ECW Hardcore TV 6/14/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-06-14 (Matches taped 1994-05-13 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa & 1994-06-03 at Farmer’s Market in Montgomeryville, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Mikey Whipwreck
Tag: Public Enemy

Bruise Brothers vs. Joel Hartgood & Dino Sendoff ref Jim Molineaux (1994-05-13)
The brothers attack their opponents as they come down the aisle. Double big boot to Hartgood ends it in .47. No commentary on this one

Matty in the House talks about last weeks TV Title match and we get some clips, at least I assume that’s what he’s talking about as there is no audio and then brings us to our next match.

Sandman vs. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo ref Jim Molineaux Falls Count Anywhere Match (1994-06-03)
Woman and Peaches are barred from ringside, AKA they weren’t at the show. Powerslam by Cairo and he goes up top and hits what I think is supposed to by a spin kick off the top but he hits Sandman with his back instead of leg/foot. They fight up some steps and Sandman escapes and starts to go down and Cairo throws a chair to the back of his head. We clip and Cairo dives off a bannister with a clothesline. Cairo beats the shit out of Sandman with a metal table hitting him in the head with it 5 or 6 times and getting the pin. 2.55 was shown. Cairo goes to the ring to celebrate after the match but Sandman attacks him with the Singapore cane. Cairo busted wide open. Commentary on this one but no crowd noise.

Back to Matty and he throws it to a Sandman and Woman promo with no audio. I’m sure he talks about how his wife is a prostitute.

Public Enemy music video to “Fantastic Voyage” by Coolio.

More audio issues as we go to Matty and then a Too Cold Scorpio promo all with no sound. This may have been the same promo as last week as it’s followed by the same music video.

JT Smith vs. Hack Meyers ref Jim Molineaux (1994-05-13)
Hack with the early advantage but Smith fires back and hits a fallaway slam. Smith fired up after all that has happened to him lately. More back and forth. I’m assuming they fuck something up because they cut to the crowd, also cause they both suck so it would make sense that they fuck something up. Smith with a small package for 3 in 3.20.

Paul E Dangerously wonders who in WCW wants to get rid of Cactus Jack and who is setting him up to get beat up by Sabu.

Sabu (w/ Paul E Dangerously & 911) vs. Too Cold Scorpio ref John Finnegan (1994-06-03)
Back and forth for the first few minutes. Sabu hits a drop kick and Scorpio goes to the floor. Sabu with a dive over the top nailing Scorpio. Back in the ring Sabu with a clothesline that sends Scorpio back to the floor. Scorpio on the apron and Sabu goes for a sunset flip power bomb to the floor but Scorpio hangs onto the rope and Sabu hits the floor. Scorpio jumps off the apron with a cross body. Scorpio goes to work on the leg of Sabu. They go to the floor for a bit. Sabu brings a chair into the ring and Paul E pretends that there are rules that need to be followed and distracts the ref as Sabu uses the chair about 100 times. Sabu opens up the chair and attempts to super piledriver Scorpio through it. Scorpio though pushes him off the buckle and hits a cross body and then a splash off the top both getting him a 2 count. German for 2. Another top rope splash but again Sabu kicks out. Spin kick sends Sabu to the floor. Paul E and 911 go over and Scorpio dives on all three of them. Paul E again distracts the ref and 911 grabs Scorpio and chokes him out then places him on a table. Sabu with a springboard moonsault through the table. 911 throws Scorpio into the ring and Paul E rolls Sabu into the ring and on top of Scorpio for the pin in 13.36.

Cactus Jack says the people of Philly know him really well but they are going to see a different Cactus when he meets Sabu.

My thoughts on the show
Good main event really the only thing worth mentioning here.

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