ECW Hardcore TV 12/7/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Sabu
Tag: Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer

Joey Styles is in the Eagle’s Nest to welcome us to the show and he brings us right to our first match.

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Mike Norman, ref Jim Molineaux
Hughes squashes Norman and finishes him off with a big sidewalk slam in 2.34. During the match Joey mentions that Hunter Q. Robbins III is bringing in the Lumberjack to tear apart ECW. So last week when he said he was going to bring someone in to rip the guts out of ECW a guy named the Lumberjack was who he had in mind. No wonder he’s the worst manager in ECW.

Matty in the House announces that the fan picked main even for Holiday Hell is Terry Funk vs. Heavyweight & TV Champion Sabu. We get highlight packages of both competitors that include match and interview footage and some unseen clips of the November to Remember match. Paul E. Dangerously talks about how Funk’s career is going to be dead 24 hours after Christmas. This was a real good promo from Paul E.

JT Smith vs. Johnny Hotbody (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III), ref John Finnegan
Wait why is Robbins still with Hotbody? Smith is able to out wrestle Hotbody. That means Hotbody is super awful. Hotbody goes to the floor to regroup and just gets yelled at by Robbins. In the ring Smith with a fall away slam. Hotbody back to the floor and Robbins again yells at him to get back in. Smith with a belly to back with a bridge for 2. Hotbody takes out Smith’s knee which has been injured for about an entire year at this point. Suplex for 2. Hotbody with a bunch of elbow drops but then gets up after the 2 count. Hotbody throws Smith to the floor and distracts the ref but Robbins does nothing. Hotbody with an elbow drop from the apron to the floor and he hits Smith in the knee with a chair. Hotbody comes off the to rope and jumps on Smith’s knee. Smith breaks out of a spinning toe hold then kinda hits a clothesline. Smith throws Hotbody to the floor and then comes off the top with a crossbody. Smith is down holding his knee. Hotbody goes for a superplex but Smith blocks it and goes for a super sunset flip but they fuck it up and Hotbody falls right on his head. Double clothesline has both men down and Robbins gets on the apron and yells at the ref. Hotbody again goes for the superplex and this time hits it. Hotbody doesn’t go for the pin but goes for an irish whip. Smith reverses it and Robbins hits Hotbody with his cane allowing Smith to get the win in 10.57. Styles talks about how Robbins was furious over Hotbody not going for the cover but in reality he was just standing their emotionless.

Bad Breed vs. Tazmaniac & Kevin Sullivan (w/ Woman), ref Jim Molineaux
JT Smith is leaving and he bumps into Woman as they are walking down the aisle. This makes Sullivan go crazy and beat the crap out Smith with a chair as well as powerbomb him on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring Tazmaniac hits a super belly to back suplex to pin Ian Rotten in .27.

The Lumberjack (w/ Hunter Q Robbins III) vs. Mr. X, ref John Finnegan
Lumberjack with a press slam and heart punch for the win in .40. Joey claims Lumberjack is 6’10 and 340. Only problem with those claims is he’s not much bigger then the ref.

We get a Rockin’ Rebel highlight package next. Matty in the House brings us back to the incident between JT Smith and Kevin Sullivan. Matty tells us that Smith is ok but that he has had it and is fed up. Next week Smith will be interviewed by Matty. Matty goes over the tag team title scene and we see Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Gunn winning the titles again. Matty lets us know that next week Gunn and Dreamer take on Sullivan and Tazmaniac.

Joey is in the ring with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Douglas says that Sherri is not in town but that Douglas is still in business. Woman comes out to the ring and since her and Sherri are best friends she offers her services to Douglas while Sherri is gone. Douglas checks out Woman and calls her beautiful but says she is no Sherri and leaves.

We are about to go to a Public Enemy interview from prison but first we get a warning from ECW and Sports Channel saying that the language is uncensored. Rocco Roc says that at Holiday Hell it’s a Body Count Match. The rules will be Johnny Grunge and Paul Diamond are going to be locked in separate jail cells. Roc will fight Pat Tanaka. The winner of the match gets to free his partner and the loser gets their partners cage blown up. If there is no winner after 15 minutes both cages will explode. Then they rap.

My thoughts on the show…
Thumbs way down for this show. Three garbage squash matches and the only competitive match was between JT Smith and Johnny Hotbody and both those guys are just awful. Skip this one.

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