ECW Hardcore TV 12/14/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Sabu
Tag: Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer

We open the show with some highlights from last weeks TV show and get a run down of tonight’s show, which includes a tag team title match!

Joey Styles is in the Eagle’s Nest to open the show and we go right to our first match.

“Wildman” Sal Bellomo vs. Don E. Allen, ref John Finnegan
Bellomo throws stuffed animals out to the crowd before the match. Styles again really puts Bellomo over I really don’t get why Styles loves him so much. Bellomo with his normal offense of punches, kicks, biting and a standing drop kick. Bellomo finishes things off with the big splash in 3.16

Matty in the House hypes up the Body Count Match coming up at Holiday Hell. We then get a video package of the feud between Public Enemy and Badd Company.

JT Smith is in the dressing room. Smith says next week he is in a 6 man tag match with Terry Funk in the opposite corner and that at Holiday Hell he gets his hands on Kevin Sullivan. Back to Joey and he throws it to our next match.

Tag Team Champions Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman), ref John Finnegan
Tommy Dreamer comes out by himself and we learn that due to bad weather Johnny Gunn could not get to the building. Dreamer is willing to put up the titles by himself. Tod Gordon hits the ring followed for some reason by Shane Douglas. Douglas says Sullivan and Tazmaniac are not championship material and says he will be Dreamers partner. Dreamer accepts.

Tag Team Champions “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (subbing for Johnny Gunn) & Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman), ref John Finnegan
Sullivan jumps Dreamer from behind but he fights off both Sullivan and Tazmaniac. Dreamer hits a clothesline, elbow and suplex on Tazmaniac. Tazmaniac fights back and lands an overhead belly to belly suplex. The challenges tag back and forth a few times staying all over Dreamer. Dreamer eventually able to hit a gutwrench suplex on Tazmaniac. A double clothesline takes both men down. Dreamer makes the tag and Douglas pulls a chain out of his boot and hits Dreamer with it (yeah, duh). Tazmaniac makes the cover to win the tag team titles in 4.03. All three men beat on Dreamer after the match.

Back up to Styles in the Nest. We learn that at Holiday Hell Dreamer versus Douglas has just been signed. We go to Dreamer in the locker room. Dreamer is really mad at Douglas. Dreamer has two things Douglas doesn’t and that’s the fans and heart.

We go to the ring where Joey Styles is waiting to interview Terry Funk. Funk talks about his match against Sabu at Holiday Hell. Funk says that he has too many enemies that will try to interfere and that he is also worried that Sabu is going to try and run from him. Funk says he needs a few good men with him at ringside to stop all this from happening. Funk brings out Bad Breed as his back up. Funk says Ian and Axl Rotten will do exactly as he says. Next week Funk says he is going to interview Sabu.

We go to video packages of both Terry Funk and Sabu. During Sabu’s video we get a new and really good promo from Paul E. Dangerously.

Sandman (w/ Peaches) vs. Tony “Hitman” Stetson, ref Jim Molineaux
Stetson hits the ring and goes right after Sandman Stetson clotheslines Sandman to floor but Sandman comes back. Sandman appears to have lost his wetsuit as he is in his old “Mr. Sandman” tights. Sandman comes off the top rope with a flying back elbow. Sandman with a samoan drop for 2 and Stetson rolls to the floor. Stetson pulls Sandman out of the ring and throws him into the ring post. Stetson suplexes Sandman back into the ring. Stetson comes off the top with a leg drop but pulls up Sandman at 2. Power bomb by Stetson for 2. Stetson comes off the top with a cross body but Sandman rolls through and gets the pin in 3.56.

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Chad Austin, ref Jim Molineaux
The feed cuts out and we go to Joey in the Nest but all the lights are out because of the weather. Back in the ring and a giant brawl is going on with a bunch of wrestlers. Sandman and Mr. Hughes are going at it and Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer are beating on each other. The rest of the locker room is brawling around the ring. Hughes and Douglas double team Dreamer. Sandman pulls Dreamer out of the ring to save him but Douglas goes after him. Everyone now brawls around the ring again.

Back from break and Joey closes out the show.

My thoughts on the show…
Hot way to close the show and Paul E. steals the spotlight again with his promo, but overall another thumbs down this week.

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