ECW Hardcore TV 11/16/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Terry Funk
Tag: Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody

Badd Company are in the dressing room talking about how awesome they are. Paul Diamond wants an empty arena match. Matty in the House throws it to a Public Enemy interview. Rocco Roc and Johnny Grunge think Badd Company are crazy cause they are going to kill them. Onyx brings us the video for “Slam” with highlights of the feud between PE and Badd Company. It includes clips from their match at November to Remember.

Matty brings us quick highlights of Tag Team Champions Tony “Hitman” Stetson and Johnny Hotbody defending against Bad Breed. After that match Matty says something happened and we go to….

Tag Team Champions Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody vs. Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer, ref John Finnegan
The champs swing the belts and miss. Dreamer and Gunn each hit an atomic drop that sends their opponents crashing into each other. Each man with a powerslam and pin to win the titles in .10

Gunn and Dreamer say it may have been a fluke but they still have the titles and if any else wants them they have to come and get them.

Joey Styles is backstage with his best friend Sal Bellomo. Bellomo thanks Philadelphia for all the support. We get some very short clips from November to Remember.

Highlights of Sherri Martel are shown to Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle”. The video included some her match versus Malaya Hosaka from November to Remember. Sherri went crazy in the match that was originally supposed to be against Madusa and got DQed after hitting referee Jim Molineaux with a chair. Madusa no showed after being signed to the WWF. Joey Styles is backstage with Hosaka and she name drops a bunch a Japanese women wrestlers. Hosaka bleed during the match and it was the first time in US women’s wrestling for that to happen. Hosaka says next time they meet it’s going to be Sherri bleeding.

Public Enemy are outside the arena and they are going to rip out Badd Company’s hearts out. More brief clips of the November to Remember are shown.

Sandman vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, ref John Finnegan
Tony Rumble is on commentary with Joey Styles. At the 2 minute mark Jason comes down to ringside. Sandman gets a 2 count after a clothesline. Sandman leap frogs The Anvil and Anvil grabs his knee and goes down. Sandman walks over and Neidhart throws him out of the ring and then slams him on the floor. Joey thinks Neidhart is a terrible person for faking an injury. Sandman fights back with a punch to the gut as Neidhart comes off the second rope. Drop kick by Sandman and a gordbuster. Both men get up and both go down from a double clothesline. Each man has an arm draped over the other and the ref counts them both down at 6.07. After the match Jason gets in the ring and gets on the mic. Jason offers Anvil a job but Anvil says no way and walks off. Sandman also says no so Jason attacks him. Sandman fights back but Mr. Hughes comes down and beats him up and chokeslams him.

Terry Funk’s mystery partner for his tag team match was King Kong Bundy. We see a still of Bundy splashing Funk and go to a interview with Joey Styles with Terry Funk. Funk says he’s not afraid of anyone. He talks about how his father died in his hands. Funk says Joey is the same size as Paul E. Dangerously and he starts abusing Styles wondering if Paul E. would be afraid of him. Funk chokes Joey with the microphone wire while he rants about how everyone should be afraid of him.

Matty in the House brings us to an interview with Hawk and Jim Neidhart. Hawk talks some nonsense about plasma and hemoglobin.

Paul E. is in the dressing room holding both the Heavyweight and TV Championships. He talks about how Sabu pinned Funk and won the TV title. Paul says that if he was Funk’s father he would die when he looked at Funk also. Paul says that Sabu hates Funk and wants to take him out of wrestling. During the interview with are shown brief clips of the November to Remember match including the finish. Sabu small packaged Funk, Funk rolled it over and Sabu rolls it back to get the pin and win the TV title.

Badd Company are in the dressing room and they get attacked and beat down by Public Enemy. The camera man gets knocked over and the audio goes out and we just see that Badd Company are down on the floor. Paul Diamond gets up after PE leave but Pat Tanaka is still down holding his knee as we go off the air.

My thoughts on the show…
Well for the fact that November to Remember wasn’t supposed to be televised we saw more from it then I was expecting. That being said I still didn’t like this episode, as it didn’t feel like there was really anything to it. Thumbs down.

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