NWA-TNA Impact 5/25/2006

Written by: Larry Csonka from 411mania.com

Today on iMpact:
Jay Lethal vs. Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Alex Shelley
A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper) w/Simon Diamond
Andy Douglas vs. Bobby Roode w/Coach D’Amore
KOTM Qualifier: Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown

TNA iMpact Begins…NOW!:
We open the show with Senshi getting introduced.

Jay Lethal vs. Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Alex Shelley

Senshi and Jay to begin. Senshi with a go behind, some reversals and they stand off Hip toss, cartwheel and basement dropkick by Jay. Senshi tags in Alex, and he wants Sharky. Lock up, side headlock and counter, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Sharky. The new X Men movie is a TNA sponsor. Sharky with chops, face jam and then the corner punches. Alex escapes, gets a dropkick and tags back to Senshi. Off the ropes but Sharky bites him. Off the ropes and a spinkick by Senshi gets 2 as Alex and Jay stop him. Chops to Alex by Senshi. They exchange the chops, sick kick by Senshi. Jay gets a 2nd rope leg lariat. Suplex and up top now…Alex nails him, Senshi over and Sharky as well…SUNSET FLIP POWEROMB SUPERPLEX COMBO! The LAX are still protesting apparently BTW. Sharky has Jay, tries the DSD…Alex grabs him and gets a dropkick. Senshi with a kick to Alex and a flap jack on Jay. Senshi up top…DOUBLE STOMP~! 1…2…3.

Winner: Senshi via pin @ 5:00

Here’s Nash! He walks past Senshi and Alex has his camera. Powerbomb on Jay. Alex is in Jay’s face and Nash says he will be the X Division champion, soon. He mocks Jay, and says size matters and his great music plays.

Really good match, they worked hard and it was fun.
JB is with Monty, JJ and Steiner. He hypes the KOTM qualifying.

Back from commercial with a KOTM video package. They explain the match really well here actually.

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper) w/Simon Diamond

All 4 start the match and AJ and Daniels clean house. Total elimination variant on Young. Slam to Young, high knee drop by AJ. Young battles back with a wacky flack jack deal. Crotches AJ, Rope walk RANA by Elix lands AJ on his head! SHIT! They double team AJ, but AJ gets the double Asai DDT. Tag to Daniels and he cleans house. Leg lariat to Elix. Enziguri bulldog combo by Daniels. Forearms to Young, rams Young into Elix. SICK dive by AJ on Elix. ANGELS WINGS by Daniels. AMW is here and Harris nails Daniels with the night stick and Young gets the win!

Winners: The Diamonds in the Rough via pin @ 2:57

Fine for what it was, and that’s to hype the rematch with AMW. Elix is still dangerous though I need to say.

In the back JB is with Sting. Sting was born ready for this. He has seen companies and companies come and go. He wants TNA to stay. This is TNA, and the best wrestling is here. That is why he came. The only way TNA can succeed is to remove the bad seeds. He has to get rid of JJ. He will be relentless until he is gone. At Slammiversary he will be ready and Scotty Steiner, I am coming for you to! It will never end JJ, it’s always Showtime!

Back from commercial and West and Tenay hype the Slammiversary PPV.

Team 3D’s music hits and here they come…or do they? No, it’s the James Gang! HAHAHA! “Ray” says they want to make it known that they are the best tag team…well, the 2nd best tag team. TESTIFY! Kip is totally in makeup here. “Ray” does a bad New York twang. “Ray”makes fun of his weight and we get a TESTIFY again. “Ray” says they wrestled all over Philly…TESTIFY! “Ray” says to set the table for 3 since he is eating for 2. They won the VWF tag titles, so they are the best. TESTIFY! BG says the games are over now. TNA, Impact zone, you know that the James Gang is the best tag team of all time. 3D, we elevated you into the big pond. At Slammiversary, you think you are the creators of Extreme? No. If you can swing it, bring it? James Gang vs. Team 3D at Slammiversary, we’ll whoop your ass. Kip closes with, “Nobody moves…nobody gets hurt.”

Raven earlier today has a promo. It’s clipped into a good video deal. He won KOTM, JJ won it. He was a 2-time ECW and NWA world champion, and will do it again.

Back from commercial and JB is with JJ and SS. JJ says going home is not an option. At Slammiverary he regain his title. SS says he came here to watch his back and beat down Sting. He will beat up Larry Z and he wants Sting tonight. He’s pissed and talks shit on Joe. Don’t eye ball me boy, you do it again and I will slap you boy.

Andy Douglas vs. Bobby Roode w/Coach D’Amore

Slick Johnson has shorts on again, get gear asshole! Lock up and some standing switches and Roode celebrates. They shove each other, the ref holds back Andy and Roode slaps him. Off the ropes and a back drop by Andy and Roode goes to the floor. Andy follows, they do the chase and back in. Rights by Andy, kicks but Roode with a back elbow cuts him off. Chops by Roode, Irish whip and Andy crumbles to the mat. Roode chokes him with his boot, and then delivers a back suplex for 2. Rear chinlock by Roode, Andy fights to his feet and they exchange rights. High knee off the ropes by Andy. Off the ropes and a boot to Roode. Running neck breaker gets 2 for Andy. Andy misses a corner charge and Roode nails the Northern lariat for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pin @ 4:00

Roode tosses Andy to the floor and he and Coach beat him down. Roode has a chair and Chase Stevens is here to run them off. But Team Canada is here and they beat down the Naturals. Ass kicking time here, but RHINO IS HERE! GORE GORE GORE TO A1 as Roode bailed!

Rhino on the mic, he demanded a match at Slammiversary against Roode and any member of Team Canada. Petey points to Eric Young, but Rhino chooses D’Amore. Rhino promises that they will get GORED! Shane Douglas is out and he talks to the Naturals from the ramp. Interesting…

Short, solid deal here. More for the angle advancement than anything else, and that isn’t a bad thing..
JB is with Ron Killings. He says he is ready to get to the top again. He’s a 2-time NWA champion, and he will do it again. He raps his song ad leaves.

Back from commercial and Christian Cage comes out to do commentary. He so needs to dress better.

KOTM Qualifier: Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown

Monty attacks at the bell and beats down Killings. Hard Irish whip and corner clothesline by Monty. Hip toss by Killings, tilt a whirl head scissors to Monty. They brawl and Killings goes to the floor after a right by Monty. We head to a commercial @ 1:23.

Back from commercial @ 4:34 with Killings getting a plancha on Monty. Monty battles back and slams Killings into the steel railing. Monty talks trash to Cage and then goes back to work on Killings. Killings back with rights, but a boot by Monty slows him down. Back in the ring and off the ropes goes Killings, flying forearm to Monty. Float over, back flip, split and leg lariat by Killings. Off the ropes, counter and a flatliner to Monty. Small package by Killings for 2. Monty grabs Killings…ALPHA BOMB! 1…2…NO! Clubbing shots by Monty, picks up Killings…fall away slam on Killings. Chops by Monty, off the ropes…Pounce avoided and a roll up by Killings finishes it!

Winner: Ron Killings via pin @ 7:47

Solid stuff, Monty looked good coming off of his injury and Killings is always game. I like that Killings went over as well, as I feel he belongs near the top.
We get a video recap of the show and other things relating to the upcoming Slammiversary PPV.

King of the Mountain Match: Christian Cage © vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings vs. ? vs. ?

Final Impact Thoughts: Good show this week and everything they are doing is building towards Slammiversary very nicely I feel.

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