ECW Hardcore TV 6/21/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-06-21 (Matches taped 1994-06-03 at Farmer’s Market in Montgomeryville, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Mikey Whipwreck
Tag: Public Enemy

We get some thoughts from on who they think is going to win the Sabu Cactus Jack match.

Opening video.

Tazmaniac vs. Rockin’ Rebel ref John Finnegan
Taz attacks before there is even a ref in the ring. After about 30 seconds the ref comes out and calls for the bell. Rebel hits a clothesline and back elbow. Rebel goes up top but Taz cuts him off and hits a super belly to belly for the win in 1.05. Jason and Pitbull hit the ring and go after Taz. Taz manages to fight everyone off as he stands tall in the ring.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo and Peaches are backstage. Cairo talks about how he’s gotten his ass kicked with the cane lately but he can take it cause he’s a man. He feels like less of a man though for letting Peaches get canned. Some highlights from When World Collides. Woman says she wants her money. Sandman says he has beaten Cairo up over and over again but Cairo still won’t pay up. Woman says they should lock up the house and his car or better yet put a chastity belt on Peaches. HAHA NICE!

Jason is with Pitbull and Rebel. Jason says Taz must be thinking about Jason a lot because he is always trying to get his hands on him. Pitbull takes on TV Champion Mikey Whipwreck tonight and says he will win the title for a second time. Rebel says he will be at ringside to make sure Taz doesn’t interfere. Video packages of Pitbull and Mikey air. HAHA it ends with a title card that reads “The Rematch of the Century (well, not really!). That’s great that they make fun of themselves like that.

Mr. Hughes vs. Chad Austin ref Jim Molineaux
Before the action really gets started we go to some pre-recorded comments from Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Hughes. Douglas says that he pays Hughes good money to keep dirty wrestlers hands off him. Hughes says that same thing. Back to the ring and Hughes hits a side walk slam for the win. .21 seconds was shown.

Simply the Best Shane Douglas video package.

Short promos from Paul E. Dangerously and Cactus Jack hyping the match this Friday. Tod Gordon says that he has told the refs to give the wrestlers even more leeway when it comes to the rules so that we have a definitive winner.

TV Champion Mikey Whipwreck vs. Pitbull (w/ Jason & Rockin’ Rebel) ref Jim Molineaux
“Run Mikey Run!” is your chant for the match. Pitbull takes it right to the floor and sends Mikey to the guard rail nails him with a chair and press slams him through a table! Back in the ring Pitbull beats on Mikey. I’m sure this will happen until he gets DQed. Commercial break. Back from break and Pitbull beats on Mikey a bit more. Pitbull locks in a full nelson and the ref calls for the bell in 5.02 giving Pitbull the win and title. Pitbull doesn’t let go of the hold and the ref reverses the decision and Mikey retains the title.

Jason, Pitbull and Rebel are backstage again and Jason talks about how he used to be a hopeful just like Mikey but no ref or wrestlers ever helped him like they help Mikey. Rebel says this Friday he is going to hit Mikey with a clothesline and pin him and not mess around. Pitbull talks about how he is going to take out Taz again.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Joel Hartgood & Dino Sendoff ref Jim Molineaux
Hartgood and Sendoff just run out of the ring and into the locker room. PE come back out getting beat up by the Bad Breed. Back in the ring PE fight back and use the belts to bloody the Rotten brothers. “Flyboy” Rocco Roc says they are coming after the Funks this Friday night.

PE are now outside and they are talking about how last year they were homeless. Roc says that someone came to the they and offered them money to take out Funk and they had to take it because there is no way they are going back to sleep on the streets.

Paul E is backstage and Sabu is being held back by 911 and another handler. Paul E hypes the match coming up saying Sabu is the craziest man in wrestling. Cactus Jack also hypes this Friday’s main event!

My thoughts on the show
Good show to lead us into Hostile City Showdown. All the right things were highlighted to get across exactly what we should expect this coming Friday.

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