SMW TV 4/2/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Dungannon, VA

1.) Chris Jericho & Lance Storm defeated Larry Santo & Mike Samson
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Mike Furnas defeated Inferno #1 to retain title
3.) Prince Kharis defeated Bobby Blaze
4.) Brian Lee & Chris Candido defeated Rock N’ Roll Express

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rock N’ Roll Express come out for an interview and they show footage of getting attacked by Brian Lee and Chris Candido recently on television. Morton says that everyone has to be pay their debt and that’s what is going to happen tonight.

2.) Well Dunn came down to ringside to scout Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.

3.) We get an in-depth sit down interview with Jericho and Storm to learn about their backgrounds.

4.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding Jim Cornette. Armstrong says that Cornette will never manage to get rid of him in SMW as long as he is breathing.

5.) Jim Cornette is interviewed about Bob Armstrong and their match at Bluegrass Brawl. Cornette knows a lot of people who would take Armstrong out because he has made a lot of enemies. Jim puts over his mystery man as being better than Armstrong in every regard.

6.) Down & Dirty this week is with Tammy Fytch. Fytch says that he is getting a little sick and tired of Dirty White Girl for wanting to always fight or wrestle. Fytch calls out Dirty White Girl to have a singles match with her right now. Dirty White Girl makes her way down to the ring quickly and wants Tammy right now. Tammy says that she didn’t mean a singles match with her but rather here comes some random large woman who attacks Dirty White Girl. The random lady scoop slams Dutch Mantell. Dirty White Boy enters the ring and the ladies leave the ring.

7.) Tammy Fytch is interviewed again and says she went down to Atlanta to find the toughest secret weapon. She found Peggy Lee Leather. Leather says she is the best lady wrestler around. Leather is confident she is going to take out Dirty White Girl.

8.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy isn’t worried about Prince Kharis, who will be challenging White Boy soon. White Boy says that White Girl isn’t afraid of anyone. White Girl accepts a match with Peggy Lee Leather.

9.) Morton and Candido start off the main event with Candido hammering away on Morton in the corner to gain the upper hand. Morton backdrops Candido and tags in Gibson to hit a double elbow strike. Gibson decks Lee off the apron to the floor. Candido forearms Gibson a few times but is met with a shoulder block and a fist drop by Gibson. Chris scoop slams Morton and tags in Lee who can’t keep control and is arm dragged by Morton. Gibson tags in and tosses Lee around before hammering away on Lee with Morton from the apron. Candido enters the match and controls Gibson on the canvas for a few moments. Candido comes off the ropes and Morton hits a dropkick. Morton slides to the floor tagging in Gibson and Gibson drops Candido with a clothesline. Lee tags into the bout and wants a test of strength with Morton. Morton gets a few strikes on Lee and staggers the big man. Lee clotheslines Morton to gain the advantage. Candido enters to continue his offense on Morton in the corner with strikes. Morton misses a shoulder strike in the corner hitting the turnbuckle. Candido knocks Gibson off the apron and the referee gets distracted to allow Morton to be double teamed. Lee hit a double axe handle off the middle rope and drives his knee into Morton. Morton plants Candido with a DDT and makes his way to the corner to tag in Gibson. Gibson cleans house on Lee and Candido with right hands. Candido dumps Gibson to the floor. Candido accidentally clotheslines Lee and is met with a double dropkick. Tammy Fytch enters and tosses her purse to Candido. Morton kisses Fytch but is nailed by Candido with the purse and Candido gets the pin on Morton! (*1/2. It’s a boring match as they kept it very basic, but I like there being a new matchup in SMW and it is a feud I hope continues. A young team like Lee and Candido with Fytch has a lot of promise to be something enjoyable.)

Final Thoughts:
Not much angle advancement this week for SMW, and the action wasn’t great. The addition of Peggy Lee Leather into the feud with White Boy and Lee isn’t necessary and seems to be stalling for time before Fytch eventually wrestles one on one, anyway. I think there is another episode that was taped before the Bluegrass Brawl, so we will have to wait another week before probably anything os substance occurs.

Thanks for reading.

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