ECW Hardcore TV 5/10/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-05-10 (Matches taped 1994-03-27 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa & 1994-04-16 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Pitbull
Tag: Public Enemy

Paul E Dangerously opens up the show with a backstage promo and he quickly makes fun of Terry Funk’s daughters. This brings out Funk who slaps Paul E and tells him to never make fun of his daughters.

Opening video.

To Joey Styles we go. Paul E shows up and is freaking out and mentions that Funk tried to break Sabu’s arm in Japan. We get a video package showing the highlights of the Funk and Sabu feud going all the way back to seven months ago. Funk and Arn Anderson are backstage Funk talks about how Paul E brought family into this and Arn talks about how Sabu is a kamikaze but they will ground him. Arn says Bobby Eaton and Sabu should stay home cause it will save them their lives.

Matty in the House tells us that just signed for May 14th is JT Smith, Bruise Brothers and Hawk will take on Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and Tag Team Champions Public Enemy in an Elimination Match. He the brings us a Mr. Hughes “Ruff Neck” video and then brings us our first match of the night.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Bruise Brothers ref Jim Molineaux Human Cage Match (1994-04-16)
This is just a lumberjack match with a fancy ECW name. Pretty much the whole locker room besides the top level guys are out there. Johnny Grunge starts out and gets his ass kicked and takes a chair to the skull that busts him open. The Harris brothers are just destroying Grunge as we near the five minute mark. Harris hits the ropes and Rocco Roc gets his knee up into the back allowing PE to get control. Roc gets a chair and goes to work with it. Even with the lumberjacks they find a way to brawl into the crowd. The Harris brothers hit the double big boot back in the ring but Mr. Hughes comes in the ring and nails them with chairs allowing PE to get the win. The lumberjacks now all start going at to. After the match Hughes gets his ass kicked by the two brothers.

Last week Tazmaniac tried to eat Jason alive. Joey interviews Jason and talks about all the thing he has coming up on the 14th. He of course focuses on Tazmaniac and the attack he suffered last week.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ Woman) vs. Don E Allen ref John Finnegan (1994-03-27)
Sullivan attacks before the bell and dumps Allen. Woman attacks him. Joey tells us that the reason they are airing this match is to show the brutality of Woman. Sullivan gets the win in 2 with a double stomp. Woman comes in the ring and beats on Allen again.

Back to Joey and he talks about how at November to Remember last year Woman cost Tommy Cairo his match against Kevin Sullivan. Joey talks about the the Singapore Canning Match and we get words from Cairo and Peaches.

Paul E and 911 are in the hood and Paul is dressed the way he thinks thugs dress. They show up to a door and ask the guy standing outside for PE. Paul E talks “ghetto”. This is terrible. The bouncer dude is a terrible actor. PE come out and Paul E tells them he needs help with Terry Funk. PE yell at Funk and tell him they are going to take him out. Paul E says he wants them to do something that will get them put away for a very long time. He pulls out a wad of cash and says they shouldn’t worry about the bail money. HAAH Grunge rips it out of his hands and pockets it.

My thoughts on the show
Pretty weak go home show for the big When Worlds Collide event coming up in just a few days. Paul E stuff in the opening was great but terrible at the end.

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