ECW Hardcore TV 11/23/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Sabu
Tag: Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer

We open up with the ending of last weeks show.

Joey Styles is outside the Tabor Community Center and he welcomes us to the show. Joey talks about the mugging that happened last week and we again watch the footage. We see the aftermath which as Public Enemy getting arrested. We go to a press conference with the police chief. He lets us know that Pat Tanaka has broken ribs.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ Woman) vs. Keith Shera, ref Jim Molineaux
Sullivan attacks before the bell and brings it to the floor. Back in the ring Shera gets tied up in the tree of woe and Sullivan hits a running knee 3 times. Sullivan with a double stomp for the win in 1.03.

Tod Gordon is in his office and he thanks the fans for packing the Arena at November to Remember. Gordon says on December 4th at the next TV Taping tickets are only $5!

Joey is in the dressing room with Angel. Angel grabs the mic from Joey and tells Sherri she’s going to end her career for jumping her when she tried to help Malaya Hosaka at November to Remember. We get the Sherri video from last week. Matty in the House interrupts the video package to hype the $5 taping.

Tag Team Champions Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins II) Sandman & JT Smith (w/ Peaches), ref Jim Molineaux
Stetson and Hotbody have lost the titles as of the airing of this show but this match took place the day before they lost them. Since the title change was shown last week they are not announced as champions here nor do they have the belts. They show the title change from November to Remember before the match starts. Smith has his knee still wrapped up. Stetson and Sandman start off. Sandman with the offense early on hitting a body slam and clothesline. Stetson goes to the floor and they all regroup. Back in the ring Stetson goes after the Sandman’s leg and then tags Hotbody who stays on the leg. They tag in and out a few times staying on the leg. Hotbody hits a suplex and tags out. Sandman has a few chances to tag but waves off Smith because of his injury. Smith ends up tagging himself in but gets his leg taken out right away. Stetson misses a top rope leg drop. Both teams make tags. Sandman gets behind Hotbody and runs him to the ropes to roll him up but Hotbody ducks and Robbins hits Sandman with his cane. Hotbody gets the cover and win in 7.16. Peaches jumps on Robbins in the ring and he throws her off before Sandman chases them all off.

A Shane Douglas video package airs with Bang a Gong by T-Rex playing. Great fucking song.

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Kyle Shera, ref John Finnegan
Before the match we go to November to Remember when Hughes and Jason attacked Sandman. Onto the match where Hughes beats the crap out of the guy and pins him in 2.35 with the boss man slam.

Matty in the House hypes Holiday Hell which is the next big show coming up. Fans get to call in and vote for the main event.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo vs. Chris Michaels, ref John Finnegan
They shake hands to start. Cairo quickly on offense hits a back elbow and suplex for 2. Cairo with a hip toss and drop kick. Jason joins Styles on commentary. Michaels with a come back and hits a slam and elbow drop. They mess up a spot as both men duck an imaginary clothesline. Michaels then hits a real one. Powerslam by Michaels gets 2. Cairo ducks a clothesline and hits a one of his own. Cairo misses an elbow drop and Michaels goes into a chin lock. Cairo breaks out and hits a Thesz press for 2. Belly to belly and release german get the 3 count in 4.45. Another hand shake and they hug at the end.

Styles is back outside thanking us for watching the show. Jason shows up and Joey freaks out cause he hates Jason so much. Jason wants to know how the fans like his suit.

MC Lyte’s “Ruff Neck” video plays with clips of Jason and Mr. Hughes edited in to end todays show.

My thoughts on the show…
Not a good one this week two total squash matches and the competitive matches weren’t any good. Not enough focus on Shane Douglas or Sabu the last few weeks if you ask me. Thumbs down skip it.

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