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PWX Rise Of A Champion XI 3/13/2016

Written by: Bob Colling

Premiere Wrestling Xperience presents Rise Of A Champion XI
From: Charlotte, NC

Opening Contest: PWX Heavyweight Title Number One Contenders Ladder Match
Colby Corino vs. Mason Maddox vs. Jett Black vs. Lance Lude vs. Rob Killjoy vs. Smith Garrett:

The Ugly Ducklings dive over the top to the floor, except for Corino who gets a ladder and tries to win the match but Garrett stops Corino and power bombs Corino over the top to the floor onto the other wrestlers. Maddox hits a cross body off the ladder onto Black. The contract is hanging between the two rings, which could be dangerous if there is a bump. Maddox is stopped by the Ducklings as Maddox is on the shoulders of Killjoy and gets a double knee from Lude after jumping off the top. They walk the ropes and Corino shakes the ropes to crotch his partners. Colby tries to get the contract but Smith Garrett takes all three men down. Garrett tosses Black with a suplex and elbow drops Maddox. Garrett catches Colby and attempts a power bomb but Colby counters with a hurricanrana sending Smith into the corner. Lude misses a moonsault and is tossed by Maddox and Black over the ropes into his partners in the second ring. Black plants Maddox with a tornado DDT. Black and Lude climb a ladder but is stopped by Maddox. Lude knocks Black off the ladder but Black leaps off into Garrett, who catches him but Black hits a hurricanrana. Smith recovers quickly to hit a power bomb.

Smith sends Killjoy into the ladder and the ladder falls onto Smith. Colby climbs the ladder but is stopped by Maddox. Black and Corino are trading rights, Lude and Maddox are hammering each other until Killjoy knocks everyone off with a springboard dropkick. Colby tells Killjoy they need to work together. Killjoy accidentally knocks Corino and Lude off the ladder thanks to Maddox. Killjoy sends Maddox into the corner with a suplex. Killjoy rams the ladder into Smith but Smith manages to backdrop Killjoy onto the ladder. Colby sends Smith to the floor and hits a suicide dive elbow drop to the floor, which was nicely done. Killjoy backdrops Maddox onto a ladder bridged between the rings and delivers a springboard double stomp! Killjoy slingshot double stomps Smith on the floor. Killjoy tosses Black with an overhead suplex on the floor, as well. Mason Maddox grabs his manager, who tried to grab the contract. Tommy Thomas is trying to reason with Maddox, but that’s not working. Thomas gets hit with two ladders. Black dropkicks a ladder into Killjoy. Lude is met with a kick to the head by Black.

Corino catches Black and hits a running somersault splash into the corner with Black on his shoulders. Corino goes for the contract but Killjoy stops Corino with a German suplex off the ladder. Lude and Garrett trade shots until Lude rams Smith into the ladder knocking him off. Killjoy hits a back suplex on Maddox off the ladder. Killjoy, Maddox and Lude start climbing for the contract, Lude power bombs Killjoy leaving Maddox alone to grab the contract and wins. (***. A fine opening match as the match had a bunch of high spots. I dug Corino in the match as he showed the most personality to go along with some impressive offense. Apparently, Maddox is being groomed as a top act in PWX, but he didn’t seem to do much in the match. They all worked hard and it produced good results.) After the match, Lude grabs the contract and knocks out Maddox. The Ugly Ducklings beat down Maddox. Killjoy plants Maddox with a double under hook piledriver.

Second Contest: Ethan Case vs. Elijah Evans IV: Case attacks Evans on the aisle way and they brawl on the floor for a few moments. Case takes Evans out with a suicide dive on the floor. Evans stops Case with a slam onto the apron to avoid a running clothesline. Evans clotheslines Case in the corner managing a near fall. Evans delivers a back breaker to stop Case as he ran the ropes looking for a comeback. Case hits a springboard moonsault out of the corner. Evans avoids a suplex but Case eventually hits an ace crusher for a two count. Evans sends Case face first into the corner and nearly wins with a rollup. Case knees Evans and almost wins with a twisting neck breaker suplex. Case is shoved off the middle rope and Evans connects with an elbow drop for a near fall. Evans follows up with a power bomb and a Jackhammer but Case kicks out at two. Case stops Evans with a forearm and leaps off the middle rope to hit an ace crusher but Evans kicks out again. Evans puts the referee in his way and low blows Case to give him a cheap victory. (*1/2. That’s one thing I dislike is one guy kicking out of big moves and falls to a kick to the balls. The match didn’t provide much entertainment for me, but Case seems to be a solid worker and the better of the two, so naturally he jobs to the heel.)

Third Contest: Lio Rush vs. JT Dunn: A mat wrestling start with neither man getting a long lasting amount of offense leading to a standoff. Rush knocks Dunn to the apron following a couple of kicks but is met with a kick from Dunn. Rush super kicks Dunn to the floor and hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor, which the fans appreciate. Dunn misses a standing double stomp but avoids a shining wizard. Rush can’t avoid a forearm shot and Dunn gets a two count. Dunn hits an overhead belly to belly suplex sending Rush into the corner. Rush with a flurry of strikes but Dunn runs the ropes to hit a spear. Dunn leg trips Rush and has a dragon sleeper but Rush counters and hits an F5 for a near fall. Rush heads to the top but misses a frog splash. Dunn locks in a dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring but Lio is able to reach the ropes. Rush kicks Dunn followed by a reverse hurricanrana. Rush heads to the top and hits a frog splash but JT powers out at two. Dunn kicks Rush away in the corner and hits an ace crusher but Rush kicks out at two. Dunn heads to the top rope and connects with a double stomp but Lio won’t stay down on the cover. Dunn delivers a spinning forearm shot and takes off his elbow pad. Rush ducks a clothesline and hits a standing Spanish Fly. Dunn recovers quickly locking in a dragon sleeper. Rush breaks free and they counter go-behinds. Dunn knocks Rush out with a forearm strike and wins the match. (**1/2. The most impressive aspect for the match was their ability to avoid contact and the quickness of Rush throughout the match. A solid bout, but it was a little disappointing to me.)

Anthony Henry knows that his opponent is Drew Gulak and that Gulak has someone with him tonight. That brings out CZW owner DJ Hyde who says that the fans want to see Henry get his ass kicked tonight. Hyde asks the fans and they all want to see Henry get his ass kicked. Hyde insults Henry’s girl saying she is worth two dollars on the corner and introduces Gulak.

Fourth Contest: Drew Gulak vs. Anthony Henry:
A slow start to the match with both men focusing on the mat game and controlling each others hand and arms. Gulak stomps on the elbow of Henry trying to break his arm. Henry returns to the ring and controls Gulak on the canvas trying to stomp on Drew’s arm, but isn’t able to do so. Henry has a modified surfboard on Gulak but isn’t able to get a submission. Gulak nearly wins with a sunset flip and Henry bails to the floor. They both perform monkey flips while having a test of strength. Henry takes Gulak over with a suplex but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Gulak has a Gory Special on Henry and Gulak switches to a Boston Crab but Henry doesn’t give up. Henry dragon screw leg whips Gulak off the middle rope and locks in an Indian death lock. Henry brings Gulak in from the apron with a suplex. Henry delivers a few kicks but Gulak trips Henry and locks in standing bow and arrow but Henry slips out. Henry decks Gulak with a forearm shot to knock Gulak loopy. Henry takes Gulak over with a belly to belly suplex and an exploder suplex for a two count. Henry delivers a few strikes in the corner and kicks Gulak in the midsection for a near fall. They go to the floor where Henry chops away on Gulak.

Gulak is sitting on a chair and Henry charges to deliver a running kick. Gulak avoids another kick and has a Boston Crab locked in on the floor. Gulak slams Henry on the outside. Back in the ring, Gulak had an ankle lock on Henry for a brief moment. Gulak kicks the legs out from underneath Henry several times. Gulak locks in another ankle lock but Henry doesn’t give in. Gulak gets distracted by Henry’s manager and Henry nearly gets a rollup. Gulak has a Torture Rack on Henry but the referee gets knocked downs Henry falls to the floor. Amber Young enters the ring with a chair but DJ Hyde enters the ring as well. Hyde tosses the chair and is slapped by Young a few times. Henry super kicks Hyde to the floor and Gulak recovers to roll Henry up and wins the match. (**1/4. Henry seems like a promising wrestler and Gulak is a fine wrestler, but this was otherwise boring. It never picked up as it was largely mat based and submission oriented, which doesn’t grab my interest. Also, I’m not sure why DJ Hyde had to be involved in this and it came across lackluster to end the apparent undefeated streak that Henry had going for himself.)

Fifth Contest: Cedric Alexander vs. Chris Hero: Alexander with a head scissors and a dropkick to send Hero to the floor in the opening moments. Hero avoids a dive on the floor but Alexander brawls with Hero getting the better of the exchange. Hero knocks Alexander off the apron with a running big boot. Hero decks Alexander with a forearm shot. Hero continues with a bicycle kick on the floor. Alexander rolls back in and is quickly met with a dropkick for a near fall. Hero hits a standing senton splash for a two count. Hero no sells a chop and decks Alexander with a hard elbow but only manages a two count. Hero staggers Alexander with another kick and drops Cedric with a chop. Cedric refuses to stay down after another standing senton splash. Hero nails Alexander with a knee strike but Cedric comes back with a spinning kick to stop Hero in his tracks. Cedric misses a kick but eventually kicks Hero off the apron and hits a suicide dive into the crowd! Alexander hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Alexander delivers an elbow strike and attempts a suplex but Hero counters with a vertical suplex turned into a neck breaker for a near fall. Alexander kicks Hero several times and hits a sit out scoop slam but Hero pops out at two. Hero delivers another bicycle kick but Alexander kicks out again. Hero goes for the cradle piledriver and plants Alexander but it’s only good for a near fall. Hero nails Cedric with several elbow strikes but Alexander counters with a backslide or a near fall. They trade kicks and strikes until Alexander hits a back suplex and the Lumbar Check, but Hero kicked out. Alexander hits a second Lumbar Check and that is good enough for three. (***. A solid match between these two, though it got a bit excessive with the forearm/bicycle kick shots. Regardless, it was an enjoyable, stiff bout and I’m glad that Alexander went over.)

Steve Corino comes down to the ring as the War Games match is getting setup. Corino informs Ricky Steamboat just who he is. Corino puts over Steamboat as a legend and hall of fame performer. Corino believes he is a living legend, the only living legend. Corino claims he was a better NWA World Champion. Corino calls out Ricky Steamboat to come down to the ring and he has something to say to his face, like a man. Steamboat comes out without any music and listens to Corino put himself over and notes he’s beaten guys like Dusty Rhodes and toured Japan. Corino doesn’t have one thing that Stemaboat has and that is a WWE Hall of Fame ring because Vince McMahon never called him and McMahon doesn’t know him. Corino thinks he needs to take out a legend and that’s what he’s going to do because he’s better than Jericho, all Steamboat has to do is say yes. Steamboat responds saying he knows what Corino is doing and that’s creating a spotlight on himself. Ricky says that he isn’t going to be used to allow Corino to spotlight himself. Steamboat says he is going to powder from the ring. Corino attempts to attack Steamboat and is instead met with a couple of chops and Corino bails to the floor. Steamboat says that Corino’s moment in the spotlight lasted all of thirty-seconds.

Main Event: WAR GAMES, Two Rings
Team Xperience (Gunner, CW Anderson, John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Adam Page)
Team Revolt (Jake Manning, Caleb Konley, Zane Riley, & The Bravado Brothers)

CW Anderson and Jake Manning kick off War Games feeling each other out. CW decides to go to the second ring and Manning follows. Manning starts off working over Anderson with right hands but CW avoids being sent into the cage. Anderson tries to send Manning into the cage but isn’t successful. Manning sends Anderson into the cage and has CW trapped between the ropes and cage hammering away on him. Anderson nails Manning with a super kick and follows up with a leg drop. CW tosses Manning into the cage head first. Manning tries to fight back with chops but is stopped in the corner. CW drives Manning down with a delayed vertical suplex. Manning gets up and has a second wind hammering away on Anderson. Jake sends Anderson into the cage and chokes CW on the canvas. The next entrant is….

John Skyler runs into the ring to continue the tradition of the heels winning the coin toss. Skyler hits a spear through the middle rope to take Manning out. Anderson and Skyler team up to double team Manning, but Jake fights back briefly until Anderson plants Jake with a spine buster. Jake gets sent face first into the cage.

Caleb Konley makes his way into the ring and hits a missile dropkick on Skyler. Konley backdrops Skyler into the cage and stomps away on Anderson. Anderson is sent into the cage by Konley. Manning has been busted wide open. Manning and Konley suplex Anderson into the first ring.

Adam Page comes into the ring and decks Manning with a clothesline. Page somersaults into the ring and clotheslines Konley. Skyler takes off his cowboy boot and beats on Konley.

Lance Bravado enters the ring and cleans house sending the heels into the cage. Lance hits a rolling German suplex on Page. The faces pummel the heels in the corner with ten punches. Konley shakes the top rope with Skyler crotched over it.

Corey Hollis runs into the match and goes right after Lance with strikes. Manning backdrops Skyler between the two rings. Hollis is trying to get the top turnbuckle loose. Skyler uses a belt on Manning.

Zane Riley enters the cage and the fans give him a good pop. Riley takes out the heels with strikes and jabs Skyler several times. Konley hits a top rope hurricanrana on Skyler! Riley hits a top rope splash onto Skyler! Manning has prevented Anderson from letting the top rope completely loose.

Gunner enters the match hammering away on Konley and Lance in the corner to save Skyler. Gunner performs the Tower of Doom causing Skyler to be driven down with a superplex. Riley gets in the same ring as Gunner and they begin to trade rights. Gunner avoids a clothesline and spears Riley.

Harlem Bravado is the final entrant for the match but is stopped by Steve Corino who whips the door into Harlem’s face! Corino decks the referee with a right hand and gives his team a steel chair and whacks the referee with a kendo stick. Skyler whacks Lance with the kendo stick tot he midsection. Corino is locking the cage door as his men have weapons and control of the match. Harlem isn’t in the cage as Skyler whacks Manning across the knee with a steel chair. Corino tosses a chain into the ring and CW uses it on Manning. Manning has a chair over his bad knee but Ethan Case comes out and sends Corino into the cage. Harlem climbs the top of the cage and dives off to take the heels out with a cross body!

Harlem whacks Hollis with a chair over the head. Harlem comes off the top to elbow drop Hollis with the chair. Gunner is met with a duel chair shot by the Bravado Brothers. Konley plants Anderson with a DDT. Hollis gets another duel chair shot by the Bravado’s. Zane bulldogs CW after Konley whacks Skyler with a kendo stick. Manning has a cross face on Page and Konley puts one as well. The Bravado Brothers have a Boston Crab and Riley has the thumb in the bum but the Xperience get up to make the save on Page! Riley punches a chair into Hollis face. Anderson super kicks the chair into Riley’s face. CW misses a chair shot and hits the ropes causing a chair shot to himself. Gunner power bombs Harlem on a chair. Lance hits Gunner with a kendo stick. Page power slams Lance onto a steel chair! Manning piledrives Page onto a steel chair! Manning has the Scouts Honor locked in on Page. Skyler comes over and tries to use a screwdriver on Manning, but Konley makes the save. Konley ties up Skyler in the broken ropes. Konley is stabbing Konley with the screwdriver! Skler is bleeding big time and is forced to give up! (***1/2. Once they got everyone in there, this was a nicely done War Games. Corino was great on the outside and everything flowed very well. This was worth the time checking out.)

Backstage, Steve Corino says that them losing tonight isn’t the end of the world. Corino says they all leave as champions and they will rebuild. They will become darker and destroy everyone in their way. This is just the beginning and they still hold all the titles.

Backstage, The Revolt is celebrating their victory. The Bravado’s tell Konley and Riley when they win the tag titles they will get the first title match. Jake Manning talks about not respecting John Skyler and doesn’t respect that Skyler has the PWX Heavyweight Championship. Manning promises to end the title reign of John Skyler. Riley and Konley are confused as to what just happened and they celebrate their victory.

Final Thoughts:
A pretty good show for PWX, and one that I checked out largely because I’m a sucker for War Games, and luckily this is a rare independent War Games that actually succeeds with entertainment and telling a good story. The ladder match was good, as well. The only disappointment was Rush/Dunn and Gulak/Henry, for me. Still, I was entertained by the show and thought it was worth the time checking it out.

Thanks for reading.

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