SMW TV 2/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) Well Dunn defeated Bobby Blaze & Anthony Michaels
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Robbie Eagle defeated Larry Santo to retain

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chris Candido comes out with Larry Santo saying that Santo has what it takes to beat Robbie Eagle. He is going to teach Santo how to beat Eagle in five minutes. Ssnto is confident that he will walk out the champion, too.

2.) This is the in-ring debut for Well Dunn in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. They were also working in the WWF at the time. It’s an extended squash match with Well Dunn winning the match after a forearm strike to Michaels. That’s a rather lackluster finisher for a tag team, I’d say.

3.) Bob Caudle interviews Well Dunn where they are giving each other praise. Timothy Well says they have been all around the world and have held titles everywhere they have been. Steven Dunn says they are here because SMW has top tag teams here. They are use to winning gold despite hardly ever winning matches in the WWF, but okay.

4.) We see footage from Sunday Bloody Sunday where Dirty White Boy won the SMW Heavyweight Championship from Brian Lee in a chain match.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy tells Brian Lee that if he wants the championship then come over here and get it. White Boy introduces footage of White Girl getting attacked by Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch in Knoxville. The champ asked for a certain kind of match which happens to be a mixed tag team match. So, it will be Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl taking on Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee sometime in the future. White Girl says it will be a cold day in hell that she gets her butt kicked while conscious.

6.) Bob Armstrong beat Terry Funk at Sunday Bloody Sunday thus to regain his previous job as commissioner. Armstrong tosses the crooked board of director that Cornette had hired, apparently. Armstrong has signed a match with Jim Cornette to take place at the Armstrong Reunion in Georgie. It will be a steel cage match, too! Bob has some other things he has to take care and he will do just that.

7.) Jim Cornette chimes in from the locker room saying that he did everything he could to prevent Armstrong from winning the commissioner job, but Armstrong foiled him again. Cornette thinks that Bob Armstrong has a conflict of interest by also competing in the company. Cornette says it is true that he will be getting Dick Murdoch to combat Armstrong in a handicap match. Jim is confident that Murdoch would win since he had defeated Bob in Christmas Day. It might be the last time the Armstrong family is all together on March 10th in Marietta, Georgia.

8.) Tracy Smothers comes out with Robbie Eagle to put over the SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion. Smothers has $2,500 to put up against Candido saying that Eagle will retain the title tonight.

9.) Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo about being at the March 10th show in Marietta. Jarrett is going to give the Armstrong family a wrestling lesson.

10.) Down & Dirty this week highlights the contract signing for the Thrillseekers. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho is sitting at a table with Bob Armstrong to sign a long-term deal with Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Armstrong says they are happy to have the Thrillseekers competing in SMW and puts them over as a very exciting duo. Lance Storm puts over the tag teams already competing and says they are excited to prove they are the best. Chris Jericho says they want to show everyone their style of wrestling. Jericho says they are coming to your town! That’s the entire segment this week.

11.) Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee come out with Fytch freaking out about having a wrestling match and she doesn’t want to do it. Fytch think she will get diseases or something because Dirty White Girl will bite her. Brian Lee picks her up and they leave the area to calm down.

12.) We see footage from a sixty minute best two out of three falls match between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies from a recent live event. The match ended in a time limit draw. It is the first one hour time limit in SMW history.

13.) Rock N’ Roll Express cut a promo saying if they had a few more minutes they would have won the titles. Morton wants a match with the Heavenly Bodies that go for an hour. They are going to ask for another hour time limit.

14.) Jim Cornette and SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Cornette says that the Rock N’ Roll Express ran from them for fifty-eight minutes. Cornette says they came up with the marathon match which is basically an ironman match. Tom Pritchard says they have dominated the tag division. They make several sixty minute jokes referencing lasting in bed with women. Cornette says they are going to finish this thing once and for all.

15.) Eagle is able to pin Santo following Tracy Smothers getting involved by kicking Candido’s hands off of Santo on an attempt to block a sunset flip. Eagle wins another $1,000 and Smothers wins the side bet he had with Candido.

16.) Lex Luger cuts a promo saying that he looks forward to seeing everyone on March 10th as he will compete at the Armstrong Family Reunion in Marietta, GA.

17.) Chris Candido is freaking out because he wants Tracy Smothers to come out and give back his money. Candido says the money isn’t that much since he is a champion. Tracy Smothers comes out and confronts Candido. Smothers doesn’t say whether he will put the money up. Tracy will let Candido know next week.

Final Thoughts:
The wrestling isn’t all that good, but boy is there a lot of angle developments here. Quite a few WWF talents will be appearing at the Armstrong Family Reunion, which would probably lead to a good house for the company. I enjoyed the week of television as they focused a lot on various feuds following a major event.

Thanks for reading.

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