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ECW Hardcore TV 11/9/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Sabu
TV: Terry Funk
Tag: Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody

November to Remember preview show today. Jay Sulli opens it up and tells us that Terry Funk will be calling into the show because his original pick for a partner was arrested.

Matty is in the House and he brings us a short clip package of some of the competitors taking part in November to Remember.

Opening Video.

Joey Styles is in the ECW Studio to open the show and he hypes November to Remember. We see the Sherri Madusa video from last week. Last week Tommy Dreamer was unsuccessful in his ECW debut against Tazmaniac. However he got a big ovation from the ECW crowd after the match and looks to get revenge against Tazmaniac at November to Remember.

Joey is in the dressing room with Jason. Angel shows up and Jason gets rid of here. Joey wants Jason to talk only about wrestling and not about himself. Jason wants to know if November to Remember is not on TV how will people be able to see him and enjoy his essences.

Joey talks about how much he loves Sal Bellomo and how badly he wants him to destroy Rockin’ Rebel. We see a video package highlighting the whole feud between the two.

Kevin Sullivan takes on “Ironman” Tommy Cairo in a shoot fight match and we see Kevin Sullivan in ECW highlights.

Highlights of the Public Enemy and Badd Company feud airs next. Including footage from;
Badd Company vs. Tag Team Champions Johnny Hotbody and Tony Stentson (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) ref John Finnegan (Bloodfest Day 1 1993-10-01)
Paul Diamond locks Stetson in an indian deathlock but Hotbody breaks it up. Pat Tanaka gets clotheslined by Hotbody and is turned inside out. Badd Company are setting up their finisher but Rocco Rocs comes down and nails Diamond allowing Stetson to get the pin and retain the title. .58 is shown.

Badd Company vs. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed ref Jim Molineaux (Bloodfest Day 2 1993-10-02)
Badd Company hit the ring with chairs. PE tries to bail but the Bad Breed shows up and now all three teams are in the cage now. All three teams brawl with each other Rocco Roc gets busted opened. Rocco gets out of the cage giving PE the victory in 3.25

Mr. Hughes threatens Joey into saying that Johnny Gunn has no chance on Saturday at November to Remember. Hughes talks about all the people he’s beaten up in his career.

Highlights of Heavyweight Champion Sabu air.

Joey is on the phone with Hawk from Japan. Hawk says something about blood and wanting to beat people up. Joey then calls Terry Funk who tells him to shut up. Funk trash talks Hawk and says his partner is a great wrestler. They do a top 10 reasons you should be at November to Remember and it’s not funny at all.

Matty in the House runs down the card again to end the show.

My thoughts on the show…
Real good show this week highlighting what’s going to happen at November to Remember. The show is not going to be distributed on video so I’m not sure if we will get to see any of these matches next week unfortunately. Thumbs up for the hype show. Well done.

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