NXT 7/11/2012

Written by: Tony Acero

We’re introduced to the show by Jim Ross and he says we’re starting right away with some….DIVAS!!!! First out is Sofia Cortez, who you may remember from the most recent edition of Tough Enough as Ivelisse! Her music sounds very Rosa Mendes-esque.

Match 1: Tyson Kidd vs. Camacho
Lockup and Tyson gets slammed down hard by Camacho. Tyson with the go behind into the side headlock, but Camacho tosses him to the ropes, misses a clothesline, misses a back elbow, deflects a kick, flips Kidd, but Kidd hits him with a kick then kips up as Camacho gets some Hunico advice. Hunico distracts, so camacho runs, but Kidd rolls him up for a 1 count. Tyson shoots, but Camacho deflects. Camacho with a kick to Kidd, and Kidd goes down. Camacho with a right hand to the head of Tyson. He lifts him up, tosses Kidd to the ropes, but Kidd flips over. Drop toe hold into a leg lock. Camacho sends him down, but Kidd kips up and locks the arm. He turns it into a backslide pin for 1, then locks the arm again and hooks the head with his leg. Camach rises up and sends him into the corner. Camacho with a hard right forarm to the back. He toses Kidd, but Kidd holds onto the ropes and flips over then frankenstein’s Camacho over the ropes to the outside. Kidd looks to jump over, but slides instead and Hunico and Camacho move out of the way. Kidd is stuck between them, but wisely rushes in the ring. The ref seems to be kicking Hunico out, and Hunico is pissed off. Camacho tells Hunico to just listen, as Hunico leaves the around the ring. Kidd has waited long enough, and flips over the top rope onto Hunico and Camacho as we go for a break.

We’re back, and Kidd is still workin the left arm of Camacho. Camacho tosses him to the ropes, but kidd hits a kick then wheelbarrow into a roll up but instead of the pin, he looks for the Sharpshooter. Camacho quickly pulls to the ropes and breaks the hold. He leaves the ring. Kidd on the apron, looks for a kick, but Camacho trips him up, sending him face first into the apron. Camacho with a right, then sends Kidd into the apron edge chest first. He rolls Kidd in and pins for 1…2…NO! Backbreaker by Camacho. A stomp to the chest, then he presses into it. Another stomp. Kidd is up and hits a right, but camacho sends him into the corner then whips him hard chest first. Camacho is really working the chest. Pin for 1…2…NO! Camacho looks for a suplex, he does so, but on the ropes! Camacho looks for the slingshot against the ropes, and hits it, again working the chest. Nicely done, Camacho. Pin for 1…2..NO! Camacho with a seated, modified abdominable stretch. Kidd turns into it and hits an elbow, but Camacho hits a headbutt. Lifts him up then looks for a back suplex. He hits it! Camacho with a leg drop into a pin for 1…2…NO! Camacho with some rights, then a whip, but here’s kidd with the wheelbarrow—nooo! Camacho sends him face first, planting him. Pin for 1…2..NO! Camacho is looking to go up to the second rope. He flies off for a leg drop, but Kidd rolls out of the way! Kidd uses the crowd and the ropes to raise up. Camacho goes for a clothesline but Kidd ducks and hits a kick, another, a spinning heel kick, then a mule kick followed by ad ropkick to the head and a pin for 1…2..NO! Kidd chokes Camacho up on the bottom rope then hops over and hits a leg drop. Kidd is going up top! He’s high, but here’s Camacho to just knock his leg out, crotching him in the process. Camacho with a right, and he’s climbing up top. He’s looking for a double underhook, wow, he hits it! Camacho with a pin for 1…2…NO!!!

Camacho goes for another back suplex, but kidd lands on his feet, uses camacho to run up and backwards. Kick to the head! Kidd goes up top! Blockbuster off the top rope! He pins!! 1…2…FEET ON THE ROPES!!! EEEE GAHDS! Kidd drags him into the center of the ring, though. Locks up the sharpshooter. Here’s Michael McGillicutty out of nowhere, though! Kidd tries to hit him, but Camacho grabs Kidd and hits a modified DDT! Pin for 1…2..3!!!
Winner: Camacho
This is one of those times where the ending distraction really hurt the match. I’m sure it’s leading to something on the show, and it has a lot of logic behind it considering the history of McG and Kidd, but this was a damned good match without all of that.

We’re back, and Wyatt is here tellin us that we don’t have to hurt anymore. He wants to know what they’ll do to someone who will not be hurt, who will not be afraid. He’s cray cray, y’all. And he’s next!

Before Bray, we’re backstage with Matt Striker and Justin Gabriel. Striker welcomes Gabriel back and wants to know his plans. Gabriel said when he got hurt, he went back home and learned how to make a statement; become a champion. He wants that feeling back. Striker mentions that Gabriel is going to face Heath in the main event next week. Speakin of which, here’s the dummy right here and says Gabriel has hair like a peacock, and he’s on RAW week after week. Gabriel says that it’s Heath that’s gettin embarrassed. Heath says to forget about all the older people, he’s the one man band. He’s climbing the charts. Gabriel says a current WWE Star is going to embarrass Heath.

Bray Wyatt comes out to his creepy music and cuts a short promo, telling us that we’ll understand exactly who he is and what he’s capable of. In time. And finally, then, we’ll understand what he is. For now, he is the angel in the dark. His name is Bray Wyatt, please to meet you. He sings “Time is on My Side” ala Fallen.

Match 2:Bray Wyatt vs. Aiden English
We start with Bray actin all willy nilly, then kicks Aiden in the gut and drops a hard forearm. He grabs Aiden by the head and drives him into the knee, then tosses him to the outside and laughs it off. Bray follows to the outside, then tosses Aiden to the apron, to the barricade, back to the apron, back to the barricade. He’s all smiles. Wyatt tosses Aiden in the ring and rolls in afterwards. He sets up for a suplex and actually TOSSES him to the outside. Wyatt falls down and rolls around the apron, with his face into the camera. Wyatt hits the corner and splashes into Aiden hard. He then…dances with Aiden for a bit. Wow. Haha. Wyatt gets a side headlock, kisses Aiden, then hits a finisher that looks a bit like Cross Rhodes and pins Aiden for 1…2…3!!
Winner: Bray Wyatt

We all knew the character was intriguing, but he added so much with the moments in the ring. Beautiful.

Video package for Seth Rollins, as he talks about energy in a trucker hat. Ok, he’s really talking about his finisher, and sells it as something that pretty much ruins your life. Welcome to The Blackout.

We are backstage with Briley Pierce and Richie Steamboat. Richie says that this is an opprtunity for everyone, but especially for him. He can’t wait to show us how good he is. But here’s Kraven Leo Kruger and he says he has already proven how good he is. Steamboat pushes him, and they tango for a bit.

One more video package, and we get Raquel Diaz looking like a Gaga wannabe who is going to exfoliate ugly from the WWE. I wonder if she’s got the talent of her daddy. She’ll be here next week, how exciting!

Match 3: The Usos vs. The Primetime Players
We start with Darren Young getting his fro picked by Titus. Jimmy is in the ring, ready to go. Lockup, and Jimmy sends Darren into the corner. Jimmy messes up the hair of Young, so Young pushes. Jimmy with a slap to the face, sending Darren to go tell Titus how mean Jimmy is. Titus hugs him up a bit, and Darren runs right into a chop to the chest. One more. A final one knocks him down as Jimmy tags in Jey and they hit a double elbow drop. Splash by Jey in the corner then he chops the chest of Darren again. Darren reverses a whip but is met with an ax handle from Jey and a pin for 2. Darren is up and kicks then headlocks Jey to the corner. In comes Titus with a blind tag. He grabs the head of Jey and bashes it into the corner, but Jey no sells it. Headbutt from TItus and Jey no sells it again, and gives one of his own. Jey tosses Titus in the corner, and blind tag from Jey. Jey with a back elbow in the corner, and down goes Titus. Pin on Titus but barely a 1 count. Titus is up with a kick then tags in Darren. Powerslam from Jey onto Young and Young rolls to the outside. Jey and Jimmy have Darren’s pic and they are mocking Darren. Jimmy is the legal man now and he clotheslines Darren to the outside the moment he comes inside. Jey hits the ropes and Jimmy flips him over to the outside! Usos in the middle of the ring, celebrating as we go to break.

Back, and Titus is in the ring with Jimmy. Titus with a right hand, Darren distracts and TItus takes over by stomping the left leg. He tags in Darren and Darren drops the leg onto the apron on the outside. Another, then he rolls in and tags in Titus. Titus with a stomp on the chest, then pulls the left leg and drops an elbow. He locks the leg up and Uso tries to fight back from behind. He releases and almost makes the tag, but Titus hits him out of it, sends him in the corner and tags Darren in. Darren with a stomp or two in the corner. Young locks the leg and pulls hard. Uso tries to chop his way out of it and is able to kick Young to the outside. TAG is ALMOST made, but Young pulls Jey down! Inside the ring, Jimmy rolls Young up and gets a 2 count. Young with a dropkick to the knee, into a pin for 2. Young with the Step Over Toe-hold. Young slams the leg down to the mat, turns him over and locks up the leg again. Tag to Titus, and Titus front suplexes Darren Young onto Jimmy, but Jimmy puts the foot up and hits Young in the face! He reaches for a tag, but Titus stops him. Titus with a right hand, sending Jimmy to the corner. He’s looking for a boot but Jimmy slips under him and sends Titus up and over! Jimmy calling for the tag, he gets it! In comes Jey. In comes Young! Clothesline from Jey, another. A spinning…something or other. Jey with a kick, then sends Darren into Titus. Samoan Drop! Butt splash in the corner and a pin for 1….2..NO! Titus is there to break it up. Titus on the attack, so Jey sends him to the outside. Jimmy pulls TItus to the outside, so Titus boots his leg, then rolls Jey in the ring. The ref is checking out on Jey and Titus hits a backbreaker while Darren drops an elbow. Titus leaves, Darren pins and we get the 1…2…3!!
Winner: The Prime Time Players

There was just something missing here. Titus and Darren are growing as competitors, but there’s still a lot wrong from where i sit. .

THIS is the type of show that NXT needs to be. Good shit.

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