ECW Hardcore TV 3/29/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-03-29 (Matches taped 1994-03-05 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: Terry Funk
TV: JT Smith
Tag: Public Enemy

Ultimate Jeopardy highlights open up the show. The match appears to have been contested under War Games rules where participants entered the ring one at a time. Order of appearance looks to have been Tazmaniac and Tag Team Champion Rocco Roc starting. Tag Team Champion Johnny Grunge, Kevin Sullivan, Mr. Hughes, Champion Terry Funk, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Hawk. Shane ended up tying a plastic bag over Funk’s head and pilee drivering him for the win. Due to the pre match stipulation Douglas is the new ECW Champion!

Matty in the House talks about all the recent goings on in ECW.

Public Enemy vs. Bruise Brothers ref Jim Molineaux Falls Count Anywhere Match
Matty reminds us that this is from the night before PE won the tag titles. Joey Styles is on commentary with some wrestling writer. A wild brawl all over the arena ends when Rocco Roc jumps off the eagle’s nest but nails Johnny Grunge by accident. One of the Harris brothers covers and pins them both in 6.56. After the match PE grab Joey and beat the crap out of him nailing him with a chair a few times.

The Bruise Brothers earned a tag team title match for later in the night but PE came out and attacked them as wells as Champions Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac with lead pipes. The Harris Brothers are in the locker room and they want to beat the crap out of PE and take the titles. PE talk next and I hate them. They talk about having girlfriends that looked like the Bruise Brothers while they were in jail. They were twice as tough too but the PE still took them twice every night. Yup thats right Public Enemy just admitted to the anal rape of two other inmates.

911 video package from last week.

TV Champion Sabu (w/ Paul E Danerously & 911) vs. “Awesome” Mike Awesome
Sabu is of course no longer TV Champion but was at the time of this match. They take turns diving at each others legs. Awesome rams Sabu into the turnbuckle then clotheslines him out of the ring. Awesome sets up the suicide dive but Sabu bails into the crowd. Awesome springboards to the top rope and dives on Sabu. Clip to Sabu missing a moonsault from the top. Awesome picks Sabu up for a suplex but throws him onto the top rope instead. Clothesline sends Sabu to the floor and Awesome hits the dive over the top rope! Awesome goes for a power bomb on the food but 911 attacks from behind and chokes him out. They set up Awesome on a table. Clip and Sabu is diving off the top rope putting him through the table. 911 throws Awesome back into the ring and Sabu covers him for the win. 3.19 was shown.

Paul E cuts a promo telling Awesome that he can call 911 any time but until then he needs to stop crying about what happened. He hypes Sabu’s appearance at the Arena on April 16th.

Matty talks about Ultimate Jeopardy and then we see the end of last weeks TV Title match. We get a Sal Bellomo versus Sandman hype video.

Shane Douglas is in the locker room celebrating with Sherri and Mr. Hughes. Rockin’ Rebel, Pitbull, Sandman and Public Enemy come to congratulate Douglas. Sandman says he will give Shane a discount on a girl. Apparently Sandman is a pimp now? Commissioner Tod Gordon shows up and also congratulates Douglas. Douglas and Sherri tell Gordon to bring on the challengers.

“Are you Gonna Go My Way” Music video featuring clips of Shane Douglas.

Hawk cuts a promo saying that he will be at the next ECW Arena show and he wants Douglas and Mr. Hughes.

My thoughts on the show
Awesome and Sabu was short but fun. Pretty decent promo by Douglas and a acceptable amount of highlights from Ultimate Jeopardy make this one worth checking out.

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