SMW TV 10/1/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Boo Bradley defeated Brian Lee to retain the title
2.) Lance Storm defeated Steve Skyfire
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express defeated The Gangstas to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong comes out regarding his surprise for Jim Cornette. Armstrong says that he is tired of groups attacking people. Armstrong says that Cornette’s union has been dissolved as of right now. Jim Cornette comes over and is freaking out about the union being broken up.

2.) Lee drops Bradley with several clotheslines at the start and hits a power slam. Lee misses a top rope knee drop allowing Boo to get control of the bout. Bradley leg drops Lee but only gets a near fall. Bradley slams Lee and heads to the top rope but misses a leg drop attempt. Lee hits a big boot and backs Bradley into a corner. Bradley sends Lee head first into the chain in the corner and gets the pin. (1/2*. Another really quick match and the cheap finish was seemingly used to just advance the Bradley gimmick. Lee seems to be lost and doing a lot of nothing lately.)

3.) Tammy Fytch is mad about Chris Candido getting suspended. She wants to know who the commissioner is for suspending Candido. Bradley will be taking on all of Candido’s opponents for the next three weeks. Fytch is happy with Boo getting wins. She beats on Bradley for smelling and eating the sofa.

4.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed regarding the announcement of his union being broken up. Cornette believes that he knows who the new commissioner is. Cornette believes it is a con job that Bob Armstrong is the new commissioner since Bob is the only man who has talked to the commissioner and made the recent announcements regarding Candido suspension and the union being broken up. Cornette hypes up the strap match with Dirty White Boy and how it is completely unfair. Cornette suggests that the Dirty White Girl is looking for a better man since White Boy isn’t the man he use to be. Dirty White Boy shows up in the ring and wants a piece of Bedlam right now. Bedlam enters the ring and White Boy gets several shots on Bedlam. Bruiser fights back and whips White Boy a few times. White Boy whips Bedlam again and they both trade shots. Cornette gets in the ring and is decked by White Boy quickly. Cornette is distracting White Boy to allow Bedlam to hit White Boy with a strap from behind. White Boy is handcuffed in the corner and Bedlam uses the strap to whip White Boy several times. Cornette gets a few whips in on White Boy, as well. Bob Armstrong runs out and makes the save.

5.) A video promoting the debut of Bryant Anderson is shown. Ole Anderson is his father and Ole cuts a promo to put over his son. We are going to see Bryant wrestle. It looks like they have an issue with Tracy Smothers and when Bryant Anderson arrives Tracy Smothers will be the first target.

6.) Dirty White Boy is pissed showing is welted back and says that nobody does that to the Dirty White Boy. He is going to get a strap and he is going to bust Cornette’s ass.

7.) The main event between The Rock N’ Roll Express and the Gangstas didn’t occur during the TV taping but rather was taped at a live event and used on television, just a heads up on that.

8.) Gibson takes Jack over with an arm drag at the start of the match. The match is taking place in Knoxville at the fairgrounds, apparently. Jack controls Gibson with a headlock for a few moments. Gibson gets out and Morton tags in and he drives Jack face first into the canvas. The match is clipped, it appears. Jack is met with a double elbow strike by the Express. Mustafa works over Morton with a test of strength. Jack is distracting the referee and the Express knock both Gangstas to the floor. Mustafa sends Morton over the top to the floor. Mustafa continues to work over Morton with strikes and knocks Gibson off the apron. Morton is choked in the corner by the challengers. Morton continues to be worked over by the Gangstas with falling head butts. Jack hits a clothesline to keep control on Morton. Mustafa works over Morton with strikes to the midsection and hits a back breaker. Mustafa hits a splash from the top rope but Morton kicks out at two.

Morton hip tosses Mustafa to get out of a bear hug but can’t keep the momentum. Jack misses a splash in the corner and Morton tag sin Gibson. Gibson cleans house on the challengers. Mustafa comes off the ropes and is met with a double dropkick. Jack enters with a nightstick and nails Gibson with it. Mustafa has the cover and pins Gibson to win the titles! Wait here comes Bob Armstrong to tell the referee what just happened. The referee asks the fans and the match is restarted. Morton has a rollup on New Jack and pins Jack to retain the titles. (NR. Since the match was clipped I can’t give a rating on it, but I thought it was a good idea to have the match aired here and the angle of the Gangstas getting shafted is just going to give them even more material in their promos moving forward. I’d think Bob Armstrong will be a focus for the Gangstas as well now.)

9.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express thank Bob Armstrong for having their back. Armstrong says that the new commissioner asked him to watch the match to make sure everyone got a fair deal. Armstrong thinks they are the right winners.

Final Thoughts:
A productive episode with the advancement of Gangstas/Express and the segment between White Boy and Bedlam was okay. Match wise the show continues to lack, but this episode at least had some good advancement to the top angles.

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