SMW TV 10/15/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morgantown, NC

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated George South
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated Sean Casey & Brian Logan
3.) Bryant Anderson defeated Steve Skyfire
4.) Scott Studd defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Boo Bradley to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the debut of Jim Ross on commentary for Smoky Mountain Wrestling replacing Bob Caudle. Instantly, this program feels far more professional. There will be a new segment called “Confrontation.”

2.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed following his victory. Smothers doesn’t know what Bryant Anderson’s issue is with him. Tracy thinks that Bryant has a bad attitude and that Bryant thought he knew everything. Tracy showed him that he didn’t know everything and Bryant didn’t forget that, apparently. Smothers says any time Bryant wants a piece of him he can have him.

3.) Footage of Ricky Morton having been attacked somewhere. Morton is busted open and knows that the Gangstas were the ones who attacked him.

4.) Rock N’ Roll Express shared some pre-tape comments saying that the Gangstas had one goal and that was to win the tag titles from them. Morton says he got hit a slapjack and couldn’t make it to the taping before it was over. Morton suggests that the Gangstas look under their bed and their shower curtain to make sure they aren’t there.

5.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas are interviewed following their victory. New Jack says that he had nothing to do with Ricky Morton getting attacked on the side of the street. He was at home sleeping when the cops came. He says that Morton can’t blame them for Morton being a drunk. Jack gloats that they are the tag champions just like they had promised they would be. Rock N’ Roll is dead!

6.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette about the attack he had a few weeks ago. White Boy hasn’t been able to get his hands on Jim Cornette yet. He needs to humiliate Jim Cornette and there will be a whipping match next week between himself and Bruiser Bedlam. That match will be for the championship.

7.) Confrontation, the new segment hosted by Jim Ross, is between Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong. Armstrong talks about beating Cornette’s team a few months ago. Armstrong believes his job since stepping down as commissioner is complete. He announces that on December 1st he will become the commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling once again. Cornette doesn’t believe that Armstrong isn’t the commissioner right now. Cornette has finally found the guy to beat Armstrong and wants one more shot to beat Armstrong. Cornette says if Armstrong agrees to fight one more man than he will agree to never have Armstrong challenged by his men anymore. If Armstrong loses the match then he has to leave SMW. Armstrong says if he wins the match then Cornette will have to crawl across the ring and kiss Bob’s feet. Cornette agrees to the stipulation. This is the final match between the two men.

8.) Ole Anderson and Bryant Anderson are interviewed prior to Bryant’s debut match. Ole says that Bryant is going to continue the Anderson legacy. Ole says that Bryant wrestles better than anyone else. Bryant speaks and says he doesn’t compete like a trained monkey but he wrestles with his head.

9.) Brian Lee and Lance Storm are interviewed regarding Chris Candido. Storm says they are looking forward to Candido coming back so that they can get their hands on Candido and Bradley. Storm is looking to avenge what they did to Jericho. Brian Lee chimes in and says that when they enter the ring it is all downhill for Candido and Bradley.

10.) Cactus Jack makes his way down to ringside during the main event, which is a surprise to everyone in the arena. Jack is distracting Boo Bradley and that allows Scott Studd to roll Bradley up and gets the three count! Tammy Fytch is freaking out and Bradley cowards in the corner while Tammy slaps Boo.

11.) Cactus Jack is interviewed to end the program. Jack didn’t come here to cause any problems. He is here for the mission of mercy. Jack doesn’t think that Boo Bradley is being treated all that fairly. The most difficult thing he ever did was standup to scum like Kevin Sullivan and is here to help Boo Bradley standup to Tammy Fytch. This is the most heroic mission he has ever been on.

Final Thoughts:
Jim Ross being on the show makes the show feel a lot smoother and more enjoyable when the action is being called. The debuts of Bryant Anderson and Cactus Jack adds a freshness to the roster that is needed. It’s interesting to see that Cactus is being used for an undercard feud and might be a way to elevate Boo Bradley. I thought this was a very good episode for SMW leading into their bust months of November and December.

Thanks for reading.

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