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ECW Ultra Clash ’93 9/18/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: “Fabulous” Shane Douglas
TV: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka
PA State: Tony “The Hitman” Stetson
Tag: “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

The Public Enemy vs. Jason Knight & Ian Rotten, ref John Finnegan
Joey Styles makes his debut on commentary tonight. PE attack to start and Johnny Grunge hits Rotten with a powerslam and piledriver. Rocco Roc comes in and they throw Rotten out of the ring. Roc somersault planchas onto him. Roc with a 2nd rope moonsault onto Knight. Knight gets tossed to the floor. Rotten back in the ring. Knight on the floor gets tossed into the post by Grunge. Both opponents of PE are busted open. Rocco makes a blind tag and Grunge comes in from behind with a clothesline on Rotten. Grunge with a reverse DDT and Rocco comes off the top with a somersault senton to pin Rotten in 4.38. PE double clothesline Rotten and beat on him a bit more after the match.

PA State Champion Tony “The Hitman” Stetson (w/ Hunter Q Robbins III) vs. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo, ref Jim Molinueax
Stetson jumps Cairo before the match and beats him to the mat. Stetson throws Cairo to the floor outside the ring. Spinning heel kick by Cairo in the ring and Stetson goes to the floor. Cairo with northern lights suplex. Stetson tries to crawl out of the ring but crotches himself on the ring post. Back in the ring Stetson takes control but Cairo overpowers him and slams him. Cairo with a belly to belly but Stetson gets his foot on the rope. Another belly to belly for 2 and Stetson goes to the floor again. Back in Stetson slams Cairo and stomps away. Cairo with a corner whip and he charges with a back elbow Stetson gets his foot on the ropes on the pin attempt. Snap suplex but Stetson again with his foot on the rope. Flying clothesline by Stetson. Robbins distracts the ref allowing Stetson to hit Cairo with the belt and get the pin at 7.32.

Mask vs. Mask Match: Super Destroyer 1 vs. Super Destroyer 2 (w/ Hunter Q Robbins III), ref John Finnegan
Destroyer 2 with a pump handle slam after the feeling out process and he goes to work on the arm. After a few minutes Super D 1 makes a come back and goes to work on the leg of Super D 2. 2 pushes off 1 when he attempts a spinning toe hold and goes back to work on the arm. Side slam for 2. 1 comes back and again goes to the spinning toe hold. 2 fights back but misses a corner charge and hits his head on the ring post. Standing senton gets the win for Super D 1 in 6.38. Super D 1 unmasks 2 and the Dark Patriot comes down and hits him with a chair they spike piledriver #1 on a chair twice. JT Smith hits the ring to break it up which leads us into…

Scaffold Match: “Jazzy” JT Smith vs. Tag Team Champion Dark Patriot, ref John Finnegan
Patriot throws powder into Smith’s eyes and tries to throw him to the floor. DDT on Smith. Patriot takes the string out of his pants and chokes Smith with it. Smith fights back and uses the string himself. Patriot slams Smith’s face into the scaffold. Patriot with a gordbuster. Smith with a dropkick and both men are down. Smith hangs onto a steel pipe that is attached to the ceiling and barely stays up. Patriot throws more powder into Smith’s eyes and throws him off the scaffold to the mat. Smith holds his knee in pain as it looks like he may be injured. Patriot gets down and brings Smith into the crowd where he beats on him some more. Time of the match is 6.40.

Terry Funk & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs. Abdullah the Butcher & Kevin Sullivan, ref Jim Molineaux
The bell sounds a big brawl breaks out. With out Eddie Gilbert in this match has no back-story in ECW. Sullivan and Funk fight on the scaffold, Hansen and Butcher in the ring. Funk is busted open as all four men are back in the ring. Funk uses a chair on Butcher as we cross the 5 minute mark. Abdullah is cut opened. Sullivan hits Funk with a hammer. Sullivan hold Funk and Butcher goes to hit him with a spike but Funk moves and he hits Sullivan. Funk with a spinning toe hold and “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert hits the ring and attacks Funk causing a DQ in 7.01. Dark Patriot comes down also and he and Hansen fight to the back. Sullivan attacks Abdullah and a bunch of wrestlers come to try and break it up but get beat back. Hansen and Funk come back to the ring and lay a beating on Johnny Hotbody.

$5,000.00 Intergender Battle Royal
The participants for the match are Sherri Martel, Tigra, Angel, Don E. Allen and Jay Sulli.
This looks to be a disaster. Sulli comes out looking wasted and dressed like a hillbilly. The bell rings and everyone just stands there. Robbins and Allen push Sulli into Sherri and Angel and they toss him out. Angel tosses Allen. Tigra is just sitting up on the turnbuckle watching the action. Sherri rips off Robbins pants and her and Angel toss him out. Sherri and Angel shake hands but Sherri double crosses her. Sherri rips off Angel’s wig. Freddie Gilbert comes in the ring and Sherri chases him out of the ring jumping over the top rope eliminating herself. Angel walks over to the ropes to yell at Gilbert and Tigra sneaks up behind and dumps her out to win the match in 4.07.

Strap Match: “Wildman” Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) ref Jim Molineaux
Sal gets on the mic before the match and asks Sherri to come watch his back. Bellomo throws stuffed animals to the fans. Bellomo with a drop kick and chokes Michaels. Michaels fights back briefly but Sal rakes the eyes to regain control. Robbins gets in on the action hitting Bellomo with his cane in the back. Bellomo fights back but Michaels gets the cane and hits Bellomo with it. Michaels with a slam but he misses a top rope splash. Bellomo hits the ropes and lands a splash for the win in 7.31. Bellomo starts to whip Michaels but Rockin’ Rebel returns from his suspension and nails Bellomo with a chair.

Heavyweight Champion “Fabulous” Shane Douglas (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Sandman, ref John Finnegan
Before the bell even rings Douglas just leaves and walks to the back. The ref gets on the mic and says that he will award the title Sandman if Douglas doesn’t come back within a ten count. Douglas of course makes it back in time. Sandman attacks Douglas hits a drop kick and suplex for 2. Douglas bails to the floor. Douglas trips Sandman and takes over. Sandman quickly fires back though. Small package by Sandman but Shane kicks out and gets back up and hits a clothesline and superkick. Douglas with a sleeper, Sandman eventually fights out of it but gets cut right off. Snap suplex by Shane gets 2. Sandman comes back and sends Shane into the corner. Sandman comes off the top with a shoulder block. Shane bumps into the ref on his way down hitting him in the knee. Paul E. comes in and tries to hit Sandman with the phone. Sandman grabs him and Shane gets the phone and uses it. The ref recovers but Sandman kicks out at 2. Sandman with a low blow and crossbody off the top rope but Douglas rolls through and pulls the tights retaining the title at 8.15

Baseball Bat Match: W*ING Tag Team Champions Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez & W*ING Heavyweight Champion Crash the Terminator, ref John Finnegan
Each team starts outside the ring and there is a countdown from 10, they then charge the ring and try to get the bat. Crash gets it but the Headhunter ducks. They all go to the floor where one of the Hunters gets the bat and uses it on Crash. Crash sends on of the Headhunters through the wall. Perez is busted open. At about the 3 minute mark Crash, Perez and one Headhunter get in the ring. All are busted open. The other Headhunter comes back from out of the wall and Crash meets him at ringside to brawl some more. Everyone is bleeding. All four men outside the ring now using chairs and the bat. This is easily the most violent ECW match to date. Perez dugs a bat shot and hits a spin kick. Springboard moonsault hardly connects. Perez and a Headhunter climb the ladder for the scaffold. Perez crotches the Headhunter on a rung. In the ring Crash gets powerbombed. The Headhunter misses a top rope elbow. Crash with a big slam and he misses a moonsault. Clothesline takes down Crash. Moonsault by the Headhunter gets the win in 9.02. After the match the fight goes on as all four men brawl to the eagle’s nest. The Headhunters bail back to the locker room to end the show.

My thoughts on the show…
The Public Enemy and Ian Rotten make their debuts here. The scaffold match and main event are worth checking out but the rest is a pass. I’m in the middle on this one as it is an important show (see below) but really only had two matches worth seeing. This would also be the last time the PA State Championship would be defended for the 0 people that were interested in that title.

This was the first Paul Heyman booked ECW show. Over the next few weeks we will thankfully be seeing a lot of roster changes. Eddie Gilbert had stepped down as booker on September 7th after learning that ECW joined the NWA. Gilbert had previous poor dealings with Jim Crockett during the UWF/NWA merger. Edited off this tape is Gilbert’s promo from after the tag team match that he was involved in during which he retired. Both he and the Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert) are gone after tonight. Without Gilbert around in the early days of ECW it may not have lasted. Paul gets a lot of credit for being the guy that brought “hardcore” to wrestling when really it started in Memphis. Gilbert was able to take a lot of the elements he saw while in Memphis and bring them to the Philly crowd. Sadly “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert would pass away a year and six months later.

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