ECW Hardcore TV 9/21/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka defeated The Metal Maniac to retain the title
2.) Public Enemy defeated Jason Knight & Ian Rotten

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The 9/14 show was just a hype show for Ultra Clash. The show opens with Dark Patriot knocking JT Smith off the scaffold, but we don’t see the actual fall.

2.) THANK GOD, it’s the debut of Joey Styles as an announcer for ECW programming. My ears will no longer bleed thanks to the annoying Jay Sulli.

3.) Joey Styles lets us know that ECW is now part of the NWA. This partnership would cause a lot of rift within the company. Most notably, Eddie Gilbert, who was the top heel act in the company and just won the tag team titles with Dark Patriot, would leave the company due to his hatred for Jim Crockett.

4.) Footage from Ultra Clash is shown where Sal Bellomo won a match against Rick Michaels and used a strap on him. Sherri Martel brawled with Hunter Q. Robbins. Rockin’ Rebel came out with a steel chair and attacked Bellomo. They are selling this as if Rebel smashed Bellomo’s face with the chair causing a lot of blood and his teeth to be on the canvas. There is a giant black censor sign on the screen.

5.) Joey Styles talks to the doctor taking care of Sal Bellomo. The doctor says that it is not a major injury but they will need a doctor to realign the jaw bone. Their major concern is the detached retina to the right eye. There is no way that Bellomo will be able to compete on October 1st or October 2nd. This could be a career ending injury for Bellomo.

6.) Highlights of the bunkhouse brawl match at Ultra Clash is aired. Terry Funk and Kevin Sullivan wrestled there way to the scaffold at one point. Kevin Sullivan turned on his partner, Abdullah the Butcher, and they brawled briefly. Thus, they will be wrestling at Bloodfeast.

7.) Jay Sulli interviews JT Smith about his knee injury due to the scaffold match. JT tells anyone to bring whatever they’ve got because he wrestles for a living and he loves it.

8.) Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge, known as Public Enemy, say that they are coming for the NWA Tag Team Championships. They are here to take the belts and not play around. They are calling out anybody to try their luck against them.

9.) We have a new ECW Heavyweight Champion as Shane Douglas won the belt at a house show due to Tito Santana not appearing on the show as scheduled.

Final Thoughts:
It’s mostly a recap of what happened at Ultra Clash, but it’s also a huge step in the right direction with Styles on commentary and Douglas as champion. I enjoyed the episode and gave me hope that ’93 can end positively for the company.

Thanks for reading.

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