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SMW TV 10/29/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morgantown, NC

1.) Bryant Anderson defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Scott Studd to win the title
2.) Chad Austin defeated Bruiser Bedlam by disqualification
3.) Ricky Morton fought SMW Tag Team Champion New Jack to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Ron Wright is coming out of retirement officially to have a match with Jim Cornette.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed regarding Bedlam and Cornette. White Boy has talked to the board of directors and there will be a tag team match where White Boy will team with Wright to battle Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette. White Boy promises to take care of Bedlam so that Wright can get his hands on Cornette. Wright is going to destroy Cornette during the Thanksgiving Thunder week of shows. He is going to make sure that Cornette gets load up into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

3.) Anderson wins the title in a squash match following a running shoulder breaker and locked in an arm bar to get Studd to submit.

4.) Bryant Anderson is interviewed bragging that he is a champion after three weeks in the company. Ole Anderson says they haven’t forgotten about Tracy Smothers. Bryant hopes they draw his name to challenge for the championship. Tracy Smothers comes out and says they can have their match anytime he wants. Bryant doesn’t have to shake hands and Tracy will find out what he is all about when they meet in the ring.

5.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding his opponent Abdullah the Butcher. Armstrong never thought he would have to wrestle the Butcher. Armstrong needs to keep one thought in his mind to have one way to control Butcher and win. He has the motivation to have Cornette kiss his feet at Thanksgiving Thunder.

6.) Confrontation between Boo Bradley and Cactus Jack is next. Jack says that Bradley deserves better than Fytch and Candido. Bradley says that he would beat people up for Candido and get a sandwich. Bradley lives in a dog house and it has a hole which causes him to get wet when it rains. Boo gets six dollars to buy shiny play toys. Bradley says Fytch holds his money from wrestling so he doesn’t lose it. Cactus puts out his hand to show Bradley another way and wants Boo to shake his hand. Bradley says that Candido is his friend and if Jack is his friend then he can’t be friends with Candido. Boo says that they help him with his decisions because he doesn’t have many friends. Tammy comes back and says there wasn’t any phone call. She whispers into Boo’s ear and Bradley proceeds to attack Cactus with his chain and sends Jack into the concrete wall. Jack gets some shots in but Tammy eye rakes Cactus to allow Bradley to get more offense in. Cactus is choking Boo with his chain and sends Bradley into a metal bench. Boo stops Cactus with a low blow and stomps on Cactus. Brian Lee comes out and chases Boo out of the area to save Cactus Jack.

7.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed regarding Ron Wright and Dirty White Boy. Cornette says that he is sick and tired of hearing how great Ron Wright was in Tennessee. Cornette says that Wright was a second class wrestler and a third class fighter. He told Wright to act his age once and Wright died. Oh, such a classic joke Cornette. Cornette is talking a big fight saying he is going to send Wright to the retirement home where he belongs. Cornette would rather die than kiss Bob Armstrong’s feet because he hates his guts.

8.) Les Thatcher is with Cactus Jack, Brian Lee and Lance Storm for an interview backstage. Cactus thinks that Tammy Fytch isn’t doing a good job of counseling Boo Bradley. Cactus says that nobody treats him like that. Cactus will be at Thanksgiving Thunder and begs one of them for him to be in the tag match to take on Boo and Candido during the Thanksgiving Thunder week.

9.) Morton enters the ring with a steel chair and whacks New Jack over the head and his friend too. Morton continues to nail Jack with the chair. Mustafa enters the ring and attacks Morton from behind. This isn’t even a match as Robert Gibson enters the ring and all four men are brawling. Several wrestlers from backstage attempt to get involved but are sent out of the ring. New Jack has been busted wide open as he brawls with Morton on the floor. The show comes to an end with nobody able to get control of the segment.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode for SMW this week as I enjoyed the Bradley/Jack segment and the final segment involving Morton and New Jack. They are trying to make White Boy/Bedlam interesting with Ron Wright and Jim Cornette, but it’s still just not great television to me. For the most part, the angles leading into Thanksgiving Thunder have been enjoyable and progressed effectively on a weekly basis.

Thanks for reading.

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