ECW Hardcore TV 4/5/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-04-05 (Matches taped 1994-03-06 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa, 1994-03-26 Ultimate Jeopardy at Valley Forge Music Fair in Devon, PA & 1994-03-27 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: JT Smith
Tag: Public Enemy

Bruise Brothers vs. Stormin Mike Norman & Dan Carson ref Jim Molineaux (1994-03-27)
Attack in the aisle again. In the ring power slam, power bomb, double press slam and double big boot for the win in 1.03.

Opening video.

To Joey Styles for some hype of tonight’s show.

Crash, Kevin Sullivan, Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Pitbull, Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Rockin’ Rebel (w/Jason) ref Jim Molineaux (1994-03-27)
We go to commercial before the match starts and get a Hawk/Champion “Franchise” Shane Douglas hype video for April 16th. Back to the ring and are ready to lock up. Tazmaniac and Rebel start up but do nothing. Crash and Pitbull tag in and Pitbull gets lifted high up in the air with a press slam. Pitbull bails for a bit and then gets the advantage back in the ring. Stetson tags in and so does Sullivan. All six guys now brawl on the floor. Woman and Jason have been talking to each other the whole time. After a minute or so things calm down and Pitbull takes over on Tazmaniac in the ring. Tazmaniac comes back and hits a release northern lights and tags Crash. Stetson also comes in and takes over on Crash. So they are hyping Crash as this giant monster but Stetson the smallest guy here is the one taking over on him. He’s seriously like half the size of Crash. Things break down again and Crash hits a moonsault on Stetson for the win in 5.43.

April 16th hype. Signed so far is Champion Douglas and Hawk. Terry Funk versus Mr. Hughes and Crash takes on 911.

We again see JT Smith winning the TV Title from Tazmaniac. Smith is with Joey. Joey talks about how Smith truly has a Rocky story. Smith talks then we see a career package video. I don’t understand why they have ever put Smith over anyone. We get the ending of Smith’s first title defense against Rockin’ Rebel from Ultimate Jeopardy. Smith got the win after Jason came of the top and accidentally nailed Rebel with a knee to the face

Paul E Dangerously wants to know who the hell cares about Smith’s story. Not I. Paul E hypes 911 and Sabu for the 16th.

Joey talks about the recent happenings with the Sandman.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo vs. Sandman ref John Finnegan (1994-03-26)
Highlights only. Cairo hits a few spin kicks and a german for the win. 8.17 is the announced time with 1.30 being shown. After the match Sandman attack Cairo and nailed him with the implant DDT. Peaches comes out and yells at Sandman telling him to leave. He says something to her about paying for something and then goes afar her with a chair. Cairo from behind with a german but then we cut to Sandman attacking with a chair. Sandman is in the locker room and he says the days of the happy Sandman are over. He says that when he needed his friends the most they all came out to help Peaches and not him.

Sandman vs. “Wildman” Sal Bellomo (1994-03-06)
Every time Sandman is on screen it goes black and white. Sandman attacks before the bell and hits a DDT. Sandman rips up all the stuffed animals that Sal usually gives to the kids and hits another DDT. Sandman gets the win after 1.38.

Chad Austin vs, Hack Meyers ref John Finnegan (1994-03-27)
Meyers attacks before the bell. Joey talks about how Austin has had a bunch of upset wins recently. It’s basically the same exact story as JT Smith. Austin hits a spin kick and top rope leg drop for the win in 1.46.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy are with Sherri and they ask her to their manager and she says no and then call her a ho and walk away.

Added to the March 16th show is PE taking on The Bruise Brothers with stipulations to be added next week. Jason cuts a promo on Terry Funk.

Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri) vs. Paul Diamond ref Jim Molineaux
During the instructions Sherri sneaks in the ring and nails Diamond with a chair. Pat Tanaka hits the ring and goes after Douglas. Tanaka sets up the sit out power bomb but he gets nailed with a chair by Sherri. Douglas talks shit to Hawk. Hawk hits the ring and Douglas nails him in the head with the chair but Hawk no sells it. Douglas and Sherri bail and Hawk tells Douglas he’s going to beat him up on the 16th.

My thoughts on the show
Another pretty good one this week. Lots of hype for the upcoming Arena show. They continue to build the Sandman as the ultimate scum bag. I hate the underdog story of JT Smith and we have the same thing with Chad Austin which sucks equally as much. That stuff however didn’t take up to much time this week. Douglas moving into the position as the head of the company makes me excited to see where things go. Worth checking out for the build to next week.

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