ECW Hardcore TV 6/28/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-06-28 (Matches taped 1994-06-26 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Mikey Whipwreck
Tag: Public Enemy

Last Friday night Terry Funk hung “Flyboy” Rocco Roc by his feet from the Eagle’s Nest!

Opening video.

Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk vs. Hack Meyers & Steve Richards ref John Finnegan
Ugh Joey is not back on TV yet. The audio for the home video was probably added at a later date some Joey should be back soon. Funk and Hack start off. Hack sends Funk into the corner but Dory rushes over and lays across them to block Terry from hitting the buckle. Both teams tag. Dory nails Richards with three uppercut forearms. Double underhook by Dory gets only a 1 count. Terry tags him and chops the shit out of Richards. Terry throws Richards into the corner and allows him to tag. Terry throws Hack out of the ring and Dory nails him with a chair. Dory tags in and hits a double underhook on Hack. Terry comes in and gets slammed a few times and in comes Richards and he nails a super kick. Followed by a second for 2. Terry is bleeding Funk comes back and nails a pile driver. Terry and Dory tag back and forth like six times and trade side headlocks. They really wrench it on. Dory with a side headlock take down and he pins Richards after 8.24. Interesting finish and went much longer than I expected.

We go right to some highlights of the Funks taking on Tag Team Champions Public Enemy from Hostile City Showdown. PE are in the South Bronx. Rocco Roc talks about being hung by the neck..ummm feet you mean. On July 16th PE tells us that they have the Funk brothers in a Barbed Wire Match. Johnny Grunge hypes the match and looks into the wrong camera the whole time. Good promo though.

Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas is with Mr. Hughes. Douglas hypes their cage match with the Bruise Brothers later on tonight. Douglas says he took away the Bruise Brothers greatest asset of brawling outside the ring and gave himself the advantage by making the match happen in the ring. Hughes cuts a good promo talking about the whooping he’s going to give the Bruise Brothers. Although I’m not so sure I can take him as a threat anymore after watching him can defeated with a gentle kick to the back of the head. The Harris’ talk about how they are going to beat up Hughes and Douglas.

Already signed to July 16th is the Barbed Wire Match, Douglas defends against Sabu and Sandman takes on “Ironman” Tommy Cairo in a Dueling Cane Match in which both men start the match with a cane in hand.

Highlights videos of Sabu and Chad Austin air. They face each other next week.

Sandman and Woman caned the crap out of Cairo and Peaches at Hostile City Showdown and we see the ending of that segment. Sandman and Woman tell Cairo that his bills are due.

Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes vs. Bruise Brothers ref Jim Molineaux & John Finnegan Cage Match
Shane cuts a similar promo from before just shorter. Bruise Brothers hit the ring and they brawl for a bit but then things calm down and it becomes a regular tag match. Pinfall or the legal man in the ring escapes. Douglas starts in the ring but does not fair well and gets hit with a belly to back suplex and we go to break. Back from break and Shane is still being beat on by both Harris brothers. Douglas finally able to break away long enough to tag Hughes. Hughes comes in and hits a drop kick. Hughes and Douglas back and forth beat on Harris and he is busted wide open. We go to a break and when we come back Shane is bleeding but hits a belly to belly. Paul E. Dangerously joins in on commentary. Hughes and Douglas again tagging back and forth and they are all over the Harris. Harris goes low on Hughes and tags. I notice that this Harris is bleeding also. This means that the last break must have cut a lot out as Shane was bleeding and the Harris brothers had tagged and that one also got busted open. Harris comes in but is quickly stopped and Douglas and Hughes take back over. Douglas with a DDT. Paul E has been ranting for this whole time about how Willie “Scoop” Watts is terrible and how everyone is going to turn off the TV so no one will show up on July 16th cause they won’t know about it. Paul E is so great he must have said July 16th about 100 times. That date is now drilled into my head so I will surely remember when the next show is. Bruise Brothers in control now and Shane tries to crawl away. Big boot to Shane and he falls through the door and onto the floor getting the win for his team. 18.20 of the match was shown.

We end with a very short portion of the Paul E promo from Hostile City Showdown and then we get the whole Cactus Jack one.

My thoughts on the show
I liked this weeks episode. The cage match dragged just a bit though. Looks like the July 16th show is going to be a bunch of rematches from the last card.

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