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ECW Summer Sizzler ’93 6/19/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: Magnificent Don Muraco
TV: Superfly Jimmy Snuka
PA State: Tommy Cairo
Tag: Suicide Blondes

The first ever ECW supershow and first ever home video release. Tod Gordon and Jay Sulli are outside the arena where a few fans have gathered before the doors open. Gordon says this is going to be the biggest show in ECW history.

Opening video

TV Champion “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith, ref John Finnegan
Snuka is solo tonight as Paul E. Dangerously is on commentary. With he a headlock, shoulder tackle, hiptoss and headlock takeover. Smith with another shoulder tackle and body slam. Snuka rolls out of the ring to the floor. Smith with a small package for 2 and Snuka rolls to the apron. Smith with a crossbody block for 2. Snuka with a knee breaker and chop block. Snuka working over the knee now. Piledriver, backbreaker and Superfly splash get the win for Snuka in 6. Snuka will go on to defend the title against PA State Champion “Ironman” Tommy Cairo later tonight.

First Blood Match: “Hitman” Tony Stetson vs. Larry Winters, ref John Finnegan
Two former partners going at it. Stetson attacks before Winters gets in the ring. Stetson with punches, stomps and knee drops to the forehead trying to end this match quickly. Top rope leg drop and Stetson takes off the turnbuckle pad. Winters blocks and sends Stetson into the buckle. Winters comes off the top with an axe handle and they fight on the mat. Stetson with a flying clothesline. Winters slams Stetson off the top turnbuckle. Winters in control for a minute or so when Rockin’ Rebel shows up at ringside and distracts Winters. Stetson pulls out a chain and nails Winters in the forehead. The ref calls for the bell as Winters is bleeding. Rebel and Stetson attack after the match until Winters is able to fight them off. We get a close up on Winters face and I don’t actually see any blood at all. Time of the match was 5.37.

Catfight: Peaches vs. Tigra, ref Kevin Christian
You must strip your opponent down to their undergarments to win. Both Peaches and Tigra get down to bra and pants. Tigra tries to leave but another women comes and forces Tigra back to the ring where her pants are ripped off. Peaches wins in 3.36. Rockin’ Rebel and Tony Stetson hit the ring and rip the girls top off exposing her boobs. Larry Winters and Sandman hit the ring to chase them off and cover up the women. Where are the cops?

TV Champion “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. PA State Champion “Ironman” Tommy Cairo, ref Jim Molineaux
Only Snuka’s belt is on the line here tonight. Paul E. joins Snuka this time. Terry Funk joins Sulli on commentary. Funk says he loves “Tony” Cairo. Cairo and Snuka shopped at the same place for their tights apparently. Snuka has his classic pattern black and yellow tights and Cairo has the same pattern in black and blue. Cairo with a spin kick and Snuka goes to regroup with Dangerously. Snuka goes for a back body drop but Cairo gets a sunset flip. Snuka cuts him off right away and thumbs Cairo in the throat. Cairo ducks a clothesline and lands a drop kick and vertical suplex. Cairo with a big back body drop. Corner whip and Cairo follows with a back elboey and body slam. Snuka again rolls to Paul E. to regroup. Cairo suplexes Snuka from the apron into the ring. Paul E. trips Cairo as he hits the ropes and Snuka covers and gets the pin using the ropes for extra leverage in 6.08.

Philly Street Fight Match: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Sandman, ref John Finnegan
Sandman attacks before the bell and quickly drops Rebel with a DDT and then hangs him over the top rope with his shirt. Body slam on the floor by Sandman and he sends Rebel into the guardrail. In the ring Rebel is sent hard into the corner three times. Sandman charges but Rebel gets a boot up and comes off the second rope with a bulldog. Swinging neck breaker and side slam by Rebel. Rebel misses with a chair on the floor and it bounces off the ropes and hits him. Sandman picks it up and uses it a few times. Back in the ring Sandman comes off the top rope but Rebel pulls the ref into the way. Tony Stetson hits the ring but Sandman DDTs him and throws him out. Sandman with an atomic drop, clothesline and top rope dropkick. Some girls comes to the ring and tries to wake up the ref. The Sandman goes over to her and she sprays him with something in the eyes. Rebel whips Sandman with his belt and school boys him for the win in 5.13.

Dark Patriot 2 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. “Dirty” Dick Murdoch, ref Kevin Christian
Paul E. comes to the ring before the match and says the Dark Patriot is in Japan and will not be there tonight. However, there is more than one Dark Patriot. Murdoch comes to the ring and goes after Paul E. The Dark Patriot 2 comes to the ring and attacks Murdoch from behind. Murdoch comes back and hits a dropkick and some elbows. They brawl back and forth until Patriot slams Murdoch but Murdoch hangs on and rolls Patriot up for the win in 5.38.

Tag Team Champions Suicide Blondes & Hunter Q. Robbins III vs. “Wildman” Sal Bellomo, Stevie Wonderful & Super Destroyer 1, ref Jim Molineaux
This match was originally scheduled to be 4 against 3 however Christopher Candido and Super Destroyer 2 are not here and Destroyer 2 has been replaced by Stevie Wonderful. That confuses me because Wonderful plays a heel in the booth. PWI reporter Joey Styles joins the commentary booth and trashes Tod Gordon. Jay Sulli mentions that Destroyer 2 was originally scheduled but makes no mention of Candido. Destroyer starts with Sir Richard Michaels. Michaels works the arm but Destroyer uses his power to fight out of the arm bar. Two minutes into the match and it’s Styles who brings up Candido but they don’t say where he is. Bellomo gets tagged in and does nothing really. Destroyer gets back and throws Michaels into his own corner. Robbins and Jonathan Hotbody both drop to the floor. For some reason Robbins tags in and in comes Wonderful. Robbins flees and tags in Hotbody. Isn’t that what he should have done when the Destroyer was in the ring? Bellomo comes in and Hotbody tags out to Michaels. Hotbody not interested in wrestling tonight. Destroyer back in now and he hits a running powerslam and enziguri. Reverse DDT and tag to Bellomo. Michaels gets Bellomo in their corner and distracts the ref while Hotbody and Robbins choke Bellomo. Hotbody tags in and he and Michaels double team. Robbins comes in and they triple team Bellomo now. Bellomo fights back and tags. Super D hits a somersault senton and Bellomo lands a splash onto Michaels and they get the win at 10.12.

Texas Chain Match Massacre: “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Terry Funk, ref John Finnegan
The winner will be crowned King of Philadelphia. You win the match by touching all four corners. Gilbert refuses to get attached to the chain at first. Gilbert throws Funk out of the ring but Funk just tugs on the chain and Gilbert goes out to the floor. They pull on the chain and just stare at each other. Back in the ring Gilbert with a slam and Funk rolls to the floor. Back in the ring Gilbert punches Funk with the chain and touches two turnbuckles. Funk slams Gilbert and then whips him with the chain. Funk puts the chain around Gilberts neck and then pulls him over his back. Funk gets 3 buckles but is cut off. They go to the floor and Funk is busted open on the timekeeper’s table. The fight around the ring a bit more. Back in and Gilbert gets close to the 4th buckle but Funk pulls him back. Funk fights back and busts open Gilbert with the chain. They go to the floor with Funk firmly in control. They fight into the crowd and towards the entrance way. Funk hits Gilbert with the ring steps. Back in the ring they fight in the corner and the ref gets nailed but doesn’t go down. Funk with an atomic drop and he hits 3 corners as ref Kevin Christian takes over the match. Gilbert kicks Funk low to break the corners. Gilbert almost gets the 4 corners but Funk pulls him back and fires away. Funk quickly gets 3 but Dangerously distracts the ref as Funk hits the 4th. The ref doesn’t allow it as he didn’t see the last buckle hit. Gilbert hits Funk with a chair and piledrivers him on it and touches all 4 corners getting the win at 17.18. Paul E. gets on the mic and declares Gilbert the king. Paul E. says that the refs real name is Freddie Gilbert and he is Eddie’s brother. Tod Gordon comes to the ring and fires him. Paul E. knocks out Gordon with his phone. Funk is back up and goes after Gilbert but he bails. Funk gets the mic and mumbles something into it.

My thoughts on the show…
Four big blow offs on the show and none of it was very good in the ring. Everything was really short, which is probably a good thing based on the “talent” involved. Rockin’ Rebel and Tony Stetson appear to have formed a bond helping each other win their matches. The tag team match got all screwy with the changes that were made and not explained on TV until AFTER this event (see recent TV review for explanation). The main event felt very slow and the brawling between Funk and Gilbert seemed like they were not all that excited to be having the match. This is the first major ECW show so if you want to check it out just for that, go for it, but don’t expect to be heavily entertained. Thank God things turn around for this company following this event.

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