SMW TV 10/22/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morgantown, NC

1.) Cactus Jack defeated Chad Austin
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Scott Studd fought Sean Casey to a double disqualification
3.) Lance Storm & Brian Lee defeated George South & Steve Skyfire
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Bruiser Bedlam to retain the title in a country whipping match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cactus Jack is interviewed following his match about Boo Bradley. Cactus says he has been through everything and when he looked at Bradley for the first time, his face surprised him because he thought he was looking in a mirror. He believes in soul mates and he thinks he found his in Boo Bradley. Jack knows he can help Bradley find himself and fight for himself to standup to be a man. Tammy Fytch comes over and confronts Cactus saying he has no right to be out here. Tammy has been cost a lot of money and says only her and Chris Candido can talk to Bradley. Cactus offers a hug but Tammy storms off.

2.) We see video footage of the Gangstas hanging out at a club or some kind talking about the Smoky Mountain Wrestling tag titles and talking to their lawyer. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson come from behind and attack the Gangstas with a trash can and they brawl in the club for a little while with the Rock N’ Roll Express getting the better of the exchange.

3.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed at the arena. They don’t regret attacking the Gangstas. Morton says they beat the Gangstas and they get hit with various weapons. Morton wants a ghetto street fight with the Gangstas to prove that New Jack and Mustafa are just to chumps from Mississippi.

4.) Boo Bradley came out and attacked Scott Studd and Sean Casey to cause the double disqualification. Cactus Jack comes out and confronts Bradley. Tammy pulls Boo out of the ring to back off from Jack.

5.) Confrontation is up next hosted by Jim Ross with Tracy Smothers and Bryant Anderson who has his father Ole Anderson with him. Ole says that Smothers spreads nothing but lies. Smothers says he went down to teach the wrestling coach and didn’t think it was a big deal. Bryant doesn’t know why Tracy would think he would need his help. Smothers doesn’t know what he did that was bad. Bryant says that he only trusts his father and there isn’t anything Smothers can tell him in this business. They are going to stop Tracy Smothers in this business. Smothers says he isn’t a kid and Bryant isn’t a kid anymore either. Tracy reminds Bryant any time he wants him then they can make it happen. Jim Ross says that these two can meet in a no time limit match, which Bryant is confident he can beat Smothers.

6.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed. Jim Ross wants to know the mystery man for Bob Armstrong. Cornette talks about the stipulation where if his man loses he would have to kiss the feet of Bob Armstrong, but that isn’t going to happen. Cornette announces that the mystery man is Abdullah The Butcher! Cornette says Butcher is insane and he takes pleasure issuing punishment. Cornette is confident that Butcher will take care of Armstrong at Thanksgiving Thunder.

7.) Prior to the main event, Ron Wright comes out to be in Dirty White Boy’s corner much to the surprise of Jim Cornette. Bedlam attacks White Boy from behind and works over the champ with a series of strikes. Bedlam scoop slams White Boy and delivers a falling head butt. Bedlam drives White Boy down with a shoulder breaker for another two count. Bedlam misses a running attack in the corner hitting the turnbuckle chest first. Bedlam drops White Boy with a back elbow and a vertical suplex. Bedlam atomic drops White Boy and steps on the champs head. White Boy starts to get a second wind in the corner and drops Bedlam with strikes. White Boy big boots Bedlam and continues to hammer away on Bedlam. Cornette trips White Boy as he was running the ropes. Ron Wright nails Bedlam with a weapon and White Boy gets the pin fall. (*. A basic match for sure and it effectively ends the angle between these two, I would think.) After the match, Bedlam is handcuffed in the corner and White Boy whips Bedlam five times. Bedlam decks Ron Wright and that appears to save Cornette from getting whipped. Cornette tosses powder into White Boy’s face and stomps on him. White Boy is handcuffed in the corner. Cornette is beating on Ron Wright. Cornette whips Wright with the belt. The locker room empties to make the save for White Boy and Wright.

8.) Dirty White Boy is livid with what Jim Cornette just did to Ron Wright, a man who is like his father. White Boy will choke Cornette out if he ever gets his hands on him. He will cut Bruiser Bedlam’s head off. Ron Wright chimes in and says he is going to get Jim Cornette in a match with him some way somehow.

Final Thoughts:
Another good episode for SMW this week with several feuds progressing nicely as we heads towards the big event, Thanksgiving Thunder. The tag title feud continues to be the highlight of the program. I like that the Express are becoming thugs like the Gangstas. The Anderson/Smothers feud seems to have very little reasoning behind it, so I can’t really get into it. The Bedlam/White Boy issue apparently isn’t coming to an end, but it really needs to be. I’ve never cared about Abdullah the Butcher so his involvement in SMW is not interesting to me.

Thanks for reading.

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