SMW TV 11/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morgantown, NC

1.) Brian Lee & Lance Storm defeated Brian Logan & Brimstone
2.) Boo Bradley defeated Chad Austin
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bryant Anderson defeated Sean Casey to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cactus Jack and Brian Lee are interviewed at ringside. Lee lets Jack know that he will be Cactus Jack’s partner during the Thanksgiving Thunder. Jack is happy about teaming with Lee against Bradley and Candido. He is proud to see how dirty and mad that Lee has become. Boo Bradley comes out after they embrace and wants to talk to Les Thatcher. Bradley apologizes for attacking Cactus last week. Boo says he has only one other friend and the name is “Boots.” Tammy Fytch comes out and threatens Boo that she will do something to Boots, which is a kitten. Boo runs away.

2.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Gangstas cut a promo on the Rock N’ Roll Express. They are excited about getting a ghetto street fight with Morton and Gibson. D’Lo Brown is behind them throwing various weapons and laughing during the segment. They took their belts and now they are going to take their pride.

3.) Tammy Fytch and Boo Bradley are interviewed following Bradley’s victory. Chris Candido will be back on television next week and he will help Tammy control the “stupid goof” Boo Bradley. She again threatens Boo to listen to her otherwise the kitten will get harmed. Boo promises to listen to her.

4.) Confrontation this week is with Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong. Bruiser Bedlam is with Cornette and an SMW official Ron West is present, as well. Cornette wants to make sure he doesn’t get played for a fool again. The last time Armstrong lost a losers leaves town match, he came back under a mask. West assures Cornette that if Armstrong loses then he will be gone. He also says that Cornette will have to kiss the feet of Bob Armstrong. Cornette doesn’t believe that Armstrong will beat Abdullah the Butcher. There doesn’t seem to be much excitement about this angle.

5.) Bryant Anderson is interviewed following his victory. He will wrestle Tracy Smothers in a no time limit match. Anderson says that Smothers will be just another statistic for him. Ole Anderson chimes in and says that Bryant is better than him and that Bryant is the wrestler of the future for SMW. He warns Smothers to be ready for his son.

6.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed. White Boy scoffs at Jim Cornette’s idea of training. He is going to take care of Bruiser Bedlam leaving Ron Wright to get his hands on Cornette.

7.) Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are interviewed to end the program. Morton talks about asking for the ghetto street fight. Morton says they are all going to go to jail but he doesn’t care because he just wants the tag titles back.

Final Thoughts:
There was nothing new developing here and rather just a week touching upon the matches for the Thanksgiving Thunder weekend. It’s a week that didn’t enhance anything and could be skipped.

Thanks for reading.

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