NWA-TNA Impact 5/18/2006

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-The show starts off with a video package highlighting this past Sunday’s Sacrifice PPV

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show as Christian Cage comes out with his NWA World Title belt. Christian walks through the crowd. He gets on the mic and says that Sacrifice was the most rewarding night of his career, other than when he won the title. He says this belt belongs to the peeps. Christian then gets in the ring. Christian talks about the King of the Mountain match. He says that the Champion never retains in that match. Christian says he’s not leaving tonight until he sees the face of every challenger in that match. He asks who wants to step up? Monty Brown comes out. He says he’s back and he’s owes Christian a Pounce. Rhino comes out next. Ron Killings, Raven and Abyss all come out. Jeff Jarrett then comes out with Gail Kim and Scott Steiner at his side. He says he sees a bunch of grandstanders out here. The lights then go down and Sting’s theme comes on. Sting talks from the top of the rafters. He says he will be at the King of the Mountain. He says that Samoa Joe made an enemy at Sacrifice. Now Larry Zbyszko appears on the screen. He says there will be a eight person qualifying tournament. The four winners will advance to the King of the Mountain match. He says the first match will be determined at match time.

-Joe is shown backstage in the locker room. He’s putting on an elbow pad as Tenay says there are lots of questions with him. Joe stares into the camera.


-A video package on Senshe (Low Ki) airs.

-Tenay talks about the World X Cup and the standings. He says it wasn’t settled at Sacrifice, but it would be tonight.

Petey Williams (w/ Scott D’Amore, Eric Young, Tyson Dux & Johnny Devine) vs. Chris Sabin (w/ Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley & Jay Lethal)
Penzer announces that the teammates will be banned from ringside. D’Amore is not happy. Everyone leaves ringside. Sabin and Petey start out exchanging position and holds. Sabin with some dropkicks. Petey comes back and sends Sabin over the top to the outside. Petey nails a huracanrana from the ring to the floor. Back in the ring now, Petey hangs Sabin up in the corner. He gets up on the turnbuckle and plants his foot on Sabin’s crotch as he sings O’ Canada. Now they cut away from the match to show the Spanish broadcast? Anyways Konnan and Moody Jack are their. They throw down their headsets. Tenay tells us LAX was scheduled to wrestle tonight, but now they wont be. Other members of the group hold up protest banners. Kevin Nash is shown walking into the arena after pushing away a security guard.


Sabin comes back with a kick in the corner. Sabin stomps on Petey. He hits his running two feet dropkick. Sabin with a powerbomb for a 2 count. Sabin springboards, but Petey counters it into a slam. Petey puts on the Sharpshooter. Sabin breaks it. Sabin goes for his Cradle Shock, but Petey gets out and nails a Russian Side Legsweep. Petey goes for a huracanrana, but Sabin catches him, puts him on his shoulders, and nails the Cradle Shock to get the win. High energy match, although it seems the offense is sometimes not sold with people making comebacks and turning the tide quickly. Obviously, this is contributed to having an only 1 hour show and trying to have a good match in a relatively little amount of time.

Winner: Chris Sabin

-Sabin raises the X Cup trophy in the air in victory after the match. Nash jumps him from behind. Nash nails him with the trophy and sends him into the announce table. Sabin is bleeding. Nash takes Sabin into the ring and gives him a Jackknife powerbomb. Nash gets on the mic and says the X Cup Champion has nothing on him. He says that size matters and he just proved it. Dutt, Lethal and Jerry Lynn run out to make the save. Tenay mentions they had been locked out of the building for the match. Shelley slowly makes his way to the ring to check on things.

-Jeremy Borash is backstage with the King of the Mountain participants in what is called a “intense situation.” He says there’s something building up back here. Monty Brown is shown warming up. Jarrett and Steiner are arguing.


-Tenay is getting ready to introduce an interview with Samoa Joe. Scott Steiner’s music hits instead. He comes out to the announce tables and demands Sting. He chokes Don West as Tenay tries to get him to stop. Joe’s music comes on and he comes out and goes face to face with Steiner. Steiner says Joe isn’t man enough to face him. Joe just stares at him, half smiling. Steiner shows a bit of fear and walks up the ramp. Joe continues to stare at him.


X Champion Samoa Joe vs. Chase Stevens
Stevens starts out on the offensive, but not for too long. JOe slams him with a front slam. The fans chant “Joe’s Gunna Kill You.” Stevens fights back, but Joe nails a powerslam off the ropes. Joe puts on the Kokino Clutch for the tap out. Stevens was allowed to get in more offense than would be seen in your typical Joe squash match.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Referee Slick Johnson tells him to release the hold. A returning Andy Douglas runs out to make the save. Joe threatens to kill Douglas, but he eventually backs off. Shane Douglas comes out on the ramp to look at the ring. They stare at the beaten down Chase Stevens.


-Borash is with Team 3D backstage. Ray says Devon’s shoulder is injured. Ray says it’s better that Devon’s shoulder is injured than him. They argue over this comment. Ray says “extreme times call for extreme measures.” He then says extreme seems to be the “flavor of the month….again” (WWE/ECW). He says, “Do us all a favor and leave it dead and buried where it belongs.” He says you can’t “breathe life into something when the heart and soul of it are here and not there.” He calls the James Gang a smart and great tag team, one of the best. He says they thought this was going to be a wrestling match, and Devon and Ray argue about Ray actually using a wrestling move. He talks about the James Gang bring weapons into the match. Next time they want a match where anything goes, weapons and all, to find out who is the best. Devon eventually does his “testify” line.

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match
Rhino vs. Abyss

Abyss came out without James Mitchell. Rhino charges the ring and attacks Abyss at the start. He lands some right hands. Rhino goes for the Gore already, but Abyss nails a boot to the face.


Abyss and Rhino are on the outside, with Abyss working him over. Rhino comes back, whipping Abyss into the guardrail. Abyss comes back and sends Rhino into the ring. Rhino eventually recovers and goes for a splash off the ropes, but Abyss hits him with a clothesline. Abyss wrenches at the neck of Rhino. Abyss then chokes Rhino with his boot and nails a suplex. Rhino is in a neck vice again as he gets the crowd behind him. Rhino avoids a boot and nails a clothesline. Rhino with a shoulder block from the second turnbuckle. Bobby Roode runs out looking for a clothesline, but Rhino nails him with one instead. D’Amore comes out, confusing Rhino even more. Abyss gets the chance and nails the Black Hole Slam and gets the pinfall. Decent match out of these big men, although I could live with a break from seeing Rhino vs. Abyss for the one millionth time.

Winner: Abyss

-D’Amore is shown standing over a fallen Rhino.

-The show closes with a video package concerning the King of the Mountain situation.

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