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2CW Unfinished Business 9/13/2013

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Unfinished Business
From: Oswego, NY

Opening Contest: Nick Ando vs. Gregory Iron: “Shake my hand with your real hand” Ando says to Iron and also says he has a fake hand in reference to his handicap. Ando bails to the floor after Iron hits him with his bad hand and chases Ando around the ringside area. Iron hits a bulldog out of the corner and hits a back splash for a near fall. Ando decks Iron with a clothesline to gain the advantage. Ando tosses Iron out of the corner hitting a hip toss but can’t keep Iron on the canvas long enough. Iron battles back with a few clotheslines and plays to the crowd. Iron hits a running Codebreaker for a near fall. Iron heads to the top and hits a cross body for a two count. Ando scoop slams Iron and heads to the top himself but blocks a double boot to the chest by Iron. Iron counters a slam attempt with a rollup for the win. (*1/2. I didn’t like the focus of the match being that Ando was disgusted by the handicap that Iron has. There wasn’t much going on here, anyway.) After the match, Ando attacks Iron and wants a microphone. I can’t hear what he was saying, but I’m assuming it wasn’t friendly.

Second Contest: Dick Justice & ZSIII vs. Bin Hamin & Pete D. Order: Prior to the match, Dick Justice and Pete D. Order were on the same team and ready to combat Hamin. However, Order turned on Justice during the confrontation and aligned himself with Hamin. ZSIII came running down and made the save to team with Justice. Justice got the win for his team after hitting a leg drop on Order. The fans love Justice, but not ZSIII. After the match, Hamin teaches Order a lesson by hitting him over the back with his flag.

Third Contest: Crist Brothers vs. Punisher Van Slyke & Kevin Graham: Jake and Van Slyke kick off the tag match with Jake trying to clothesline Van Slyke but settles for a spinning heel kick to knock the big man to the floor. Dave and Graham enter the match with Dave controlling Graham on the canvas. Dave head scissors Graham and delivers a dropkick for a two count. Jake takes Kevin over with a snap suplex but can’t keep him down long enough on the pin. Dave hits a senton splash to the back of Graham for another two count. Graham is double teamed by the Crist Brothers as Dave hit a springboard moonsault. Van Slyke clotheslines Dave on the floor as Graham was running away. Dave is double teamed by Van Slyke and Graham leading to a middle rope elbow drop by Graham. Graham keeps control with basic offense and unable to keep Dave down for a three count. Graham leaps off the middle rope and is met with a high knee to the face.

Van Slyke and Jake get the tag in with Jake hitting a heel kick but is stopped with a forearm shot. Van Slyke runs into a big boot and Jake hits a cross body for a near fall. Jake drops Graham on his head and the fans are behind the Crist Brothers. Dave hits a springboard moonsault but Van Slyke kicks out at two. Graham hits Dave with a forearm leading to a back suplex by Van Slyke. Jake prevents a middle rope leg drop and shoves Graham into Van Dave is able to roll Van Slyke up and gets the three count. (**. There isn’t anything here that sets the world on fire or anything. It’s a formula tag match that isn’t offensive.)

Fourth Contest: EMT vs. Neveah: EMT talks some shit about beating up Cherry Bomb last year in Oswego. He is eventually met with a super kick from Jake Crist and Neveah gets the win.

Fifth Contest: Jason Axe vs. Jay Freddie vs. Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Cheech in a number one contenders elimination match: All four men will be going at it at the same time, which is how it should be in these kind of matches. Freddie head scissors Axe in the ring while Cheech and Brown battle on the floor. Cheech knee lifts Freddie from behind to send him to the floor and Axe rolls out as well. Brown works over Cheech with chops as Freddie hammers away on Axe. Slyck punches Cheech off the middle rope to the floor. Freddie sends Axe into the guard railing. Freddie dropkicks Cheech off the apron to the floor but is stopped by Axe hitting a heel kick. Freddie backdrops Axe to the floor and Jason is acting like he hurt his knee. Cheech knocks Jay off the apron and keeps the match going on the floor. Brown hits Cheech with a water bottle and drops him chest first over the guard railing. Brown sends Freddie into the apron back first and also drops Jay chest first over the railing. Cheech is up and sends Brown into the railing. Freddie slams Cheech face first into a cake at ringside for his birthday.

Freddie slams the whole cake over the head of Cheech. Freddie tosses Cheech over with an overhead suplex. Brown dropkicks Freddie in the corner but Freddie hits a middle rope hurricanrana. Freddie attempts a suicide drive but Brown catches Jay on his shoulders and slams Freddie on the apron, which was impressive. Cheech kicks Brown a few times in the corner. Cheech hits a slingshot senton on Freddie from the apron. Freddie kicks Cheech to the floor and chops Brown several times. Brown is dumped to the floor and so is Cheech. Freddie takes both men out with a suicide dive to the floor. Freddie nails Cheech with a missile dropkick but only manages a near fall. Cheech with an overhead throw suplex but Freddie powers out again. Freddie leg trips Cheech and locks in a figure four leg lock while nearly pinning Brown on a couple of occasions. Cheech turns over the hold and Brown dropkicks both men. Brown hits a leg lariat and pins Cheech for the first elimination.

Slyck and Freddie trade forearms until Slyck clotheslines Freddie over the top to the floor. They are on the apron trading strikes until Brown clotheslines Jay over the top back into the ring. Brown hardly hits a springboard moonsault getting a near fall. Brown drives Freddie down with a full nelson sit down slam but Jay kicks out at two. Jay avoids a kick and rolls Slyck up to get the win. Slyck gets up and hits a leg lariat on Freddie because he’s a sore loser. Oh, Jason Axe was never hurt and comes running down to attack Freddie. Axe hits a fisherman buster and pins Freddie to win the match and is the number one contender. (***. I enjoyed the final few minutes with Brown and Freddie. I get the finish with Axe because he is a heel and not many people enjoy his work. Whether you like it or not he’s probably the best heel in 2CW. Anyway, a fine match and I’d like to see another Slyck/Freddie singles match.)

Sixth Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions Sean Carr & Kage vs. Steve McKenzie & Loco Vida: These guys got roughly twelve minutes to do their thing. Kage dropped Vida with a choke slam and Carr got the three count. What’s even funnier is that I didn’t even realize they were the tag champions at this point until the announcement that they retained. Whoops. Safe to say, I didn’t have interest in this title defense.

Seventh Contest: Ron Mathis vs. Shane Hollister vs. Alex Colon: I’m fairly certain that these three guys will not make another appearance in 2CW, so that’s usually not a good sign of how this might have gone. Mathis tombstones Colon onto Hollister and pins both men to end the filler match.

Eighth Contest: Colin Delaney vs. Eddie Edwards: They have a basic start with strikes and whatnot until Delaney spin kicks Edwards to the floor and hits a slingshot cross body to the floor. Eddie misses a chop on the floor and hits the ring post instead. Colin catapults Eddie throat first into the bottom rope to keep control of the match. Eddie chops Colin over the top to the floor. Eddie continues to work over Delaney with chops on the floor. Delaney even tries to escape to the back to avoid any more chops but is brought back. Edwards puts Delaney in a tree of woe and delivers another chop. Edwards follows up with a dropkick into the corner but only gets a near fall on the cover. They trade a series of rollup attempts but neither man can get a three count. They are trading forearms and chops at this point. Colin runs into a super kick and Colin lifts Eddie into the air to deliver another kick for a near fall. Eddie kicks Colin in the corner and attempted a backpack stunner but settles for a leaping Codebreaker from the middle rope. Edwards locks in a half Boston Crab, but Colin reaches the ropes. Delaney kicks Edwards and attempts a slingshot back splash from the apron and is nearly pinned for attempting that. Colin is able to roll Edwards up and gets a three count. (**1/2. I guess I don’t see the appeal of constantly chopping each other as being enjoyable. I’m glad Colin got a big win over someone like Edwards, but it was an average match at best here.) After the match, people are actually trying to chant match of the year. Just stop.

Ninth Contest: Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy:
Steen attacks Hardy as he teased throwing his shirt into the crowd. Steen actually puts the shirt on and continues to work over Hardy in the corner. Hardy is up and fights back with a middle rope elbow strike. Steen counters the Twist of Fate by sending Matt shoulder first into the ring post two times causing Hardy to crash to the floor. Steen is focusing his offense on the left arm of Hardy. Matt sends Steen into the guard railing a few times. They collide in the ring hitting each other with a clothesline. Steen nearly wins with a power bomb. Steen hits a side Russian leg sweep but Hardy kicks out at two. Hardy runs into a big boot in corner and Steen heads to the top rope. Mat gets up and stops Steen with a right hand. Hardy manages to take Steen over with a superplex. Steen hits the Twist of Fate but only gets a near fall! Hardy counters Steen’s offense with a sit down headlock neck breaker. Steen runs into a clothesline and Hardy hits a running bulldog. Hardy hits the Side Effect but Kevin kicks out before three again. Steen counters the Twist of Fate with a rollup for a two count. Hardy pops up and hits the Twist of Fate for the win. (**. Felt like a slow predictable match but Steen was entertaining with his ability to get the crowd to hate him. Matt Hardy feels like an old legend from the 80s who does only his memorable spots and leaves.)

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Isys Ephex vs. Johnny Gargano: At the start of the match, Gargano controls Ephex on the canvas. Gargano goes to the floor and stalls by interacting with fans at ringside. They avoid each others offense and when they attempt big boots they catch each other. Ephex takes Gargano over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Johnny kicks Ephex off the apron to the floor but can’t hit a suicide dive since Ephex delivered a forearm shot. Gargano does hit his spear into the ring to stop Ephex in his tracks. Gargano tries to break the champs fingers but apparently doesn’t go through with the threat. Johnny has the champs legs tied up but they are close to the ropes to cause a break. Johnny lays Ephex across the middle rope and hits a dropkick to the midsection. Gargano hits a German suplex but Ephex comes back with a head scissors and running forearm in the corner. Ephex kicks Gargano from the apron and hits a tornado DDT. Gargano nearly wins following a sit down power bomb. They trade forearm shots until Johnny staggers Ephex with a kick. Ephex decks Gargano with a spinning kick to the head. Ephex hits a modified brain buster but Gargano refuses to stay down. Johnny lawn darts Ephex into the corner shoulder first but Ephex kicks out on the cover. Johnny has a cross face on but Isys reaches the ropes. Ephex avoids a spear from the apron with a kick but doesn’t avoid a kick to the face. Ephex rolls through a rollup and spikes Gargano with a piledriver for the win. (**. I was mostly bored by this and the lack of crowd of interest didn’t help the atmosphere for this one.)

Final Thoughts:
Hardly a good showing for 2CW this time around. The four way is good, but that’s something you can see on virtually any 2CW show ever. The main event felt dull and the Steen/Hardy wasn’t what it probably should have been. Thus, it’s a missable show.

Thanks for reading.

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