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SMW TV 11/12/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morgantown, NC

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bryant Anderson defeated Tracy Smothers to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This episode is largely just a hype week for Thanksgiving Thunder. The only original content for the episode is the match between Anderson and Smothers.

2.) Neither man can get a clear cut advantage as they take each other down to the canvas in the opening moments of the match. They are really going an amateur wrestling route for the action and it’s not really connecting very well with the crowd nor am I all that interested in the action thus far. Anderson gets out of a rollup but Smothers drives his shoulder into the champ in the corner a few times. Anderson recovers quickly and wrenches on the arm. Anderson hits a hammerlock scoop slam but Smothers gets a second wind and clotheslines Bryant. Anderson rolls through a rollup and pins Smothers. (1/2*. That simply sucked and was not fun at all.) After the match Smothers offers a handshake and is attacked. However, Smothers fights back and kicks Anderson. Bryant tries to escape but Smothers prevents him from leaving. Ole Anderson is trying to get his son out of the ring but Tracy plants Bryant with a DDT.

Final Thoughts:
As I noted, most of the episode is just highlights of what has already happened in SMW for the Thanksgiving Thunder shows. The feature match sucked this week and I’m just glad that’s over with, honestly.

Thanks for reading.

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