TNA Sacrifice 2014 4/27/2014

TNA Sacrifice PPV Results
April 27, 2014
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The PPV opened with Mike Tenay dryly introducing the PPV, hyping Gunner vs. James Storm, Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode in a tables match, and Eric Young defending the TNA Title against Magnus. TNA showed various nondescript individuals in the Impact Zone crowd before Tenay introduced a Tag Title match to begin the PPV.

D.J. Zema walked out first to introduce the tag champions. Tenay said this match is a three-on-two handicap match for the Tag Titles. When was this change made? In any event, the Wolves were introduced as the challengers. Before the match started, Eddie Edwards took the mic and ran through the Bro-Mans’s title retentions via DQs. Eddie then handed a document to Christy Hemme. Per MVP, the match is now a No DQ match.

1 — TNA tag champs BRO-MANS (ROBBIE E. & JESSIE) & D.J. ZEMA vs. THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS) — No DQ three-on-two match for the TNA Tag Titles

Wolves cleared the ring early on, then howled, and flew through the ropes with double suicide dives taking out the heels on the floor. Back in the ring, Wolves teed off on Robbie with double-team offense. The tag champs then used their numbers advantage to work on Eddie after taking out Davey on the floor. Eddie finally broke free on Jessie, but D.J. Zema yanked Davey off the ring apron to the floor. The heels attempted to convincingly put the boots to Davey on the outside, then resumed control back in the ring.

At 8:30, Eddie snapped off a double huracanrana, then kicked D.J. across the ring and tagged in Davey. Davey nailed a springboard kick, then D.J. accidentally nailed Jessie with the dreaded laptop. The Wolves combined for a double-team backstabber on Robbie, then climbed to the top turnbuckles. Howling, then Wolves combined for a double-team combo on Jessie for the pin and the win. New tag champs. Tenay treated it as business-as-usual as the Wolves celebrated before TNA cut away from the ring.

WINNERS: Wolves at 10:14 to capture the TNA Tag Titles. Now the 2014 Motor City Machineguns need some teams to work with in the tag division. Meanwhile, it’s time for Robbie to split off and have a heel singles run. He’s too good to be in the same comedy act forever. (**1/4)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera to officially introduce the PPV.

Somewhere in the vicinity: Jeremy Borash was standing by. The background was the all-white interior of a vehicle. JB revealed it was the vehicular looney bin for either Sam Shaw or Mr. Anderson to take a ride to the mental ward. Shaw was hanging out near the back door and ran down Anderson as JB held the mic a safe distance away from him. Shaw noted his mother nurtured him and he is dedicating this match to her.

Video Package: Sam Shaw-Mr. Anderson feud involving Christy Hemme. This was a lengthy video package for the second match on the card.

Back in the arena, Sam Shaw was introduced to the ring. Tenay said Christy was not going to introduce the competitors in the “match.” Shaw glared into the crowd, then TNA showed Christy ringside. Mr. Anderson hit the ring and Shaw bailed to avoid Anderson. Back in the ring, then the bell sounded.

2 — MR. ANDERSON vs. SAM SHAW — Committed match

More cat & mouse games once the bell sounded. Of note, the rules are you must place your opponent inside the padded wagon backstage and shut the doors. Shaw eventually grabbed Christy and shoved her into Anderson, who saw the trick coming and punched Shaw in the mouth. Ringside, Anderson lit up Shaw, then left a lady hanging on a high-five. Shaw took offense and put Anderson in his signature choke-out hold. Anderson sold unconsciousness as Christy sold concern a safe distance away.

After KO’ing Anderson, Shaw stalked Christy across ringside as new referee Scott Wheeler checked on Anderson. Shaw brushed aside the lady who Anderson left hanging on a high-five, then stalked Christy into the ring. Christy reached back and slapped Shaw, who liked it. Christy left the ring, then Shaw smiled, turned around, and took a clothesline from Anderson.

The “match” moved to the floor, where Anderson lit up Shaw with right hands. Anderson slammed Shaw onto the entrance ramp, then told Shaw they’re going for a little ride. “Can I go?” a fan audibly queried near the arena mic. The fan continued to provide commentary on the match as Anderson beat up Shaw near the production stage.

Now backstage, Anderson asked JB for a mid-match interview. Borash asked how the match is going, then Anderson took the mic and did an impersonation of Shaw’s voice that things aren’t going so well right now. Anderson put Shaw onto a cart, then wheeled him into various traveling trunks in the parking garage. Anderson then examined the get-away vehicle, but Shaw blasted him from behind.

Suddenly, Christy showed up and tried to calm down Shaw. She placed her hand on Shaw’s chest, then kneed him in the groin. Shaw looked at her like she betrayed him, then Anderson put Shaw into the vehicle with a Mic Check. Anderson chucked him inside for good measure, closed one door, then slowly closed the second door. “Woo hoo!” Christy exclaimed. Ref Scott Wheeler called for the bell, then Anderson and Christy sent the vehicle on its way.

WINNER: Anderson at 10:30. Anderson tried to make the best out of the material, but it was a really stretched-out affair that belonged on TV, not on PPV. (n/a)

Backstage: JB brought on Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud to discuss their tag match against Kurt Angle and Willow tonight. ECIII did the talking, saying Angle will never, ever, ever, ever beat him. Spud reaked out about Willow trying to injure him, then calmed down and said he’s here to ensure that his best friend beats Angle.

In-ring: Rockstar Spud’s music brought out Spud by himself. Christy Hemme was back on the call introducing the competitors. After Spud marched down to the ring, ECIII’s dramatic ring introduction brought out Spud’s partner. Kurt Angle was then introduced first for the face duo. Angle’s eyes were locked on the ring as he marched down to the ring to glare ECIII out of the ring. Willow/Jeff Hardy was then introduced to the ring to his psychedelic theme.


ECIII started things off against Angle, who stalked Carter towards his corner. Carter eventually tagged in Spud, who sold being concerned about this assignment. Spud tried to mount the Heart of a Lion, but Angle told him to stop and bring in ECIII. Angle shouted at Spud to get out of the ring now, so Spud slapped Carter on the hand for a tag. Carter reluctantly entered the ring, then ducked out the other side of the ring. Carter eventually re-entered the ring, where Angle caught him and dropped him to the mat. Carter took some offense, then bailed to his corner to tag in Spud.

More ringside arguing among the heels, then Hardy grabbed his Willow umbrella, the heels huddled up, and Hardy came off the top with a splash. Hardy capped it off with an out-of-body celebratory dance. Angle tried to follow up on Carter, but Carter moved and Angle ate the ring steps. But, Hardy retained control for the face duo back in the ring. The numbers eventually caught up to Hardy, who took a sustained beating from the heels while Angle continued to sell the effects of eating the ring steps.

Angle eventually re-entered the ring and helped Hardy double-team attack the heels. Chaos in the ring, then Hardy dumped ECIII to the floor, leaving Spud alone in the ring. Spud took a Twist of Fate into the Angle Slam, then Hardy climbed to the top rope and delivered a Swanton Bomb for the pin and the win. But, Angle still did not get a decision on ECIII, who backed away from ringside while Angle glared toward him.

WINNERS: Hardy & Angle at 9:04. This was definitely designed to protect Angle, who spent most of the match on the floor or stalking ECIII in the early portion of the match. Again, more of a TV match than a competitive PPV match that felt like a mis-use of Angle and Hardy on PPV. (*1/2)

Earlier Today: Eric Young was shown in his locker room at 3:45 p.m. Young said his dream was to become World champion and he accomplished his goal. EY said it’s been the craziest, best two weeks of his lives, but people need to understand that he’s doing this for everyone who’s been told “no.” Young said this feels good to be defending the TNA Title at Sacrifice.

Vignette: Mike Knox and his female companion were shown driving. Apparently to the arena. Knox said there will be four of them. Rebel, Knux, and two other weird-os. She didn’t like the sound of that. Knux said if they’re going to get the carnival up and running again, they need all the help they can get.

Video Package: Sanada, the X Division champion.

4 — X Division champion SANADA vs. TIGRE UNO — Match #3 of Best-of-Three series for the X Division Title

Champ and challenger rolled around the ring early on, trading control of the match with mat-based offense. Tigre then knocked Sanada to the outside and delivered a twisting splash on the floor. Back in the ring, Sanada came back with consecutive chops from the top rope, but Tigre avoided a third chop and delivered a release German Suplex into the bottom turnbuckle. Two count for Tigre on a follow-up pin attempt.

Tigre delivered a spike DDT out of a cradle position, but missed with a top-rope 450 Splash. Sanada then delivered a line-drive moonsault from the top turnbuckle. It was good for the pin and the win. And, Sanada remains in Great Muta’s good graces. After the match, Sanada helped up Tigre Uno and shook his hand out of respect.

WINNER: Sanada at 9:29 to retain the X Division Title. Sanada is a star and the match was fine, but putting this match in front of a tourist-heavy crowd is going to limit the reception. (**1/4)

Backstage: JB held up his phone to encourage tweets. JB then welcomed in James Storm to discuss facing Gunner in an I Quit match tonight. Storm surveyed Borash and noted over the last few months, he’s been the star-maker. (Kenny Bolin?) He said he made Gunner a star. And his daddy. Tonight, he will make Gunner quit. Because sooner or later, God will cut you down. “Sorry… not sorry,” he said.

Video Package: James Storm vs. Gunner feud.

5 — JAMES STORM vs. GUNNER — I Quit match

Storm knocked Gunner to the outside early on and Gunner went crashing into the guardrail. A portion of the guardrail fell down with Gunner, then Storm followed up with stomps and kicks. Storm tried to finish Gunner with ring steps, but Gunner blocked. Back in the ring, Storm took control and tried to force Gunner to give up, but he told the ref to get the mic out of his face.

Storm introduced more weapons into the ring, smashing a cookie sheet across Gunner’s back before choking him. Gunner then responded with a trashcan lid across the face as a portion of the audience chanted for A.J. Styles. Storm tried to quiet the audience with repeated lid shots to Gunner’s head, then smashed Gunner into the corner turnbuckle. Storm followed with a DDT onto the ring steps. But, Gunner refused to quit. A portion of the crowd checked out of supporting Gunner, telling Storm, “One more time.” They followed with “Beer…Money” chants.

At 10:00, Storm picked up a beer bottle and stalked Gunner in the ring. Gunner was slow to his feet, then turned around and ate the bottle. “One more beer!” chant from a portion of the crowd. Gunner growled, “No!” when asked if he wanted to quit. Storm then drew blood from Gunner’s forehead before slapping on a Boston Crab as blood spilled from Gunner. Gunner eventually reached the bottom rope for a rope break. Storm shoved down ref Brian Hebner, then unbuckled his belt, and whipped Brian’s belt across Gunner’s back.

Storm continued to whip Gunner across the back with the ref’s belt, but Gunner refused to quit. “Piss off,” he said into the mic. Last Call Superkick from Storm. Still no quit from Gunner. “More blood” chant from a portion of the crowd, then Gunner shouted, “Never!” over and over. More punishment from Storm. Gunner then started no-selling after Storm sent him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Gunner made a comeback to a light reaction, then suplexed Storm, but Storm ignored the ref asking if he wanted to quit.

At 15:30, Gunner measured Storm for an F5. Then another. Storm ignored a question on whether he wanted to quit, then Gunner set up musical chairs in the center of the ring. Gunner then dragged the loose guardrail into the ring and set it up across the two chairs. Gunner took Storm up top and delivered a big superplex into the guardrail down below. Gunner was slow to his feet as Storm remained flat-back on the mat. Gunner then grabbed a piece of glass and told Storm he’ll cut him unless he says it. Gunner placed the glass on Storm’s forehead and prepared to dig in, but Storm said he quits to stop the match.

WINNER: Gunner at 18:50. Storm was terrific as the heel, but the Gunner character is not a sympathetic or likable babyface, so the vocal portion of the audience was more into Storm’s attack and the occasional cool move from Gunner, rather than Gunner seeking revenge on Storm. It’s a big issue for modern-era babyfaces where wrestling audiences have been conditioned to react mainly to “cool moves,” as opposed to the actual stars or conflict, especially if babyfaces are lame. It’s not good for business. (**3/4)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera reacting to the I Quit match, then Tenay threw it backstage.

Backstage: JB brought in the Beautiful People. Angelina Love said she’s a little confused why she is being framed as the bad girl in this dispute with Madison Rayne. A-Love said she came back to TNA as a giver, they took in Madison Rayne years ago, and she only became something because of them. As Velvet Sky rolled her eyes thinking about Madison’s ungratefulness, A-Love vowed to become new Knockouts champion. “This division desperately needs a make-over,” she said.

6 — KO champion MADISON RAYNE vs. ANGELINA LOVE (w/Velvet Sky) — Knockouts Title match

The Beautiful People were out first and tried to work on referee Brian Stiffler to perhaps get a favorable call during the match. Madison Rayne was out next with a determined look to defeat A-Love. Madison was the aggressor early on and the BP called for a time-out ringside to regroup. The new strategy was Velvet taking it to Madison on the outside while Love occupied the ref in the ring. Madison eventually wiped out both BPs on the outside.

Back in the ring, Madison missed on a corner charge, but Love only scored a nearfall. Madison had a pin moments later, but Velvet hopped on the ring apron to provide a distraction. The ref took the bait, then got flung away, allowing Velvet to mace Madison. Angelina then rolled up the champ for the pin to capture the title.

WINNER: Angelina at 8:08 to capture the Knockouts Title. Beautiful People are officially back in charge of the division now. (*1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in Bully Ray to discuss his Tables match against Bobby Roode tonight. Bully took a few moments to recap being told how much time he had to talk. Bully said he’s tired of talking and ready to fight. He shouted into the camera that everyone is begging him to put Roode through a table. Bully led the crowd in a “Tables, Tables” chant, then vowed to put Roode through a table tonight.

7 — BULLY RAY vs. BOBBY ROODE — Tables match

Before the bell sounded, Ray and Roode came face-to-face for a mid-ring confrontation. They backed away, then the ref called for the bell. The vocal portion of the crowd picked up a “S-It Factor” chant, which was unbleeped. Taz tried to explain the chant on commentary, but Tenay cut him off, noting they got it. The match then moved to the floor, where Ray whipped Roode into the ringpost. The crowd encouraged Ray to stack up two tables, but he instead placed the tables side-by-side, drawing groans. Ray then turned around and ate a right hand from Roode.

Back in the ring, Roode stalked Ray for more offense. Roode delivered a neckbreaker, then set up a table and positioned Bully for a suplex through the table, but Roode took too along, allowing Bully to recover, block, and suplex Roode across the ring. Bully followed with consecutive chops to the chest, then he set up for a powerbomb through the table, but Roode blocked. Ray tried again, but Roode blocked again. Ray tried a third time, and ref Stiffler kind of stumbled down to the mat. The ref acted like he was shot, then Ray put Roode through the table, but the ref was down and unable to render a decision.

Ray got up and realized what happened, then TNA cut to a replay that didn’t show what happened. Taz tried to say that the ref got kicked in the face, but it wasn’t caught on-camera since it didn’t happen. And they moved on. Ray then slid another table into the ring and the ref continued to sell like he lost consciousness from the phantom kick to the head. Why isn’t anyone checking to make sure he’s okay if he’s selling like this? Why aren’t the announcers concerned for his health?

The match continued with Ray dragging Roode to the floor. Ray placed Roode onto two tables, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. Suddenly, an individual dressed in black wearing a hat and goatee appeared on the ring apron. The individual lightly shoved Bully off the top turnbuckle through the tables below. Suddenly, a bell sounded, as apparently ref Stiffler came alive. The individual then awkwardly and uncharismatically wiped his/her hands as the crowd sat quietly. Then, some started to realize it was Dixie Carter in a disguise. The individual remained silent, then shouted down at Bully in her familiar voice. Dixie screamed at Ray to never double-cross her, then removed to the disguise to reveal her face to the crowd. Bully remained KO’ed on the tables as Roode glared down at Ray before leaving.

WINNER: Roode at 13:42. There are no words. The false and actual finish were transparently bad that nothing was gained attempting to get heat on the heels. (-**)

Backstage: JB brought in Magnus to declare that he is the next TNA champion. Magnus noted no one is with him, as he will prove that he does not need Abyss or Dixie Carter to become TNA champion again.

In-ring: Magnus was introduced first for the main event, then Eric Young making his first PPV title defense. JB handled formal ring introductions, noting Brian Hebner was the referee. Brian had a new belt for his pants after Storm stole his belt earlier in the show.

8 — TNA World Hvt. champion ERIC YOUNG vs. MAGNUS — TNA World Title match

Magnus tried to intimidate the champ early on, but EY fought back at the encouragement of the crowd. Young delivered a jawbreaker to get some space, but Magnus caught him off the ropes with a knee into a Camel Clutch. Magnus wore down Young, but Young rolled over onto his back and caught Magnus with a knee to the groin area. The two then collided mid-ring and fell to the mat selling the effects.

EY and Magnus came to their feet to trade bombs before Young built momentum with clotheslines. Young Flair-flipped out of the corner, then teased a piledriver, but Magnus blocked. EY reversed into a belly-to-belly suplex, then missed a top-rope moonsault. Magnus followed with a powerslam, then climbed to the top turnbuckle for an elbow drop. But, EY kicked out of a pin. Young responded with a top-rope elbow of his own for a two count.

Magnus came back with a Texas Cloverleaf center-ring. The crowd played along and cheered on EY to grab the bottom rope for a break, which he secured without much resistance. Young then came back with an awkward-looking Sharpshooter. Young struggled to keep the hold locked on, then Magnus grabbed the bottom rope. Tenay tried to cover that EY never really had the hold locked on.

Young tried another top-rope move, but Magnus threw him down to the mat for a two count. Magnus then slipped out of the ring and retrieved a weapon. Ref Brian Hebner removed the weapon, then Young grabbed Magnus and delivered a piledriver for a close two count. EY couldn’t believe that Magnus kicked out. Magnus tried one of his own, but EY blocked and nailed a second piledriver. Young then came off the top with a big elbow drop. It was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Tenay hyped the narrative about EY proving doubters wrong, acting as if this were Young’s first title defense, when he defended the title against Abyss on TV a few weeks ago. EY stood alone in the ring with the title belt as Tenay signed off at 10:53 EST with a final word about Young as TNA World champ.

WINNER: Young at 15:50 to retain the TNA World Title. The title never seemed to be in jeopardy since TNA hasn’t built up Magnus as credible in this position, so there wasn’t much drama here. The overall match got better after a sluggish start, but it’s still EY as TNA World champ without any advanced build-up or journey to make this title reign mean something. Unfortunately for TNA, there were probably three or four independent shows this weekend with more star-power in their main events. (**1/2)

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