. The Bodies hit a clothesline/heel kick combo on Irons for a two count. Irons rolls Justin up while Dustin was held by Gowens on the floor and that’s it. (*1/4. They’ve had some better matches but this one didn’t seem to get a lot of time to become anything. I like the Bodies tag team and Gowens/Irons aren’t bad in their role. This was a disappointing match, though.) After the match, Balls Mahoney comes out for the save along with CPA. Mahoney ends up getting knocked out of the ring by the Bodies. I believe the two guys being managed by New Jack come out to take out the Bodies. They stand tall after sending the Bodies to the floor.

Eighth Contest: Abyss vs. Fallah Bahh: Bahh attacks from behind with strikes and head butts to stagger Abyss early into the match. Abyss attempts a couple of shoulder blocks but Bahh doesn’t move. Abyss takes Fallah over with a hip toss and a splash in the corner. Bahh avoids a second splash but runs into a clothesline. Abyss signals for the choke slam but gets distracted and Bahh hits a splash in the corner. Bahh hits a leg drop and Abyss rolls to the floor. Fallah’s manager hits Abyss with some really weak looking punches. Fallah knocks Abyss off the apron and the manager goes back to choking Abyss briefly. Fallah hits a big splash to the back of Abyss and sets Abyss in the corner for a Bonzai Drop off the middle rope but Abyss moves out of the way.

Abyss drops Bahh with several clotheslines and a splash in the corner. Abyss plants Fallah with a choke slam but the referee gets distracted on the pin attempt. Fallah misses Abyss and knocks his manager off the apron. Abyss hits a second choke slam but only gets a near fall. Abyss goes to the floor and gets one of the plastic chairs. The referee prevents him from using it while Fallah has brass knuckles which he punches the chair into Abyss’s face for a two count. Fallah misses a splash in the corner and drops to the canvas. Abyss puts the chair on Fallah and attempts a sit down splash but lands on the edge of the chair. Fallah rolls Abyss up for the win. (*. Abyss has never been good in standard matches and that continues here. I don’t know what they see in Fallah, but he isn’t entertaining.) After the match, Abyss knocks Fallah to the floor and is left with the manager. The manager gets the Black Hole Slam so the fans can at least see that finisher.

Ninth Contest: PWS Suicidal Six Champion Starman vs. Anthony Bowens vs. Bobby Wayward vs. The Amazing Red vs. Drunken Swashbuckler vs. The Lifeguard: They decide to do a chicken fight to start the match which is always a good way to start a match. Del wins that chicken fight with eye rakes and did the same to his own partner. Del tries to roll everyone up but can’t pin any of them. Del realizes that they are all up and they each punch him and he blows his whistle before being super kicked by all five men. Red nails Wayward with a spinning kick and a suicide dive to the floor. Starman is kicked to the corner by Bowens. Bowens hits a good looking dropkick but soon Starman just stands in the corner as if he is paused. Starman blocks a right hand but is taken over with a wheelbarrow German suplex.

Swashbuckler mounts Bowens with right hands but Del enters to kick him. Bowens kicks a seated Del and works over Swashbuckler in the corner which leads to a superplex, electric chair slam and Starman pinning Del with a rollup for the win. (1/2*. I’m just glad it is over. These matches don’t need to be on the show and we don’t need to these guys on every show.)

Main Event: PWS Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff vs. Kevin Matthews: Maff works over Matthews in the corner with a chop but Matthews battles back only to be knocked off the apron and hits the railing. Matthews avoids a suicide dive by hitting Maff with a forearm shot but is sent to the floor again. Maff looks for a dive but Matthews returns to the ring and clotheslines Maff to gain the upper hand. Matthews works over Maff but is kicked off the middle rope and the champ hits a neck breaker off the middle rope. Maff successfully hits a suicide dive to take Matthews out on the floor. They return to the ring where Maff hits a splash and Matthews sits in the corner. Maff connects with a cannonball splash and calls for the brain buster. Matthews counters the brain buster by hitting a suplex but Maff doesn’t hit the corner and flies over the top to the floor. Matthews rolls Maff into the ring only to get a two count on the cover.

Matthews plants Maff with an arm trapped neck breaker sending Maff to the floor. Matthews hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor where Maff didn’t catch him very well. Matthews goes to the top after rolling Dan into the ring and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Kevin attempts his finisher but Maff counters and hits a double leg slam for a near fall. Matthews avoids a back splash by getting his knees up. The fans are chanting that the match is awesome, but it’s just average at this point. Matthews hits a pump handle spinning slam but Maff kicks out on the cover at two. Maff attempts the Burning Hammer and hits it but Matthews kicks out at two!

Maff waits for Matthews to get up but accidentally takes the referee out with a clothesline. Maff still hits a back splash on Matthews. Maff goes to the floor and grabs a wooden door that was under the ring. The door is setup in the corner and Maff signals for the end. Maff has Matthews for the Burning Hammer but Matthews counters and puts Maff through the door with a Death Valley Driver! Matthews has the cover on Maff but can’t get a three count on the pin attempt. Matthews attempts a slingshot big splash but Dan gets his knees up. Maff hits another Burning Hammer but Matthews kicks out at two. Matthews plants Maff with a Flatliner but only manages a near fall. Matthews puts Maff on the top turnbuckle but is elbowed off. Matthews stops Maff and hits a power bomb turned into a back breaker but Maff kicks out at two. Maff hits a release German suplex and a third Burning Hammer to finally put Matthews away. (***. They relied on the constant kicking out of finishers for the match to be entertaining. I wasn’t expecting a classic but I was expecting a little more from these two. Matthews did the best he could as he is the more talented wrestler and Maff is a little limited in what he can do. It is a mildly entertaining match, though.)

Final Thoughts:
The show started and finished on positive notes however there isn’t anything on the show to seek out and have to see. It is not a good show despite the usage of some top names. Aside from the two matches mentioned it seemed like it wasn’t intended to display great matches but more comedy/entertainment, but even that didn’t occur.

Thanks for reading.

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