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SMW House Show 8/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling House Show
From: Morristown, TN

Opening Contest: Bobby Blaze vs. Dirty White Boy: Blaze tries to get a rollup from behind but White Boy is able to kick out at two. Blaze scoop slams White Boy for another near fall. White Boy gets some momentum with a scoop slam but doesn’t follow up on the offense. Blaze counters a second scoop slam with an inside cradle for a two count. Blaze hits a leaping cross body off the ropes but White Boy manages to kick out at two. Blaze shoves White Boy and taunts him in the corner trying to get under White Boy’s skin. White Boy works over Blaze in the corner with strikes and a clothesline gets a three count, but needs to make Blaze admit he has had enough. Okay, that’s kind of odd. Blaze fights back with strikes and shoulder rams in the corner. Blaze runs into a big boot in the corner and White Boy sends Blaze to the floor. On the floor, White Boy decks Blaze with a right hand and scoop slams Blaze on the outside. White drops Blaze throat first across the top rope and Blaze crashes to the floor.

White Bioy covers Blaze again for a three count, however Blaze refuses to give up. White Boy drives Blaze down with a back suplex and delivers a few elbow drops. White Boy gets another three count but Blaze continues to refuse to give up. White Boy drops Blaze with a big boot and hits a leg drop for a three count. Blaze still won’t quit. White Boy choke slams Blaze and gets another three count, but shockingly Blaze refuses to give up. Blaze stops White Boy with a low blow and begins to make his comeback hitting a clothesline. Blaze misses a top rope cross body. White Boy plants Blaze with a DDT two times and mounts Bobby with right hands. The referee calls for the bell because Blaze is knocked out. (*1/4. Okay, so White Boy won the match roughly half a dozen times and the point of the match was Blaze didn’t quit during the match. I took it as Blaze is simply not very good and didn’t hang with White Boy. So, in that sense mission failed to get Blaze over as a never give up guy.) After the match, White Boy is prevented from getting at Bobby Blaze backstage thanks to Tracy Smothers and the Rock N’ Roll Express.

Second Contest: Kevin Sullivan vs. The Mongolian Stomper in a death match: They brawl on the floor and fight into the crowd. They brawl up into the second level in front of the guy recording the show. They have gone outside the building brawling. They return into the arena where they continue to battle. Sullivan has a tool box and hits Stomper with some tools. Sullivan is using pliers on Stomper! They eventually get into the ring where Sullivan tries to use a chair but fails and Stomper hits Sullivan over the head with the chair to win the match. (1/2*. Well, it was quick and painless. Basically just a standard brawl.)

Third Contest: Tim Horner vs. Chris Candido in a baby bottle match: Early on, Candido bails to the floor after shoulder blocks. Candido comes back into the match taking Horner over with a hip toss. Horner counters a hip toss with a short arm clothesline. Horner continues to takes Candido over with a series of arm drags after an atomic drop. Candido is stopped on the top rope and is slammed down by Horner. Horner clotheslines Candido over the top to the floor to keep control of the match. Horner leaps off the top and takes Candido out with a cross body on the floor! Candido recovers first and takes Horner out with a suicide dive. Candido brings Horner back into the ring from the apron with a vertical suplex for a two count. Candido leaps off the middle rope but misses a leg drop. Horner gets up but is quickly met with a clothesline. Horner begins to no sell being rammed head first into the corner.

Horner is stopped by an elbow in the corner after a brief amount of offense. Candido crotches Time onto the top turnbuckle and taunts the fans. Horner stops Candido hitting a middle rope spine buster. Horner hammers away on Candido in the corner followed by a handspring elbow in the corner. Horner scoop slams Candido and hits a middle rope splash but only manages a two count. Candido is knocked to the floor but manages to drop Horner throat first across the top rope and has hit feet on the ropes to pin Horner! Wait, Candido comes back into the match and is pinned by Horner with a rollup. Thus, Candido has to drink from a baby bottle. I think the referee listened to the fans and restarted the match. (**. It’s a decent match but there are only a couple of decent spots. The crowd didn’t seem to be overly interested in what was going on here.) After the match, Candido is held by other face wrestlers to allow Horner to feed Candido the bottle.

Fourth Contest: SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers vs. Rock N’ Roll Express in a street fight: All four start on the floor brawling but that lasts all of three-seconds as they head to the ring where the Express punch the champs to the floor. Morton starts the match with Don and avoids his offense managing to use his speed. Gibson knocks Don to the floor with a surprise clothesline after a sneak tag in. Gibson avoids a big boot and nearly wins with a rollup. Gibson avoids a splash in the corner to get another near fall with a rollup. Morton is sent over the top to the floor while the referee is distracted. Ron sends Morton into the ring steps and guard railing. Morton continues to be worked over on the floor before being rolled back into the ring where Don is waiting to pick apart Morton on the canvas. Morton fights out of the corner but is stopped with a power slam. Gibson is punched off the apron and the Bruise Brothers double team Morton choking him over the top rope.

Ron misses a shoulder ram in the corner and Morton low blows him in the corner. Gibson gets the hot tag and cleans house hitting the champs with strikes. Gibson kicks Ron into the corner and hammers away on him with right hands. Express hit a double backdrop on Ron but Don holds the ropes to cause Gibson to flip over the top to the floor. That ends up being god enough for a three count. (*1/2. The match at least felt like it went by quick. The finish was quite lame, which tends to happen in SMW. The announcer reminds us that the match was a street fight despite nothing overly hardcore happening and the cheating was done purposely behind the referees back.)

Fifth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers: Lee attacks Smothers from behind as Smothers was insulting Tammy Fytch. Smothers knocks Lee to the floor and hits a baseball slide. Smothers comes off the apron to hit a double axe handle and they brawl into the crowd where Smothers sends Lee into the wall a few times. Lee attacks Tracy from behind again dropping Smothers over the railing. Smothers sends Lee face first into the ring post before returning to the ring. Smothers hits an axe handle off the top but only manages a near fall. Lee drops Smothers across the bottom rope on the kick out. Smothers hits a twisting cross body from the top but Lee kicks out at two. Smothers rams Lee head first into the corner and works over Lee with a series of strikes. Lee ducks a clothesline and drops Smothers with his own clothesline. They are on the floor where Lee sends Smothers back first into the guard railing. Lee drops Smothers throat first across the railing.

Smothers comes back into the ring with a sunset flip but Tammy distracts the referee causing Tracy to only manage a near fall. Lee plants Smothers with a power slam and chokes the challenger on the canvas. Smothers attempts a dropkick but Lee holds onto the ropes. Lee misses an elbow drop but gets his knees up to block a big splash attempt by Smothers. Lee jumps on the back of Smothers as he was arose the middle rope. Lee misses a second attempt and crotches himself over the middle rope. Smothers backdrops Lee and is fired up as Lee wanted a timeout. Lee attempted an atomic drop but Tracy avoids it and nearly pins Lee with a super kick but the champ gets his foot on the bottom rope. They collide in the middle of the ring. Tammy gets on the apron to distract the referee but Tim Horner tries to prevent the loaded glove, but Chris Candido whacks Horner with a chair and runs away. The referee sees Lee trying to use the loaded glove and thus there is a disqualification. After the match, Lee attacks Smothers from behind and gets his glove before leaving the ring. (**1/4. I enjoyed the action but the finish wasn’t ideal. I’d imagine it is to maintain Smothers as a viable challenger moving forward against Lee. The fans were enjoying this quite a bit.)

Main Event: Bob Armstrong, Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong vs. The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette: Del Ray and Steve start the match with Steve hitting dropkicks on Del Ray and taking Pritchard out with one as well. Cornette has brass knuckles in his tights that the referee didn’t see. Del Ray works over Steve in the corner with a few strikes but Steve fights back with backdrops and along with Scott sends the Bodies to the floor with dropkicks. Bob Armstrong sends Del Ray and Pritchard into each other on the floor. Del Ray backs Scott into his corner and they work over him briefly. Steve gets in the ring and works over the Bodies with Scott causing the heels to bail to the floor and Cornette hides under the ring. Pritchard is legally in the match as he is nailed by Scott with a super kick. Scott continues to control the match by scoop slamming Pritchard. Bob tries to get his hands on Cornette but Jim avoids Armstrong by jumping to the floor. Pritchard stops Scott with a kick but Del Ray can’t maintain the control as he gets arm dragged upon entry.

Del Ray works over Scott in the corner with right hands but Scott gets on the top rope and hits a flying cross body for a two count. Scott atomic drops Pritchard to the floor. Cornette avoids being tagged in and Pritchard gets the tag. Pritchard scoop slams Steve and tags in Cornette who delivers a few strikes to drop Steve to the canvas. Cornette misses an elbow drop and Bob gets the tag which gets an explosive response but Cornette is pulled out of the ring by the Bodies. Bob rams Cornette and Pritchard into each other on the apron. Scott is hammering away on both Del Ray and Pritchard. Pritchard plants Scott with a DDT after a kid to the head by Del Ray. Del Ray stops Scott with a jaw breaker. Del Ray hits a sit down power bomb and taunts the fans as Scott is laid out on the mat. Scott clotheslines Del Ray after countering a backslide attempt. Pritchard hits a suplex but Scott kicks out at two.

Bodies double team Scott with a side slam and knee drop combo. Cornette is in the ring hitting Scott with a leaping elbow shot. Scott manages to deck Cornette with a clothesline and both men are down. Bob Armstrong gets the tag and he cleans house with strikes on the Bodies. Cornete is flipped into the ring from the apron and sent into Del Ray in the corner. Bob puts a sleeper hold on Cornette in the middle of the ring while the other four men brawl in the ring. Here come the Bruise Brothers to interfere and cause a disqualification. Rock N’ Roll Express run into the ring and make the save. Mark Curtis runs into the ring and gives Bob Armstrong a baseball bat. Armstrong takes the heels out to have the good guys stand tall. (**.This felt really basic and the only time the fans seemed to care is when Bob Armstrong got involved. I was kind of expecting a more intense match, but it never got to that level.)

Final Thoughts:
Lee/Smothers was the best match on the show, but the whole show was pretty lackluster. The matches felt like they should have been aired on television to advance angles for the bigger events.

Thanks for reading.

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