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WCW Main Event 3/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Tupelo, MS

1.) Alex Wright defeated Mark Starr
2.) Steve Austin defeated Tim Horner
3.) Marcus Alexander Bagwell & The Patriot defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Hulk Hogan kicks off the show saying that in just a little while he will be revealing his ultimate surprise. Schiavone asks about Jimmy Hart, who isn’t with Hogan. Hulk thinks he is with the ultimate surprise and assures Tony to not be worried.

2.) Later on in the show, Hogan is backstage saying that he heard that Jimmy Hart was seen running away from Vader and hopes he is still running away because he needs him. Hogan begins to promote the strongest man he has ever met and his name is the Renegade. We see Renegade standing behind Hogan, who will be watching Hogan’s back moving forward. He will unleash the Renegade on Vader and Ric Flair at Uncensored.

3.) Patriot kicks off the match giving Slater an atomic drop. Vader appears on the aisle way during the match and has Jimmy Hart’s coat. Vader grabs a microphone and tells Hogan that he can run but he can’t hide from him. Back to the match, Buck and Patriot are going at it with Buck taking Patriot down with a top wrist lock. Patriot manages to arm drag both Buck and Slater and Bagwell tags in to hit dropkicks with Patriot. Slater chokes Patriot with the tag rope behind the referee’s back. Buck follows up with a big boot. Buck knee lifts Patriot and maintains control of the match. Patriot avoids a falling head butt from Slater and Bagwell gets the hot tag. Bagwell cleans house with scoop slams and dropkicks. Slater is able to send Marcus to the floor and Buck whips him with a rope. The referee doesn’t see the tag to the Patriot, and that allows the heels to hit Bagwell with two forearms. Patriot helps Bagwell avoid a double suplex and Bagwell pins Slater with a Northern lights suplex! (**. A fine match between two lower tier tag teams.)

4.) Tony Schiavone interviews Randy Savage. Savage says there is a red light alert for everyone in WCW. Savage says he is focused on Avalanche tonight. Macho suggests that no one bet against him tonight at Uncensored. Savage is confident that he will get Avalanche down tonight!

Final Thoughts:
Not too bad of a program this week for Main Event as they promote Uncensored that was minutes away from happening. The feature match was average at best. Some fine last minute promotion for the major matches, though.

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