ECW Hardcore TV 11/30/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Sabu
Tag: Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer

“Ruff Neck” video from last week airs. Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and tonight we a return match between Sabu and Taz. Joey talks about how two weeks ago Terry Funk choked him and last week Jason ran him off. This week he says nothing is going to happen to him because he is interviewing Peaches. Peaches is shadow boxing and turns and punches Joey. Oh boy. Joey moans and groans. We go to Matty in the House who is hysterically laughing and asks for it to be replayed multiple times. I really can’t stress how not funny this all was.

A highlight package on the Tazmaniac airs. It includes previously unaired clips from his match against Tommy Dreamer at November to Remember. Taz pinned Dreamer with a release northern lights suplex.

World & TV Champion Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Tazmaniac (w/ Tony Rumble), ref John Finnegan
Sabu dives at the legs then hits a clothesline and a quick frankensteiner. Taz comes back with a german that dumps Sabu onto his head. Paul E. trips up Taz as he hits the ropes. Rumble grabs Paul E. and throws him over his shoulder and carries him to the back. Taz hits another german that puts Sabu on his head and we go to commercial. Back from the break Sabu somersaults of the apron onto Taz who was standing on the floor. Back in the ring Sabu misses a corner charge and Taz starts stomping away. Taz whips Sabu into the ropes but Sabu springboards off and hits a leg lariat. Sabu with a second and he goes for a third but Taz catches him and hits a fall away slam. Tazmaniac throws Sabu out of the ring to the floor. Sabu tries to springboard back into the ring but slips and hits the mat. Rest hold time. Taz with a tbone suplex. Sabu comes back and goes for a springboard moonsault but Tazmaniac moves. Sabu stays on him though and hits a spin kick. Sabu slingshots himself into the ring from the apron with a leg drop for a 2 count. Sabu dives onto Taz on the floor and they brawl out there a bit. Back in the ring Sabu sends Taz into the corner and charges with a splash but Taz catches him with a overhead belly to belly. Sabu misses a moonsault but Taz stops the ref from making a 3 count. Taz goes up top and misses a somersault senton. Sabu splashes Taz and gets the pin. 12.10 of the match was shown.

Tod Gordon hypes the $5 TV Taping coming up. The Shane Douglas video from last week airs. Matty in the House hypes the you pick the main event at Holiday Hell. Matty plays some brief highlight packages of Hawk, Terry Funk and Sabu, Sal Bellomo, Kevin Sullivan, Mr. Hughes and Jason, and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

The Sandman, JT Smith & Peaches vs. Tag Team Champions Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson & Hunter Q. Robbins III, ref John Finnegan
Again this match took place the day before Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Gunn won the titles. Stetson and Hotbody are not announced as champions but were still holding the title at the time of this match. Robbins starts with Sandman so Sandman tags Peaches right away. Robbins tags Stetson and Sandman comes back in. Stetson beats down Sandman then tags in Hotbody. Hotbody with a drop kick and tags back to Stetson. They make a few more switches until Sandman makes a come back and throws Stetson to the floor. Sandman doesn’t let anybody get into the ring and for some reason Hotbody and Stetson grab Robbins and throw him in. Peaches tags in kicks Robbins in the nuts and pins him in 5.51. Stetson and Hotbody attack from behind and throw Sandman and Smith to the floor. Jason and Mr. Hughes show up and beat up Sandman. Hughes hits a bossman slam on the floor.

Back from break, we see a replay of what just happened and Joey thinks that Jason paid off Hotbody and Stetson. We go to a special pretaped report. Joey is at the dressing room that Badd Company got beat down at by Public Enemy. They show the attack again and arrest of PE.

Hunter Q. Robbins III is backstage and he is complaining about how he has been screwed by ECW. He talks about all the talent he has brought into ECW only to have them leave or change managers. Robbins says he is going to plot the worst thing ECW has ever seen and he will rip the guts of ECW out.

My thoughts on the show…
The Sabu/Tazmaniac match was one of the best matches of the year, though that’s not saying much. That being said, give this show a watch. Thumbs up.

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