ECW Hardcore TV 12/21/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Sabu
Tag: Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac

The show starts off with Tommy Dreamer in the ring and he’s already challenged “The Franchise” Shane Douglas not wanting to wait until Holiday Hell. Douglas answers the challenge.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer, ref John Finnegan
After the opening video we join our match in progress with Douglas hitting a swinging neck breaker then dropping Dreamer stomach first over the top rope. Dreamer goes to the floor and Douglas follows going after the ribs of Dreamer, which are taped after the attack he suffered last week. Back in the ring Douglas stays on the ribs with a bear hug and shoulder blocks to the ribs in the corner. Belly to back and a body scissor locked in. Dreamer tries to fight and goes for a slam but can’t hold Douglas up. Dreamer able to hit two inverted atomic drops and a clothesline. Dreamer chokes Douglas with his tape and throws Douglas to the floor. Dreamer goes out after him and nails Douglas with a chair. Back in the ring Dreamer with an enziguri for a 1 count. Dreamer goes for a slam and Shane’s foot hits the ref in the face and knocks him down. Dreamer has Shane pinned but the ref is out. Douglas pulls a chain out his boot and nails Dreamer with it. Shane wraps it around Dreamers hand and then lies down. The ref wakes up and sees the chain and DQs Dreamer. 8.12 of the match is shown.

We get a replay and then go to Styles in the Eagle’s Nest and Joey brings us to some highlights of what has gone on between Woman Douglas and Dreamer the past few weeks.

Jay Sulli is in the locker room with Tod Gordon and we go to last weeks power outage in the arena. Sulli hasn’t been around for a month and a half, I was hoping he was gone. We see the big brawl and go back to Gordon who hypes it as being what ECW is all about. Gordon announces a lights out battle royal. Wait how will people see if the lights are out? Seems stupid. Tod promises that someone is definitely going to blow up at Holiday Hell. JT Smith will tag with “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka to take on Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac. We see a short highlight video of Snuka.

Terry Funk is out to the ring next and he’s here to interview Sabu. He calls him out and Bad Breed have Chad Austin tied to Sabu’s cart and are rolling him to the ring. Austin does not look like a willing participant. Bad Breed throws Austin into the ring and Funk beats him up. Paul E. Dangerously comes out into the aisle and tells Funk his father died when he realized his son was a piece of shit. Funk challenges Paul. Paul E. says in Philly the fight on the streets and tells Funk to come get him. Funk goes towards Paul E. and he runs to the locker room.

Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Mike Vee & “Stormin” Mike Norman, ref Jim Molineaux
Tazmaniac thows Vee to the floor. Belly to belly and clothesline to Norman. Sullivan using a chair outside of the ring. Sullivan tagged in and he smashes Normans head into the mat and hits a double stomp. Tree of woe knees. Tazmaniac and Sullivan beat on Norman in the corner and Vee throws in the towel ending the match in 1.41. Woman comes in and throws a towel over Sullivan’s eyes to calm him down. Tazmaniac sees it and covers his own eyes and throws himself onto the mat laughing.

We get some comments from participants in the lights out battle royal. Johnny Hotbody, Tony Stetson, Rockin’ Rebel, Shane Douglas and Kevin Sullivan all think that they are going to win the match.

We get a video package of the feud between Public Enemy and Badd Company.

Paul E. Dangerously is backstage for an interview. He sings a song about Terry Funk to the tune of some Christmas song.

Sandman, Sal Bellomo & JT Smith vs. Terry Funk & Bad Breed, ref John Finnegan
Bellomo charges, followed by Smith and Sandman. Funk pulls Smith to the floor and slams his face into the apron. Lights go out again and Kevin Sullivan shows up and goes after Smith. Lights keep going on and off. More wrestlers hit the ring and another brawl breaks out. We get a bell at 1.16 as the match is declared a no contest. The entire locker room is in or around the ring brawling. Bellomo and Rockin’ Rebel end up in the ring fighting with chairs. The brawl continues, Funk and Bad Breed throw Smith into a table in the ring. This has been going on for about 4 minutes and we still have 5 more left in the show. Jason shows up on the stage and asks how the fans like his suit. The ring is littered with chairs and Bellomo stands in it screaming like a maniac.

Joey closes out the show from the nest.

My thoughts on the show…
Nice way to bring things into the next big show even with no Sabu, PE or Badd Company. Good opening match and the stuff with Funk and Dangerously was entertaining. The brawl at the end was fun. Thumbs up for tonight’s show.

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