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SMW TV 10/8/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Steve Skyfire
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Boo Bradley defeated Mike Maraldo to retain the title
3.) Robert Gibson defeated Brimstone
4.) New Jack and Robert Gibson won a battle royal

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Rock N’ Roll Express have been stripped of the tag team titles and the Gangstas are the new champions. They’ll have more information on that a little later in the program.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed following his match. White Boy says the gates of hell have opened and he has stepped out of the flames. He is going to beat Bedlam’s brains out and then he will get his hands on Cornette. He is promising to give Cornette a beating of a lifetime. He claims he is back to being the old Dirty White Boy and is no longer being nice.

3.) Tammy Fytch and Boo Bradley are interviewed following Bradley’s victory. Fytch is happy that Candido only has two weeks left on his suspension. Fytch is happy that Boo is winning her money. Fytch insults Bradley and says that Boo doesn’t think for himself. Fytch says that Bradley being stupid is great because he only listens to her.

4.) Bob Armstrong and the Rock N’ Roll Express share some thoughts regarding the Express being stripped of the titles. Armstrong doesn’t know how to explain this situation so we see footage of the match shown last week. Remember, the Gangstas had actually pinned the Express but it was restarted and they lost seconds later after a restart. Armstrong says they had to give the belts to the Gangstas. The Gangstas went to a lawyer in Atlanta where they threatened to sue SMW since they are being discriminated against. Armstrong says that the Express want to get the belts back rather than bankrupt the company with lawsuits. Bob apologizes to Morton and Gibson. Morton says they don’t blame Armstrong but rather the Gangstas. Morton can’t recall a time when someone had just taken the belts from them like this situation. Before it is over the Gangstas will respect them.

5.) We go to the Gangstas on the street with a nice car and the tag titles over their shoulders. New Jack says they have an area where they hangout to get away from the rednecks in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Jack believes they are going to have the tag titles for a long time. Jack knows that Morton and Gibson wouldn’t last five minutes in their area. The video basically consists of rap music and just recording African American men standing around and hanging out. Jack tells the neighborhood how they got the tag titles and suggests that he would pawn the title if he were to go broke. They use to sit at the back of the bus but now they own the bus. Jack says that Al Sharpton called them to say congratulations to the Gangstas winning the titles.

6.) Ole Anderson puts over his son Bryant Anderson for the athlete that he is. Ole continues to focus on Tracy Smothers. Bryant says he is coming and he is doing it the Anderson way. It will not be pretty but it will be the Anderson way. He has a hold that he will put on Smothers and Tracy will never be the same.

7.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed in the ring regarding Dirty White Boy and the new commissioner. Cornette is confident that Bob Armstrong is still the commissioner. Cornette wants Dirty White Boy to ask his old lady when Cornette handcuffed White Boy and whipped his back. Cornette says that White Boy will get whipped by himself and Bedlam in these strap matches. Cornette has a plan to make sure that he will not be put in the situation to get whipped and quit SMW.

8.) The battle royal is the main event which saw Dirty White Boy chase after Bruiser Bedlam with a strap. Brian Lee focuses on Boo Bradley in the corner. The final two are Robert Gibson and New Jack. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Gibson getting control but Jack gets on top as they roll around the ring trading blows. The bell is being rung as Mustafa comes in from behind and attacks Gibson. Several talents enter the ring to make the save on Gibson. Gibson breaks free and goes after Jack.

9.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas are interviewed to end the program. Jack says that Robert Gibson is nothing without Ricky Morton. He says that Gibson is lucky because he was going to try and kill him tonight. Jack will get Gibson at some point. Robert Gibson comes out of nowhere to attack the Gangstas some more but several wrestlers come over again to break them up.

Final Thoughts:
Most of the episode was heavily focused on the Rock N’ Roll Express and Gangstas. I like that the Gangstas are the champions and the way they went about it was effective to put more heat on the Gangstas, but I would have liked if the Rock N’ Roll Express had been pinned in convincing fashion for the change. The main event feud with White Boy and Bedlam is the least interesting one thus far for SMW. The tag feud has been carrying the television recently, but that can’t last forever.

Thanks for reading.

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