SMW House Show 2/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling House Show
From: Morristown, TN

Opening Contest: Bobby Blaze vs. Killer Kyle: Blaze uses his speed to avoid Kyle in the corner and decks him with a right hand. Kyle gets control of Blaze by working over his arm and takes him down to the canvas to slow the match down even more than it was somehow. Blaze ducks a clothesline to hit a cross body for a near fall. Kyle atomic drops Blaze to regain control of the bout. Kyle wrenches on Bobby’s left knee for several moments. Blaze nearly wins with a rollup but can’t maintain his advantage due to a damaged knee. Kyle slams Bobby’s knee across the ring apron and around the ring post a couple of times. Kyle continues to focus his offense on the knee of Blaze but isn’t able to get a submission. Blaze tries a dropkick but can’t get any leverage on his leg so it’s not effective. Kyle drives Blaze down to the canvas with a side slam. Blaze fights back and Kyle backs off on the mat but rams himself groin first into the ring post on accident, which I’ve never seen before. Blaze yanks on Kyle’s legs to ram him groin first into the post again.

Kyle gains control wrapping Blaze’s around the ring post. Kyle hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Blaze nearly gets a win with a rollup but Kyle runs over Blaze with a clothesline. Blaze gets another two count with an inside cradle. Blaze continues to get near falls with a crucifix pin attempt. Blaze gets a backslide but Kyle kicks out at two. Blaze drops Kyle with a leaping heel kick but Kyle gets his boot on the bottom rope on the pin attempt. Blaze nearly wins with a bridging suplex. There is only thirty-seconds left in the match, apparently. Kyle power slam Blaze and they purposely try to time the cover attempt with how much time is left, and it is painfully awkward as time expires. (*1/4. That finish was awful. They literally were on the mat waiting for the announcer to get down to four before starting the cover after the power slam. That’s just embarrassing for people who weren’t experienced enough to be in that spot. I dislike this underdog gimmick for Blaze.) After the match, Kyle sends Blaze over the top to the floor.

Second Contest: Bo Alexander vs. Robbie Eagle: Considering neither man have been all that important on television with Alexander I don’t recall ever being on television, this will get a short treatment. Eagle countered a suplex attempt with an inside cradle for the victory. Alexander had a temper tantrum similar to what Chris Candido normally does around this time as well.

Third Contest: Prince Kharis vs. Anthony Michaels: Well, at least it was quick. Kharis wins the match with a bear hug.

Fourth Contest: SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies vs. Rock N’ Roll Express: Gibson and Del Ray kick off the title match with Gibson taking Del Ray down with a shoulder block. Gibson continues with a hip toss and Morton decks Del Ray from the apron. Morton tags in and works over Del Ray and scares Pritchard with a right hand. Del Ray works over Gibson with a few shots and tags in Pritchard but Gibson takes Tom over with an arm drag. Morton enters and dropkicks Pritchard. Tom hammers away on Morton and hits a clothesline followed by a swinging neck breaker. Del Ray distracts the referee to allow Pritchard to get some cheap shots on Morton while they are on the floor. Del Ray gets a near fall following a back breaker on Morton. Morton has a rollup on Del Ray but there is no referee for the count. Del Ray takes Morton down with a belly to belly suplex and Pritchard tags in to continue working over Morton. Pritchard keeps control of Morton with a sleeper hold. Gibson tries to get involved but doesn’t.

Pritchard works over Morton in the corner with right hands but Morton fights back until Tom gets a sleeper hold locked in. Morton breaks free with a jaw breaker and an atomic drop. Gibson gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes and a backdrop on Del Ray. All four men are brawling as the Express hit a double dropkick on Pritchard but the referee gets knocked down. Jim Cornette enters the ring and hits Gibson with the tennis racket but Pritchard only manages a near fall. Gibson has the racket and hits the Bodies with it causing the disqualification. (**. This never got past the first gear and it was rather basic. These guys have wrestled each other thousands of times and it’s getting repetitive to view.)

Main Event: SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee & Chris Candido vs. Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy: All four men start the match brawling in the ring with Smothers working over Candido and White Boy working over Lee in the opposite corner. Lee and Candido are knocked over the top to the floor where the brawling continues. The camera guy isn’t following the action so I have no idea what is going on in the crowd or anything. White Boy enters the ring and low blows Lee sending the champ into the corner. White Boy is attacked by Candido from behind. Lee and Candido have control of the match with Lee now focusing his attack on Smothers sending him chest first into the corner. Lee drops an elbow on Smothers and Candido tags in to hit a leg drop. Candido scoop slams Smothers and along with Lee chokes Smothers over the top rope. Candido hits a snap suplex on Smothers and tags in Lee to work over Tracy with more right hands. Smothers tries to fight back with right hands but is stopped by Lee ramming him into the corner and White Boy tries to get involved but is stopped by the referee.

Candido tags in and controls Smothers on the mat with a sleeper hold. Lee is back in and keeps the same hold on Smothers. Smothers fights back on Lee but is stopped by a clothesline. Lee slams Smothers and rocky launches Candido off the top for a splash but Tracy moved out of the way. White Boy gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes sending the heels into each other. White Boy side slams Lee but only gets a two count on a cover attempt. White Boy gets the loaded glove from Lee but Tammy gets not eh apron to spray something in his face and Lee rolls White Boy for the victory. (*1/2. Basic match and just when the crowd was starting to get into the match they go to the finish and they delate the crowd. It’s a good win for Candido and Lee.)

Final Thoughts:
The trend of lackluster live events for SMW seemingly continues. They don’t normally go above and beyond to entertain and keep it all very basic. I guess I understand that logic, but it would have to also impact attendance if the lackluster action continually happened.

Thanks for reading.

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